Watch the Full CBS News, National Journal and Republican Party of South Carolina Debate

Watch the full CBS News, National Journal and Republican Party of South Carolina Debate in Spartanburg, SC.

Participants: Michele Bachman, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum

  • HimanshuDohroo
  • ANT

    Phone From Home for RON PAUL!

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  • StephenD.Murphy

    I just wrote an in-depth article on my blog about Paul being blacked out, with times and breakdowns.

    It was absolutely unacceptable.

    Let’s keep getting the word out.

  • ijaznaqvi

    US aid to Pakistan is a curse for Pakistan. Stop all the aid and bring all the troops home and let Pakistanis figure out their problems. They will figure out a solution sooner but not until all american troops are out of Afghanistan. Just imagine 35000 Pakistani lives have been lost due this imposed war on terror. Ron Paul is the only sane voice in US politics and his policies will make the world and US a lot safer. Alas, there is no hope, the main stream media of the so called champions of democracy is so biased that it won’t allow some sane voices reach the public. But glad to see such enthusiasm for RP’s campaign. He is a true American Hero.

  • lattin1234

    Amazing they forgot to mention in this article the one guy who made a great statement about waterboarding during the debate.

  • Kate Ellen Nicholson

    He has also called for the removal of all taxes on gold transactions.[117]
    He has repeatedly introduced the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act since 1999,[118] to enable “America to return to the type of monetary system envisioned by our Nation’s founders: one where the value of money is consistent because it is
    tied to a commodity such as gold”;
    it has received virtually no mainstream news coverage.[119]
    He opposes dependency on paper
    fiat money, but also says that there “were some shortcomings of the gold standard of the 19th century … because it was a fixed price and caused confusion.”
    He argues that hard money,
    such as backed by gold or silver,
    would prevent


    but adds,
    “I wouldn’t exactly go back on the gold standard but I would legalize the constitution where gold and silver should and could be legal tender, which would restrain the Federal Government from spending and then turning that over to the Federal Reserve and letting the Federal Reserve print the money.”[120]

    Paul strongly supports legalization of parallel currencies,
    such as gold-backed notes issued from private markets and digital gold currencies.[121]
    He would like
    gold-backed notes (or other types of hard money)

    currencies[122] to compete on a level playing field with Federal Reserve Notes, allowing individuals a choice whether to use sound money or to continue using fiat money.[123][124][125]
    Paul believes this would restrain inflation, limit government spending, and eventually eliminate the ability of the Federal Reserve to “tax” Americans through inflation (i.e., by reducing the purchasing power of the currency they are holding), which he sees as “the most insidious of all taxes”.[126]

    He suggests that current efforts to sustain dollar hegemony, especially since collapse of the Bretton Woods system following the United States’ suspension of the dollar’s conversion to gold in 1971, exacerbate a rationale for war. Consequently, when petroleum producing nations like Iraq, Iran, or Venezuela elect to trade in Petroeuro {{{{{BOURSE}??????}}}
    instead of Petrodollar, it devalues an already overly inflated dollar, further eroding its supremacy as a global currency.

    According to Paul, along with vested American interests in oil and plans to “remake the Middle East”, this scenario has proven a contributing factor for the war against Iraq and diplomatic tensions with Iran.[127][128]

    “Concerning Iran, recent articles have revealed active Pentagon planning for operations against its suspected nuclear facilities. While the publicly stated reasons for any such overt action will be premised as a consequence of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, there are again unspoken macroeconomic drivers underlying the second stage of petrodollar warfare – Iran’s upcoming oil bourse. (The word bourse refers to a stock exchange for securities trading, and is derived from the French stock exchange in Paris, the Federation Internationale des Bourses de Valeurs.) ”

    Back to WIKI Article:

    He has committed himself for over 30 years to educating Americans in libertarian economic principles, such as eliminating the Federal Reserve Board,[129] a private-public banking entity that Paul says has a centralized monopoly control over our money and threatens to impoverish the population through devaluation of the dollar.[130] Paul has many times confronted Congress with a bill to audit the Federal Reserve Board,[131] which Congress has repeatedly turned down.
    End Wiki

  • diannaeco

    Sadly, money will probably determine our next President. The fat-cats aren’t going to allow Ron Paul any slack. I have, myself, contributed a few hundred $$$ to RP’s campaign but we all know that’s just a drop in the bucket, even if thousands of us do the same. Someone mentioned Ross Perot spent lots of money to buy time on TV because the MSM was using the same tactics to keep him out of view, but, as I recall, he was a billionaire wasn’t he?? Guess what we need is a few millionaires or billionaires to back Ron Paul’s candidacy…..problem is most of them are probably corrupt.

    • Liberty

      @diannaeco Maybe someone from Ron Paul’s campaign could call Russ Perot and see if he would like to make a financial contribution preferrably larger if possible. Or, maybe a third party of a celebrity if they prefer to remain anonymous. Or some wealthy philanthropist who believes in his messages. What a boost to his campaign if he could get a large contributor to monetarily support him.

      • diannaeco

        I’ve heard Clint Eastwood is a Libertarian. He has the money hasn’t he? Ha, ha, ha, ha……… @Liberty

  • Charles1816

    We have to make sure we do all we can to make sure Dr. Paul is nominated. Here is a scary article about our 2nd amendment rights.

  • Brewer/Patriot

    God, these people scare the hell outta me. Cain and Perry didn’t have a CLUE as to what they were talking about, and all the others just preached war and propaganda. How could anyone applaud someone who endorses assassinations and torture?

    The founding fathers gave captured war criminals fair trials in civilian courts, so in my mind that debate was settled LONG ago. Bachmann saying “We absolutely should torture terrorists for information,” and Romney saying “I think we should have the power to assassinate people deemed a threat,” just blows my mind!

    Other than Dr. Paul, Huntsman was the only one on the stage that wasn’t a complete fascist.

  • Toufic Kahale

    Guys. Look at the Logo of CBS. Illuminati a pyramid shape or a single eye is a few of the illuminati logos. Look them up and you will have your reason/answer. Till these people are exposed and brought to justice nothing is going to change its actually getting worse.

  • diannaeco

    So little time given to speak, but so much said when given the time to speak…..that’s what makes Ron Paul so special (and dangerous to the MSM) and the only choice as our next President!!

  • Kimmy Tenkate

    CBS is So biased! They are afraid of Ron Paul who is the only brilliant one with actual plans on how to straighten out this country.