Watch the Full CBS News, National Journal and Republican Party of South Carolina Debate

Watch the full CBS News, National Journal and Republican Party of South Carolina Debate in Spartanburg, SC.

Participants: Michele Bachman, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum

  • Mary Noel

    I watched the debate & do you ass holes realize you neglected RON PAUL again?You asked him a total of 2 questions. Oh well, I have to remember you are just young people & don’t know any better.MAYBE YOU DON”T BELIEVE IN FAIRNESS. I hope this gets in the news papers & you are made fools of yourselves. MARY NOEL


  • Anne Davis

    What a waste of a hour! I want it back.

  • ‘Saja’ Torrez

    Dr. Paul brought it!

  • David Jerale

    All three streams SUCK.

  • Rob H Boudrero III

    The Russians and Chinese are waiting on us to save the world from the bully of the world when these neocon’s take us in more invasions of other nations! Ron Paul is the only one now that would prevent the US from getting nuked into the stoneage! RP is the only one on national defense and national sovernity! God bless RP. Go to with Joel Skousen as he speaks on Alex Jones!

  • Charlie Linville

    And the news orgs .. they are both naive and manipulated.

  • Charlie Linville

    little known fact: global finance houses fuel and manipulate policy. i think its goddamn high time we hack those bastards .. people are so fucking naive and ignorant about the underworld finance…bribery and black budgeting going on in this country .

  • Bruce Christofferson Graham

    ugh. This debate is not even close to fair.

  • Rob Volanti

    Kill american citizens that some panel calls a terrorist???? These are the `conservatives?,` sound soviet to me

  • Mary Arocha

    This is sooo ridiculous!!! 40 minutes into the debate and only one question was directed to Ron Paul! I am going to email CBS! This is so old!!!

  • Jessica Lee

    Fuck u media!!! Not giving him any time!!

  • Morgan Shivers

    watching on ustream (.)c o m

  • Jordan Viray

    All that warmongering talk is sickening.

  • Charlie Linville

    good luck getting any meaningful airtime Ron. Ill skip this one. CBS…BAAAAAA…..

  • Charles1816

    I think Ron Paul has defined his defined his presidency by being against torture and getting all of the other GOPer’s saying they are for torture.

    I think it was a good night for Dr. Paul.

    • Brewer/Patriot


      I hope you’re right. I found it rather disturbing when Bachmann, Romney, and the others started endorsing assassinations and torture, and people in the crowd applauded them. Dr. Paul and Jon Huntsman were the only two on stage who came across as HUMAN, in my eyes.

  • Liberty

    Well I just saw the debate and really didn’t expect anything different from other debates. Ron Paul was given very few questions to respond to. And, the after debate the campaign managers were asked to comment on their candidate performance. Guess whose campaign manager wasn’t given a chance to respond? Ron Paul.

    It sounded like every candidate up on stage wanted to start another war with Iran other than

    Ron Paul. They all found water boarding acceptable, along with Drone attacks in Pakistan but. not Ron Paul. And, Huntsman would allow China to continue stealing our intelligence, patent infringements, and he doesn’t want to start a trade war with them. I think as many other people, we are already in a trade war with China with currency manipulation and them putting tariffs or wanting access to our technology security safeguards against cyber attacks on our U.S. companies that want to do business with them. Cain has no experience in Foreign Policy and therefore, he was unable to give definitive answers. I guess his 999 plan couldn’t help him in this debate.

    Ron Paul has the correct answers to our Foreign Policy issues.

  • Charles1816

    I just tried to vote and I got this….Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later.

    I think they are targeting our computers now.

  • bgbridwell


    They have jilted him on time for sure….

  • zadoc.paet

    POLL: Who won the 11/12/2011 CBS debate in South Carolina?


    Let’s show support!

  • 2ElcU0Oa

    why is does Pakistan play the “double game” of taking our money and hiding Bin Laden? Let’s look at the US Pakistan financial agreement. The US is paying Pakistan leadership / military millions of dollars a year to hunt Bin Laden. If you are Pakistan, once you catch the bad guys, the US money will stop. stupid deal. pay them for each head and the results would be dramatically different. this is a deal made by bureaucrats playing with others money

    • ijaznaqvi

      US aid to Pakistan is a curse for Pakistan. Stop all the aid and bring all the troops home and let Pakistanis figure out their problems. They will figure out a solution sooner but not until all american troops are out of Afghanistan. Just imagine 35000 Pakistani lives have been lost due this imposed war on terror. Ron Paul is the only sane voice in US politics and his policies will make the world and US a lot safer. Alas, there is no hope, the main stream media of the so called champions of democracy is so biased that it won’t allow some sane voices reach the public. But glad to see such enthusiasm for RP’s campaign. He is a true American Hero.