Veterans for Ron Paul

Former Air Force Sergeant Lancia Stewart and Former Army Specialist Nathan Cox discuss why they and the military overwhelmingly support Ron Paul and his non-interventionist foreign policy.


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Judge Napolitano: As we were discussing, this weekend’s Republican presidential debate gave Congressman Ron Paul a mere 89 seconds to speak out of a one hour broadcast. Foreign policy was the debate’s key issue, and with a topic so important to every American’s security, why was his fiscally conservative message kept quite? This is the GOP hopeful who raised almost 1 million dollars on Veterans Day last Thursday towards his presidential campaign. Here to discuss this, are two United States veterans, former Air force intelligence officer, Lancia Stewart, and former army specialist, Nathan Cox. Veterans, welcome to Freedom Watch, it’s a pleasure to have you.

Lancia, to you first. Is there a feeling amongst members of the military that the government is over-extended, does too much, spends too much, is in too many countries, and it might be time to pull back?

Lancia Stewart: Your honor, I can’t really speak for the entire military, because inside of the military itself there are so many different political views. But even inside of the military, sometimes we see that the government is spending money on things that could be spent on quality of life, could be spent on better war-making techniques, improving bases, and things of that nature.

Judge Napolitano: Nathan, you’re wearing a uniform, you are a veteran, and you have a Ron Paul button on your uniform. I have read that Ron Paul receives more campaign contributions from active duty military than the other Republican candidates combined. Is this so, and if so, why is this so, Nathan?

Nathan Cox: Thanks for having me on, Judge. Well, you’re right, it is true, and you can look at the FEC filing reports to back that up. And my belief the reason why that percent is so high, is because our troops realize that what we’re doing overseas right now is not in line with what the constitution has put out for us as far as interventionism goes. That percent of military veterans and people serving most likely believe that we should have a non-interventionist foreign policy.

Judge Napolitano: Got it. Lancia, you were in the intelligence department of the division of the Air force for over 20 years.

Lancia Stewart: Yes, sir, Master Sergeant in the Air force.

Judge Napolitano: Okay, that’s a serious assignment, seriously concerned with the national security of the country. Who do you support for President, and why?

Lancia Stewart: I support Ron Paul, mainly because when he discusses where we should be going with the United States military, where he goes when he talks about the money being spent by Congress, he doesn’t waver from his position. The Fed has not always been here, and knowing that during a recession, that the Occupy Wall Street movement had to happen because Congress could not curb itself, is a very serious issue. And as a military member, myself, my husband who’s a retired marine, my friends in the army, navy, air force, Marine corps, can be sent to all these countries and in all these conflicts, and without a clear vision as to why we’re there, how long we’re going to stay there, or what we plan to do while we’re in that country, puts us at risk for no apparent reason other than what might be construed as national foreign policy by those who don’t know what that is.

Judge Napolitano: Got it. Nathan, last question: the army is volunteer, you volunteered to join the army. Did you have a change of heart and your feeling about your assignment after you volunteered? Did you feel differently when you left than when you entered?

Nathan Cox: Yes, I did, Judge. It was actually that I was deployed to Baghdad in October of 2007, and it was just a month or two later that a friend of mine back in the states told me to check out what Ron Paul was saying, which was obviously during the last presidential election. And that’s exactly what I did, I looked on YouTube, I was watching the debates via YouTube, and I was watching his interviews on YouTube, and everything he was saying just made complete sense. So I started ordering books and bogging about it and sharing it with my peers and my leaders, and since then I’ve just become a full blown activist.

Judge Napolitano: Got it. Lancia Stewart, Nathan Cox, thank you for the service you’ve given to the country, and thank you for joining us on Freedom Watch.

Nathan Cox: Thank you for having me.

Lancia Stewart: Thank you, your honor.

Judge Napolitano: Earlier today, the Supreme Court made an announcement.