“Black THIS Out!” Ron Paul Money Bomb Raises $2.68+ Million in 3 Days

The mainstream media continues to ignore, censor and downplay Ron Paul‘s 2012 presidential candidacy.

Fed up with this outrage, thousands of liberty lovers and Ron Paul grassroots supporters decided to fight back.

They created the “Black THIS Out” Money Bomb, a 3-day online fundraising event for Ron Paul.

Their goal?

To raise a donation total so large that it will be impossible for the media to ignore it.

More than 25,000 people pledged to participate in the money bomb. By the end of the third day, more than $2.68 million had been raised! The final amount (to include offline donations) will be announced by the Ron Paul campaign shortly.


  • MathewPeterson
    • dabutchur

      @MathewPeterson thanks. This brought tears to my eyes.

    • dagobertotorres

      @MathewPeterson Everybody should watch that movie. Dictators free themselves but enslave all the others.

    • Liberty

      @MathewPeterson This video is very telling of where we are heading when our politicans no longer represent it’s citizens. From the schools and the media keeping us uniformed or mutipulated about our actual history, it keeps people subdued. But, Ron Paul supporters are very informed and we love our country and our liberties that are granted in our Constitution. Even though over the years, Congress has passed laws such as the Patriot Act that are eroding our amendments. Noone other than Ron Paul will repeal this disasterous Act.

      RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • jasonfanjf

    I’m a broke college student. But me and my friends all donated $5 each. It’s time we teach the big government tax and spend liberals a lesson. Ron Paul 2012!

  • jester

    I’ve almost given the max this year, but me thinks we need more supporters. Go out to your local colleges and hand out fliers. Like Dr Paul said it was the young people who put Obama in office. $100 in fliers may yield $1000 in donations. Encourage recipients of the fliers to do the same thing in addition to donating, i.e. print fliers and get more supporters. Thinking outloud…… List reasons to vote for Dr Paul & show the stats from military support he gets. List websites of free market thinking and youtube tube videos of Dr Paul.

  • edascn

    Hi, anyone have any Ron Paul campaign contacts in Connecticut. I want to canvas. Put in my name on the official campaign website twice but no one has called me. What else can I do?

    • dabutchur

      @edascn Look for a Ron Paul meet up in your area. Google Ron Paul meet up Connecticut.

  • jake30102

    I’ve got a random idea to show how big Ron Pauls grassroot support really is. What would you think of a Ron paul ride in the big primary states. For instance Iowa has two major highways running through it I80 and I35. These highways meet up in DesMoines. What if we took four charter busses that started from the four entries of the state and and had a ride that had timelines for when we were passing certain citys along the way. The closer they got to Des Moines the bigger the motorcaid would become. Untill we reached Des Moines and Paul had a huge crowd to hear him speak. It would show everyone along the way that ROn Pauls Revolution is in force. It may also piss some people off, but if it were done on a Saturday night I think it couldn’t hurt. That would be one traffic jam I would be glad to be stuck in.

  • BonBonHi

    I spell treason Woodrow isn’t it ironic in the 21st century the presidents first name stands for DICK. Excuse me I mean a Dick.

  • BonBonHi

    I’m in!!!!


    I had given up on politics after 2008, but my son convinced me to research deeper in Ron Paul’s policies. I have always like Ron Paul, but never thought he had a chance due to the media. After many discussions with my son, I truly believe Ron does this year and put my money where my mouth is and he has my full support.

  • BonBonHi

    what a conservative!

  • BonBonHi

    Amen brother , I am in the same boat only no job no insurance and selling stuff to pay for my medications per month. I am donating in a couple of minutes when done talking with you. Feel the same it is .Ron Paul’s revolution or I fear a bloody war filled on in America soon.The media has lied and lied and lied and people believe it. It is only a brave few then those out of desperation that have peaked beyond the veil. May God have mercy on us all!!!

  • Blaise Lemos

    check out http://myfirst30daysaspresident.com/ a new blog for Libertarian Americans

  • espy59lc

    I just want to say that I’ve been Unemployed for almost 2 months,23 years old, been broke on my ass having to sell stuff I have to barely make ends meet…I just donated to the Money Bomb! I’ve been eating rice, ramen and oatmeal. My truck isn’t even running right now!

    But this is a REVOLUTION and WE NEED THIS! So I donated, it may not have been $2500, but its what I had…I hope you guys/gals that have money to spare donate to this great cause!


  • harishvenkat1976

    Never contributed to any campaign before but I did for the FIRST time to Dr.Paul!!!
    Feels Soooo Good. Dr.Paul – keep fighting and tells americans the TRUTH!!

  • dawid

    Register republican for Ron Paul. http://www.bluerepublican.org/

  • Wylfdane

    So I stumbled upon this website called therightscoop.com, and found it to be an EXTREMELY biased republican forum with articles about how Paul supporters stuff the ballot boxes of straw polls. They have an online poll of their own that the Good Doctor is NOT winning. Feel free to show your support.

  • BonBonHi

    you ever notice how that smug prick santorum looks at RP when he thinks he made a whitty remark. Arrogant yes brains to back it up think not. lastly I could not help but notice how intently Romney listened to every work coming out of Ron Paul’s mouth. Think they are all getting the education of a lifetime.

