Ron Paul Explains Plan to Restore America on Meet the Press

  • grayrough

    Good ol Ron Paul is working out to be the perfect distraction that is preventing the middleclass from coming together and taking back their piece of the pie. You know, the piece that Raygun started taking away and Bush2 rounded out with almost a complete fukking disaster. And you fukking lemmings hammer away on Obama while Rome burns. Now that’s what I call being indoctrinated by your masters. Not to mention clueless!

    Praise Dog and just keep on waving theose flags and constitutions. Yep, that’ll do it!


  • Jean-FrancoisBeaulieu

    I wasn’t sure where to post this; it concerns the occupiers the usual claim that if the 1% got richer and the 99% poorer, it is supposed to be because the income tax is not high enough. And I found a VERY interesting source and a chart to back an hypothesis a few hours ago.

    There are only some grains of truth behind this claim. If the tax cuts had been funded with spending cuts, the bulk of the population, the 99.98% who don’t lose their job wouldn’t suffer because the rich get a tax cut. But since the money was borrowed (in part) from China it was bad for everybody in a certain sense, however many credible sources state that these tax cuts amount to a lost 11.6 $million/hour or around 100 $billion per year, 7.6% of the actual deficit. However I found a very interesting web page with a chart regarding the inequalities in the USA over the last 100 years

    If the tax cuts destroyed the middle class, how do you explain that you had a much smaller gap between the rich and the poor in 1910? There was no income tax before 1913. According to the chart, the inequalities in 1913 were similar to what you could find in 1983, they grew steadily during the 1920’s, and fell after 1930. They grew steadily during the 1990’s BEFORE the Bush tax cuts. Why is that? I’ll give you a clue: debts.

    During the 1920’s , cheap credit was on the rise and even if the bubble in Wall Street was one cause, the other cause was that people could purchase those new inventions, radios, refrigerators, automobiles, with A LOAN FROM THE BANK. So the manufacture owners hadn’t to lower their prices and compete for a market (no deflation), and the people could improve their living standards without getting a pay hike. Money flew from the workers in the hands of the rich, but it was borrowed money. The businessman was making a bigger profit than if he had lower his prices or if he had to give pay hikes. But there were no tax breaks for the rich in the 1920’s.

    If you look at the second part of the chart, inequalities start to grow in 1978, there is a stabilization prior to 1995 and then… bang! There is a massive transfer of wealth many years before the Bush tax cuts.

    In the 1990’s, cheap credit was on the rise too. Credit cards, and then the housing bubble.

    The third peak where those inequalities grow (to a lesser extend) starts in 1914 and it falls back after 1917, probably because the USA inflated its money supply to finance the war effort of the United Kingdom.

  • sexyhotbrownchick66
  • sexyhotbrownchick66
  • sexyhotbrownchick66 it just gets better and better

  • sexyhotbrownchick66 and hes most memorable speecch hhaa

  • sexyhotbrownchick66

    this tops the cake peeps!! Barack Obama buys a dutch from corner store!! WIKI LEAKS!!!!!!

  • Brewer/Patriot

    Dr. Paul won the straw poll in Iowa yesterday, with 82% of the vote. The group that held the poll then endorsed Rick Santorum, who came in THIRD (behind Herman Cain) with 1% of the vote. The people vote one way, and the establishment votes the other.

    600 people packed the room to hear Ron Paul, only 100 stayed for Santorum. . .

  • JamesBeil

    America, please, elect Ron Paul. He’s the last good hope for international peace and prosperity.

    James Beil – From the UK.

  • Ron Paul Patriot

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  • sexyhotbrownchick66
    • sexyhotbrownchick66

      @ronbron1 when you click this first link click on the buzzfeed link above the picture of obama, it says Obama most memorable speech, lmao

  • holocaust

    OK then, let’s talk more about WWII Ron. While the US was in a deep ‘orchestrated’ 1930s depression the Federal Reserve and all their cronies were financing and supplying through Wall Street the build up of Nazi Germany. Time magazine was showing Hitler as a God of a so called ‘new industrial socialistic labor party development‘. In other words, the secret central banking families were trying to build up a socialistic industrial power master race that would not have a thorn in their side like our ‘US Constitution‘. You know all those little people who want free enterprise and individual rights. Then Hitler saw what they were planning and told them to go to hell and that he was going to take over the world for himself and create his own master race. Thus they lost control of Hitler and he became a horrific nightmare. In desparation, as WWII took hold, they quickly changed their tune to the economically raped Americans, the new tune was called ‘The New Deal‘. In other words, sorry we screwed you over so bad; here is a ‘new deal’ so please help us stop our mistake with Hitler. Yet, it still took Pearl Harbor to get US into the war blood for blood.

  • nivbot

    @fahawkins or he will get people from both sides and win. If GOP fails to nominate @RonPaul then Obama wins. Good. rest of GOP is worthless.

  • Liberty

    I just voted on MSN Poll and Ron Paul is winning. So, even though all we have heard today and the past few days that Romney and Cain are the frontrunners with their skewed polls, this site seems to be a reputable one.

    RON PAUL FOR 2012

  • dawid
  • grayrough

    Have a look at this Ron Paulists: and then understand that Ron Paul’s direction is just going to make it worse.

  • Investormark

    MSN Money is conducting a Republican Presidential poll; guess whose winning. Check it out.

    • dawid and scroll down to find the poll.

      • CeltGunn1970

        @dawid If Newt Gingrich is the Republican candidate for president, who would you likely vote for? 48 %Gingrich 768 votes 34 %Obama 556 votes 18 %Neither 290 votes

        • CeltGunn1970

          @dawid I wasn’t given the option to vote for Ron Paul, but was given the option of Neither, so Neither was my choice. =)

    • grayrough


      Not surprising that Ron Paul is winning is it! But how are you people going to make the claim now that the MSM has a vendetta against Ron Paul?

      The reason why it’s not surprising is because no other repub candidate is acceptable to the rabid righties. The teabaggers are all crazy and Romney is really a leftie in disguise. So they choose Ron Paul for the reason that there is nothing there to choose from. Just don’t get the funny idea that the voters would ever find Ron Paul acceptable enough to vote for as their president.

      No, of course you don’t believe me but you will when the time comes and Ron Paul is cast in the ditch at the side of the road. Oh, you will!!!

    • Liberty

      I just voted. And, Ron Paul is winning. In the past few days, the media conservative and main stream keep reporting that Cain and Romney are the frontrunners. So, I think the polls that they are looking at are skewed. We don’t know the details on how those pool of voters were selected. Nor would they tell us because, it seems that they are trying to alter are views towards their candidates with these polls.

      RON PAUL FOR 2012

  • RossJohnson

    Here in Australian we have some of the most expensive housing on the planet.Median house price in Sydney is $ half a million.Govts have restricted the supply of land and put high taxes on land development such that it is not viable for developers to do housing estates.High density units are the only viable option.This is what happens when Govt interfers with the free market.

    The other problem is that we sold off 4 State Govt Banks + our enormous Commonwealth.Now all our new money is created as debt by private banks.Our total debt has grown from 3% of GDP in 1976 to 53% of GDP in 2008.We own our Reserve Bank of Australia but it creates almost no money.End the Fed!

    • Earl1120

      @RossJohnson Have you heard of UN Agenda 21?

  • dawid
  • dawid