Could Ron Paul Win in Iowa?

  • Ron Paul Patriot

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  • rickybobby

    These MAY be valid points, BUT some of us want to see the good Dr.Ron Paul WIN the Republican primaryin Iowa, and New Hampshire. Then the nomination for PODUS. Then the presidency, and even then the work will not be done.
    I don’t want to be rude but some of you guys need to tone it down a little. Why scare the squares, man?


    • Skrubby

      I believe you mean POTUS….. Not PODUS. Get your terms right. @rickybobby

  • w1945

    When the world hits the debt wall which it will do in late 2012 then all you know what is going to break loose. Bernanke has done everything short of slitting his wrist to hold interest rates at near zero. When we hit the debt wall he will not longer be able to do that, he will lost control of interest rates and they will start to climb. With the mountain of debt that we have accumulated that will be the end for us. We have one chance to try and do something and that something is RP. People I am warning you do not drop this ball, our country depends on what we do starting in January. Our government is not telling us the true story when it comes to our debt, they are telling us everything but that. Paul says cut one trillion the first year and balance the budged in three. Can he do that? I would hope but the main thing is he will try and that along will make a huge difference.

  • Citizen

    The real question is… will Iowa win by choosing the only REAL CHANGE GOP candidate.

    All of these other so called “issues” i.e Jobs, Immigration, Wars, Taxes.. etc. are smoke screens!

    The real issue is the Monsterous Size of our Government, SPENDING 24% of GDP that’s out of control and unsustainable. The FED cannot print us out of this HOLE…. the EASY Air Money is starting to fail and it will come crashing down sooooon.

    We don’t have the tax revenues even if we taxed 100% of the top 25% incomes we still wouldn’t cover our debts.

    So the Government’s only choice… PRINT MORE PAPER money… The beginning of the End!