    • We’re in VT too


      Santorum says that Ron Paul is wrong in thinking that the indiivual is the foundation of American society. Santorum thinks the family is the foundation of American society. What about people who don’t have families? What about people who don’t choose to have children? Are they not good Americans. Santorum wants to be president and pursue policies that promote the family, policies that try to influence people’s behavior in the most private and intimate aspects of their lives. Rick Santorum is a SOCIAL ENGINEER.

      • SovereignGlobalist

        @We’re in VT [email protected] I agree. I am a conservative in the Ron Paul, Barry Goldwater, and Robert Taft sense – not in the GWB / Pat Buchanon / Bob Dole sense. I am a boomer. No children. An atheist. And I am conservative. Abortion? I will skip that subject. But I am a Constitutionalist up to and not including the 16th amendment. America went wrong after the 15th amendment.

  • dabutchur

    Come on, people! Let’s get to 3M! I was hoping for a better turn out than this…if they were able to black it out when we raised 6.5M in 2008 in one day, they’ll certainly not be impressed with this level. Well, money to the campaign is still money to the campaign…so….


    The revolution will not be televised.

    People we need to start campaigning on our own. Make/buy yard signs and place them all around your hometown. Be creative. Be simple. The truth is simple. Encourage others to look at Dr. Paul’s record in comparison to the other candidates.

    It is clear that the population will not be seeing Dr. Paul on their television screens. If we want this guy to win we need to spread the word on our own. We need to do something on our own. The media, the powers that be, rely on our laziness and complacency to remain in power.

    This is not the time to be complacent. I don’t have to start in on the state of our country and how I want a better world for my children’s children.

    The time is now.

    The revolution will not be televised.

    Ron Paul 2012

    The Change You Wanted.

  • goldfish


    It’s a 999 bomb, $9.99 at 9pm MiniBomb within a MoneyBomb

    • dabutchur

      @goldfish Cain’s 999 plan looks like 666 to me.

      • dabutchur

        Imagine if you lived in a state where you pay state sales tax & state income tax & then had to pay a federal sales tax & a federal income tax. Not to mention the inflation that would occur if corporations had to pay 9% corporate tax. Does he think that corporations would not just pass it on to consumers in price increases? After all, corporations don’t pay corporate income tax… They just pass it to the consumer as it is built into the price of the goods and services they provide. Then, if you are a property owner, you still have to pay your property taxes. Further, does he think that the new revenue generated by the new system won’t just give the Congress license to spend more??? What an idiot.

      • LauraBattsLybrand

        @[email protected]

        Cain’s 999 plan is based on Sim City 4 video game says a lot doesn’t it.

        • BonBonHi

          watching horror movies and turned channel I heard the lies of FOX lambasting the other networks as being “Main Stream”. Irony and a sick joke to say the least. They are the biggest criminals WRT the crap being spewed about Ron Paul and the lack of reputable coverage toward him.

    • SovereignGlobalist

      @goldfish The 16th amendment was wrong. It should have never happened. Yes the constitution says Congress has the power to lay and collect taxes. But the founding fathers meant that taxes should be for emergencies. Case in point: Civil war: The most affluent’s income was taxes at a 1% rate, which was very heavy when you start from a 0% rate back in 1861. It was REPEALED in 1871. The tax was used to finance the republic during the civil war. But the most important feature about the tax was that it was REPEALED in 1871. We had the income tax for over 98 years. It should not have been an amendment. At the time the tax was 1% on incomes. Now for most people (other than the 46% who are exempt) the tax is 15% to 20% of incomes. BTW: We have only become the world’s cop after the 16th amendment was ratified. No coincidence. Woodrow Wilson was the first of the worst presidents in U.S. history.

  • Liberty

    I have never contributed to a Presidental candidate before. But, Ron Paul is like one of our Founding Fathers of the Constiutution. He cares about the demise of our liberties. He believes in no taxation and ending of the continuous and new militarism of other countries. Return us back to the gold standard. Eliminate and audit the corrupt Federal Reserve from which trillions of our hard earned taxpayer dollars are used to shoreup foreign banks and other countries. We’re tired of the of the to big to fail U.S. taxpayer bank bailouts because, those banks choose to take the risks with hedge funds and bad mortgages. I guess Glass Steagall which was repealed by Clinton may of stopped the banking corynism that has lead to these banks being bailed out.

    The Washington corruption of our elected officials did not just start with Bush and Obama. It started with FDR and with many of our potiticians who followed him.

    Keep donating to Ron Paul and maybe although I’m not holding my breath, the jounalists may start discussing him as a serious Presidential contender.

    RON PAUL 2012

    • BonBonHi

      @Liberty Forget about it . I don’t believe even if Paul raised a trillion dollars would the msm speak of him as they do Perry and Romney or as I call them the Beauty pagent winner and Boss Hogg. It is up to we the People, it is our duty to go out and canvas New Hampshire, Iowa and the other states in the union in turn. Speak to our fellow Americans regardless the oficialdom . Let them know what we know and let the chips fall where they may.