Ron Paul Highlights @ CBS News Republican Debate in South Carolina

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  • Mujib Ahmed

    because they think there will be more hungary jobless and sick available to be recruited.

  • Mujib Ahmed

    Very good and well resrarched pointers i am sure someone of equal intelligence will respond but here is what i have to say:
    The reaaon i love RP is that he is a true leader. He is not pandering for vote he is willing to “erace the slate” and start with a new game plan with constitution as the base. Some of the extreme leftists will actually have better landscape to recruit.

  • Citizen

    I’ve watched Ron Paul for decades, since 1984, and his message has been solid and consistant. But his delivery has always needed some polish and coaching.

    As some suggest, Dr Paul needs to “dumb down” the message to educate the unwashed masses, economics is no longer just a topic for egg-heads, it must become the topic of locker rooms and the kitchen tables across America.

    Dr Paul needs a campaigne with a catchy plan and phrase like “999” (sorry) but people need something simple and easy to digest. Dumb the message down, “Can the Con” “Real Solutions for a Real Economy” Clear the Smoke, Break the Mirrors”

    I’m sorry… but “End the Fed” is 75 IQ points above the voters heads.

    Dr Paul needs some simple parables, anodotes and quips like Ronald Regan use to deliver. He needs to take

    “unfair advantage of his opponents inexperience”

    Paul is much to serious and sober to a fault, he needs to lighten up.

    Dr Paul needs to become assertive, barge right in and answer the questions that the other dim-wits muddle through.

    Statements like…

    -“That’s just plain wrong…”

    -“I can answer that one…. ”

    -“Excuse Me!”

    -“Are you Serious…?”

    should be his cut in line and

    “Say what??”

  • SovereignGlobalist

    If Ron Paul does not get elected POTUS in 2012, the U.S. is probably doomed. I don’t know if we can wait until 2016. Too many socialists point to capitalism as the problem in the mixed economy and they are vilifying the goose that lays the golden egg. It’s getting worse. I wonder if I should learn Mandarin or Cantonese and move to Singapore.

    • Citizen

      Don’t bother moving, we probably will just sell off California for the debt we owe the ChiComs and they will set up language schools in LA

  • Warren Jeffrey Motter


    If you have even the faintest thought of supporting Ron Paul… you really need to read this!!! Because you are probably unaware of all the things you are supporting by endorsing Ron Paul. Here’s a list of just 21 reasons someone might be a Ron Paul supporter.

    1. You’ve never researched Ron Paul’s voting record.

    2. You think it’s OK for businesses to discriminate against people based on their race, since Ron Paul thinks the Civil Rights Act is unconstitutional.

    3. You’re a supporter of the white supremacist organization, which has repeatedly endorsed and stated their support for Ron Paul.

    4. You don’t care that Ron Paul was the ONLY congressman who voted against granting subpoena power to the independent panel responsible for investigating the BP oil spill.

    5. You don’t like clean air and water, since Ron Paul wants to eliminate the EPA.

    6. You don’t want to have a safety net in place, in case your house is destroyed by a tornado, hurricane, or some other natural disaster, since Ron Paul wants to eliminate FEMA.

    7. You think all schools should be private, and that you should have to pay for your children to get an education, since Ron Paul wants to eliminate the Department of Education.

    8. You think corporations should be allowed to do whatever they want, because Ron Paul wants to eliminate all regulations on corporations.

    9. You are anti-choice, since Ron Paul believes that states should have the right to take away a woman’s choice over what she does with her body.

    10. You support segregation, since Ron Paul doesn’t think schools should be forced to allow attendance based on race or ethnic background.

    11. You support guns on airplanes, since Ron Paul thinks that 9/11 could have been prevented, if citizens were allowed to carry guns on airplanes.

    12. You oppose equality for LGBT people, since Ron Paul doesn’t think the federal government should guarantee equal protection under the law for our LGBT brothers and sisters.

    13. You don’t have a problem with people carrying guns near schools, since Ron Paul want to repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act.

    14. You oppose same-sex marriage, since Ron Paul was an original co-sponsor of the Marriage Protection Act in the House of Representatives, in 2004.

    15. You don’t like having a good relationship with other countries around the world, since Ron Paul wants the United States to pull out of the United Nations.

    16. You think the middle-class should have a higher tax burden than the wealthy, since Ron Paul’s tax plan would disproportionately favor the rich.

    17. You want a President who would make more unilateral decisions and undo more progress in this country than George W. Bush could have ever hoped to accomplish.

    18. You think that poor students shouldn’t be allowed to go to college, since Ron Paul wants to eliminate federal student loans.

    19. You believe crazy conspiracy theories about globalization, and that the Zionists are trying to take over the world.

    20. You think the 10th Amendment is the most important part of the Bill of Rights, even though it’s last on the list.

    21. You’re mad at Obama because you believed him when he said he would end the war immediately, and he didn’t because he didn’t have the support of congress, but you believe Ron Paul could get it done immediately.


