Ron Paul Highlights @ CNBC Michigan GOP & Oakland University Debate

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  • 2ElcU0Oa

    No Fed Reserve = no WWI = no WWII = no Vietnam = no cold war = no middle east conflict. One can not wage war with out men and money. To acquire the men, the gov. institutes a registration, from which it can instigate a draft. This implies the gov owns its citizens. (When Lincoln tried to instigate a draft in the Civil War, there was a revolt by the people and it was crushed.) Where does the money come from then? WWI, the War to End all Wars, the the largest conflict up to that date, began in 1914. Upon review of the history of war, the Union instigated fiat money (Gov. issued paper currency) to fund the war. To pay for this, taxes were levied. In 1913, one year prior to WWI, select congressmen passed the Federal Reserve Bank act which allowed the Gov to print money (in direct conflict with the Constitution). This allowed the powers that be to create the money needed in a democracy to fund war. (Dictators control their banks, and so they “always” have the money to attack their neighbors) This allows Govs to grow and to reward their supporters (think ‘too big to fail’). With the inflation of the currency the labor needed to earn a specific sum of sound money (money that can not be created without labor) is diluted (when you add water to concentrate, it is diluted), prices increase, (there is more “koolaid” in the jar to support higher prices) and the people unknowingly pay a hidden tax (thru higher prices) to pay off the created political currency. The Constitution was created to protect our Liberty. To protect our freedoms, we must come to the defense of the Constitution. Sound money = smaller government, more prosperity, and no war = support of our troops. To find out more, visit the Austrian School of Economics, If you like this , PLEASE SHARE THIS.

    • Citizen

      You’re well informed if you are reading Austrian School…

      I’m a avid reader of the daily essays and

      Human Action by LvM is FINAL STATEMENT in Economic Theory.

      Sanity will eventually prevail

  • 2ElcU0Oa

    Ron Paul is proposing a 1 trillion dollar cut in Federal Gov. spending in his first year as President. In the debates and in subsequent interviews, the media personalities and debate moderators show a lack of basic economic understanding. They ask, “what will happen to those people who will lose their Gov. jobs?”. Dr. Paul’s budget cut jobs, not thru mass firings, but thru a hiring freeze. What the media doesn’t seem to understand is that in order for a Government to spend money, it must first take it from someone who produces goods and services. Obama spent 1 trillion dollars in stimulus that went to special interests (political supporters) and the populous saw none of it. In addition, the way in which he chose to do it ADDED 1 trillion to the money supply (and our debt). President Paul’s 1 trillion dollar stimulus would go directly back to the tax payers (aka the citizens) and would do so by cutting expenses. What is implicit in the cuts but isn’t said is, THERE WOULD BE A ONE TRILLION DOLLAR “STIMULUS” GIVEN (BACK) TO THE ECONOMY EVERY YEAR THERE AFTER. One Trillion dollars in the private sector will create enough jobs to absorb all the Gov. bureaucrats, all the graduating college students, plus all of the 99% protestors combined. It would create prosperity for all. But first we have to give up on the idea that Government knows best how to take care of US.

  • Liberty

    Well we know where CNBC stands regarding Ron Paul. They requiring U-Tube to remove all videos of Ron Pauls last debate in Michigan. I’m sure that they didn’t do it for the other candidates. I think this was the best debate yet, for Ron Paul. Ron rescued poor Perry by using his hand to instruct him of five departments to eliminate. But, Perry couldn’t mention more than two. Could you imagine him in a debate against telepromter Obama? I think Obama would make mince meat of him. And how about Romney, he actually mentioned that Ron Paul has some good ideas especially relating to medical savings plans instead of Obama Care. The medias resolve to limit and present the truth about Ron Paul is getting stronger. They fear Ron Paul’s messages are getting out to the voters. AND IT RESIGNATES WITH US!!!!

    Get those bumper stickers on your cars and get those lawn signs placed in your communities.

    Go Ron Paul!!!

