Poll: Who Won the CNBC Michigan GOP Debate?

Who won the debate?

  • Ron Paul (91%, 9,794 Votes)
  • Newt Gingrich (3%, 286 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (2%, 226 Votes)
  • Herman Cain (1%, 145 Votes)
  • Rick Perry (1%, 140 Votes)
  • Jon Huntsman (1%, 62 Votes)
  • Michele Bachmann (0%, 31 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (0%, 26 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,710

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  • HonestMedia

    I counted neutral and hostile questions in the debate and found Romney was asked 15 neutral, Perry and Gingrich 7, with Gingrich getting 1 hostile question, Cain was asked 6 neutral and 1 hostile on recent allegations, Bachman and Huntsman 5 neutral each, Santorum 3 neutral, and Paul 1 neutral but limited to “would you call” re crony capitalism, Paul 1 question because Romney mentioned him, and Paul 3 hostile questions. Weird to see such huge bias.

    • Charles1816

      @HonestMedia Thanks for the questions break down. It is an interesting bias to see. I had hoped that the recent exposures of the media bias there would be a decrease of it to Ron Paul.


  • jrhall888

    I can say unequivocally, the American people didn’t win. The debate was not even in giving all the candidates equal time. It’s quite obvious that NBC is pushing Mitt Romney who got almost twice as much time as any other candidate.

    I support Ron Paul. He’s the only one who makes sense, tells it like it is, as opposed to what he thinks you want to hear, and has been spot on in his predictions. All you Ron Paul supporters, spread the word to all your friends and family to check out Ron Paul on-line. The media will never give him a chance, because they are already bought by the people who control the things he wants to change.

    • Citizen

      Not only the media, but the GOP are anti-Paul because of his “reduce and cut government” message.

      Both the Media and GOP want Big Government solutions, and Ron Paul’s message anything but so they deliberately marginalize Paul.

      It’s very simple, our Governement is going to take us down!

  • ElleAlvrez

    Main stream Media do not give Ron Paul a slot in their phony news anyway, I never touch those channels. Go to RT or Al Jazeera!

  • Liberty

    I say get those Stickers on our cars. The conversations in the parking lots would be amazing. Ron Paul has supporters everywhere. Don’t forget the money bomb on Veterans Day.

  • ElleAlvrez

    Ron Paul is The Only One who actually gets IT!!! BRAVO TO HIM!!! They can’t touch him!!!!!

  • alsupillustrations
  • jrhall888

    Didn’t get to see the debate because it was not streamed on line and I don’t get CNBC. But there is no way Ron Paul could not have won unless they didn’t ask him any questions. Yeah, that sounds about right.

  • Terry Goodger

    maybe I missed something but WHY isn’t Ron Paul ever mentioned on the news after a debate. I’m in the Baltimore area and I never hear his name mentioned on ABC, CBS or Fox – what’s the reason?

  • Stephen Morris

    Who won? Ron Paul won… obviously, due to his not being a greasy slime bag. 2012

  • Dray Savie

    Canada Loves Ron Paul….Go Freedom Go……

  • RandyPam Mason

    Fox News is on tha attack again, they dont even include him in polls on FOX NEWS, I say boycott Fox News

  • Dray Savie

    I am canadian,and i think Dr.Paul as your president would be the best thing the WORLD would ever see.The real land of the free..Go Ron Paul Go….

  • Mary Wardlow

    If the ‘other’ candidates weren’t trying to copy Ron Paul, they wouldn’t look half as ridiculous.. Did Perry turn to Paul with a help me look on his face when he was trying to name three depts he would close?? Yes

  • Nancy Brown

    alson write vote ron paul on all our money!!!!!pass it on plz

  • Dolly Arksey

    Right on, Anthony Hale!

  • Nancy Brown

    hell yah!!!!!!Lets all make a stand for ron paul!!!!

  • Dolly Arksey

    He is not a member of “the Insiders’ Club”, he is his own man…and OUR MAN.

  • Anthony Hale

    Ron paul won hands down, but the media will never acknowledge that. They disqualified Ron Paul, just like Bill O’ Reilly did the other night. Ron Paul is the only one who threatens their corporate run, federal reserve backed system.

  • Luke Eaton

    I Stand with Ron!!!!! Revolution!!!

  • Jameson Sullivan

    Completely, hes not even shown in some of the polls on mainstream media.