  • PeaceNHarmony85

    Listen Folks, we all know that the MSM is not giving him enough mainstream media. The technology we have today, we can do that ourselves. We have the right to record as it says in our 1st amendment. Wherever Paul speaks, pull out your camera roll, film his words of truth and post them everywhere, facebook, youtube, emails, and any other places you can put them. Because he needs our help, he knows what is going on, he is not dumb. 30 years of talking knowledge before it happened. he knows what ” they ” are capable of. So lets back him up while ” they ” tried to cover him up. Lets go RP, dont give up, have faith brother.

  • AnthonyDavidson
    • StephenD.Murphy

      @AnthonyDavidson I’ve stopped doing that. It doesn’t prove anything, and they won’t post them so why bother? The reason they discount online polls is that it really is silly to see one candidate with 80% of the votes when that clearly is not an accurate representation of his support. I wish it was, but it isn’t. Your energy should be devoted to areas that can change people’s minds, not further cement their misconceptions of the Ron Paul campaign.

  • StephenD.Murphy

    I found that again he speaks as if people already know what he’s talking about. When he says “we’re pretending we’re at war, but we haven’t declared war” , for example, 70-80% of the voters listening would think he was just plain wrong. They assume by fighting that we are ‘at war’ and therefore he sounds confusing to them. I find myself frustrated by constantly prefacing my conversations with “what he meant by that was…” Most people don’t have a translator and so most people have written him off.

    • David C.

      @StephenD.Murphy Stephen, I’ve had the same thought. As much as I like Ron Paul, his talking points are often couched in terms that are rhetorically effective primarily on those already informed about issues.

      Neither the debates nor interviews really give time to develop a discussion, but I think Paul’s budget cutting measures are dismissed so frequently for the reasons you just noted. Most americans don’t understand how student loans contribute, for example, to education cost inflation. If Paul took that issue and carefully explained the link between free money and schools’ ability to raise prices, then talked about a considered deflationary policy, he’d get a lot mores support on the issue. Many people think that if he cuts government subsidies of school loands 1) school loans will not be available, & 2) prices will continue to inflate at their current rate.

      Sadly, Ron Paul is already the most articulate of the bunch, but where their inarticulate-ness works for them, being inarticulate works against Paul. Cain’s 9-9-9 insanity would meet with staunch criticism if carefully (and honestly) explained. Paul needs more time and a more relaxed environment to pitch his thoughts. Unfortunately, today’s media environment makes that an impossibility.

      • StephenD.Murphy

        @David C. Perhaps his ads should be 60 seconds and topic based. Bullet points as to why he deserves support. Specifically targeting the big issues. Foreign Aid. Wars (and noting his support for chasing bin laden). Departments he’s cutting. etc. The only way I suppose is to move around the media and go through advertising. Instead of simply “Ron Paul 2012” advertising should focus on topics. Invariably it’s 1 or 2 issues that stop people (incl me at one stage) from supporting him. You just have to get them thinking about the topic through questions. Once they look into it and try and balance historic American ideals with what they’ve been sold in modern America, they’ll realize the difference.

  • chikudon

    Just for the record.

    CBS GOP poll is now accessible. I just tried at:

    Ron Paul is a clear winner with 36,741 votes. The 2nd position is John Huntsman with 16,038 votes.

  • Joshua Colbrunn

    I encourage everyone to call their local talk radio tomorrow and everyday!!! Do your part

  • Mujib Ahmed

    On your facebook, i mean.

  • Mujib Ahmed

    Amy: i have posted it on my facebook with this message ” Even if you dont poilticaly agree with RP position, it is obligated on you to post it on web page because media is preventing the public to hear a perspective of Dr Ron Paul message on issues which are a matter of life and death.”. Thank you for sharing the video.

  • SKull

    Paul is looking worn out already. I think he secretly hates having to associate himself with all the plastic people and fake smiles on the campaign trail. I mean just look at Gingrich`1 hairdo! It looks like it`s been stuck on there with adhesives.

    And anyway the very fact that torture and illegal wars is even a topic of debate is deeply depressing to any civilized person. It should go without saying that it`s unacceptable, yet here they are having to hem and haw about as if it`s a big question. It`s disgusting.

    At least Paul does well with the little time he gets. You could listen to three weeks of Mitt Romney without getting half as much sense.

  • Mujib Ahmed

    I see a lot of creative peole here i suggest that someone with talent should merge the questions asked in this onterview with responced RP has given to each and every qestion.

  • Amy Wiese-Schmit donate if you can….help us hit a million by tonight. Anything helps!!

  • Randy Fernatt

    Please Pray that people will hear

  • Jeremy Schneider

    Man! Ron Paul just makes sense! How can anyone by against this guy? May the people come to their senses before it’s too late.

  • Bonita Hanks Swinson

    Mr. Paul can say more in a few seconds than the others if each of them were allowed to talk the entire debate. I think the liberal media is afraid of what he says…and even talk show hosts who call themselves conservatives don’t like what he says. I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. After listening to them trash Mr. Paul, I doubt their sincerity. I will vote for Mr. Paul and pray that my country is blessed enough to have him as president. I fear for the future of America if he isn’t elected. Thank you Mr. Paul

  • Michael Chancey

    I am honestly scared for us all if we do not get Ron Paul into the White House. I think this is truly the last chance we have to save ourselves and, and I mean thin litterally, the world.