Ron Paul: Yes, We Can Cut $1 Trillion Immediately

  • bd1976


    I just performed a google search comparison based on the following search criteria: First Name+Last Name’s+Economic+Plan (e.g. Ron Paul’s Economic Plan) to determine the approximate online coverage for each potential Republican nominee’s economic plan.

    Let’s see the proportion of media coverage for each:

    Herman Cain: 104,000,000

    Rick Perry: 93,600,000

    Michele Bachmann: 71,500,000

    Mitt Romney: 59,800,000

    Newt Gingrich: 22,900,000

    Jon Huntsman: 9,680,000

    Ron Paul: 1,030,000

    For a contrasting view, I performed another google comparison search using First Name+Last Name+Tabloid Item. This is not a scientific study so I didn’t put too much thought into the Tabloid Item for each. If you prefer, use your own choice of smear words to associate and google search it.

    Let’s see the proportion of media coverage for each:

    Ron Paul’s Eyebrows: 7,350,000

    Michele Bachmann’s Crazy Eyes: 3,640,000

    Jon Huntsman Mormon: 2,480,000

    Herman Cain Fiip Flop: 2,080,000

    Mitt Romney Mormon: 1,670,000

    Newt Gingrich Divorce: 1,070,000

    Rick Perry Niggerhead: 230,000

    Conclusion: Since this is not a true statistical analysis I’ll forego concluding the percentage of articles that deal with each candidate’s economic plan vs. tabloid item. Instead, please use this as an example for yourself that being passive this election cycle will guaranty one thing: continuation of the status quo. If you are a serious Ron Paul supporter and a lover of the US Constitution and the concept of Liberty in general, then get up off your ass right now and do something about it.


    • Liberty

      @bd1976 I plan to place Ron Paul signs in our community by heavily traveled roads and by expressway ramps. Also, I have been blogging at many different online sites. And maybe we could have a car/motorcycle motorcade day established in every state. Do you have any other ideas on how to educate the voters about Ron Paul especially, those who may not be blogging on the internet?