Ron Paul Highlights @ CBS News Republican Debate in South Carolina

  • Mujib Ahmed

    I just saw CNN report the itenrary of every republican candidate for the next week EXCEPT OFCOURSE RP. BLANTANT JIURNALIST INJUSTICE.

  • Peter Heins

    I’m happy that Paul’s voice has a national stage. I’m sad that the media doesn’t give him enough air-time. Further sad that poles show mainstream republicans are so mislead to think any other candidate will get us back in line with the Constitution and away from terrible errors.

  • ChiefSteve Grant

    They are trying their best to Marginalize him and push him out. Occupy the Pols

  • Kelly McCreary

    Did anybody else see CBS delete their online poll after Ron Paul was leading? Just like CNBC did last week.


  • Daniel Rufty

    Well, just so you all know, a TON of supporters are immobilizing right now on the internet and showing our displeasure with CBS. Ron Paul was given VERY LITTLE time on this debate.

    So, tons of folks are going to and giving every one of their tv shows a single (1) star. That will bring down the ratings on all of their shows. Share this with everyone!

  • Citizen

    Nero Obama is fiddling around with Diplomancy, while Washington is burning

    Hopeless Congress is making up a new Math on Meth, nothing adds up, makes no sense and ignores reality…. but don’t worry?

    Meanwhile the Media is marginalizing and sliencing Ron Paul, the ONLY truthful candidate in the debates.

    Small chance of success, certainty of death…. What are we waiting for?

  • Paul E. Pluta

    The more they try to keep us down the more determined we are to rise up! Ron Paul 2012!

  • Joy Miller

    Ron Paul wins the debate in only 89 seconds!!!! You go Ron!!!!!

  • Matthew Taylor
  • Sharlyn Joy Moore

    This works, call me I just did: CBS Hotline 212-975-4114

  • Michael Venditto

    “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” Thomas Jefferson

  • Gregory Butko

    I would not even consider voting for any other candidate than Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is the only candidate qualified for the job. The other candidates are nothing but political prostitutes, willing to sell their services to the special interests. They will bring us more undeclared wars, more stealing, more inflation, more government, and less freedom. RON PAUL in 2012!

  • Darla Orr Fliflet

    To all my fellow Ron Paul supporters, WHAT CAN WE DO? We must keep spreading his name to those who don’t know about him because of the PATHETIC media bias. I think we need to make appearances on all our local TV stations, write to our local newspapers, put those bumper stickers on our cars, Ron Paul yard signs. Look how occupy Wall street grew and spread across the states. Lets keep going forward for our man Ron Paul! This world needs him now more than ever!!!!

  • Joshua Colbrunn

    Dr Ron Paul please do me a favor, at the next debate slam your hand down and raise you voice. AMERICA NEEDS TO WAKE UP!! We need to understand the urgency and the importance of this next election. LET’S GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT!!

  • “I know Ron Paul is the ONLY REAL choice for Presi

    I don’t like that he only received 90 seconds of air time, but it was an awesome 90 seconds of truth telling.

  • Brewer/Patriot

    Dr. Paul did excellent with what little time he was given. He represented American principles, while the others endorsed war crimes and torture; the same people, I might add, that CLAIM to be Christian. Well, it’s obvious to me who Christ would vote for.

    • Libertarian777

      LOVE LOVE LOVE how his first statement on it was… want war? CONGRESS declares it. POTUS does NOT unilaterally declare war.

      Everyone takes it as a given that the POTUS has dictatorial powers to assassinate ANYONE (like Newt saying kill Iranian scientists, or Obama killing US citizens). Ron Paul’s the ONLY one saying CONGRESS has the power to declare war.

      I wonder what Newt would say if China was covertly killing US nuclear scientists?… act of war?

      • SKull


        You forget that the US hasn`t been in a war since 1945. Everything after that has been unsanctioned by Congress and therefore either illegal or defined as “not a war”. Americans have been asleep at the wheel for decades.

  • greedybanker

    The nasty zionist spies working for israel and who own CBS and the rest of the national media, don’t want Ron Paul to go up against their puppet boy obama. Instead, they want dumb jerks who are in their pockets, Romney, Gingrich, etc., to be the alternative.What a joke.We’ll never shake this zionist madness unless we have WW3.

    Come on WW3 Baby! Let’s get it over with. Start a war with Iran, just like the devil worshiping zionists want. In the end there will be no more israel.Yippppeeeeeeeeee!

  • Randyud

    We should boycott CBS and any other network who is unfair with their coverage!!! A debate should be equal coverage for all candidates, not the filtered version of what the media wants us to see.

  • Ryan Mow

    bias media

  • Pete Rodriguez

    What did you ppl expect its CBS a HUGE HUGE supporter of such group called the BILDERBERG