  • Citizen

    You know what I missed watching the debate live was…. seeing the other candidates listening to every word that Ron Paul was saying.

    They were mezmerized at Paul’s delivery of the facts and his clear and concise explanation of the root causes of our economic problems.

    Like a deer in a the headlights, they were spell bound… short of knodding their heads light dash board dogs, they were in full agreement… only they couldn’t “articulate” the message as Ron Paul does!


    Hands Down… Ron Paul 2012

  • surfingranny35

    @godblessdausa Listen 2nd hr Dummett4Pres HELP DONATE #tcot #teaparty #GOP

  • Douglas

    Bernanke visit is a show to all Americans that the Federal Reserve takes seriously US Military policing of the global economy. However, Ron Paul’s request for an audit shows that he wants everyone to be made accountable for Monetary actions. Through the audit it can be better understood how CFR created the Global Economy. CFR’s force grown economic expansion may be ladled with the merits of developing other Nations. However, for this to be sustainable it must be developed over time through the ‘constitutional monetary policy of each Nation’. The media is obviously ignoring Ron Paul completely. If Ron Paul does not get nominated then whoever does should respectively give Ron Paul the offer to be the Vice!

  • Raaj Bhavsar

    Hello Dr. Paul

    You gave some good answers today but I think the answers could have been better. Especially the college loans question. I definitely understand the underlying logic of your answer but a lot of viewers thought to get rid of federal loans as negative for them. You should have explained them that the government loans and cheap money were the primary drivers for the education costs exponential rise. You need to articulate that Debt is Slavery and the increase in credit offered by government forced all the students to take loans. The universities would have to offer the same courses at a much lower price along with enormous grants had the government not intervened by these low interest loans. These loans that appeared to have helped the students have actually made them slaves of the debts that cannot be written off. Your solution should have been to offer some concession to the students like waiving all the interest charged on the outstanding amounts o allowing them to file for bankruptcy if they have no jobs and getting FED out of the student loan business. This will help the existing debtors and crash the prices of school programs as they will not have free FED money to load their crappy degrees with programs that will never find any employment opportunity.

    Raaj Bhavsar

    • cbasilovecchio

      @Raaj Bhavsar It is easier to replace something if you have already chosen its replacement:END THE FEDERAL RESERVE; BEGIN THE FEDERAL BANK OF AMERICA,RESTORE MONETARY POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE !As Thomas Jefferson said,”I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around (these banks) will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power (of currency) should be taken from the banks and restored to the people,to whom it properly belongs,”“THE ALL INCLUSIVE SOLUTION. THE FEDERAL BANK OF AMERICA” (

      • Citizen

        @[email protected] Bhavsar

        NO “Federal Bank”…

        The US Treasury need only “mint coin and regulate the value thereof”

        Turn the annual tax revenues collected into commodity coin money and purchase essential goods and services to run the government….

        Leave the Banking to the private sector…Competition will level that playing field and get the government out of the Banking Manipulation Business…That’s the real problme.

  • puya.turkiyan

    Ron you’re the one that will save the states and the world. I live in Canada and if you win I will consider moving down there to a constitutional respecting country.

  • JustinTomlin

    Ron Paul won the debate! Just short of 3000 votes ahead of 2nd place Romney!! RON PAUL 2012!!!

    • cbasilovecchio

      @JustinTomlin Wouldn’t you like to see that result in a national poll?That is ,he must identify what he would change and what he would replace for those changes. Perhaps,a five point program. 1. END THE FED RESERVE Replace with THE FEDERAL BANK OF AMERICA. 2. CHANGE THE INCOME TAX SYSTEM Replace with one line tax form with rates at 0- 10-20. 3. CHANGE THE BUSINESS TAX SYSTEM. Replace with 20% tax of profit after amount exempted (number of employees times $75,000). 4 thru 5…Platform issues “by the people,of the people,for the people”

      As Thomas Jefferson said,”I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.,” “THE ALL INCLUSIVE SOLUTION. THE FEDERAL BANK OF AMERICA”(justaluckyfool) .