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Ann & Kirby tell us why phone banking is the best thing (outside of donating money) we can do to help Ron Paul win the early primaries needed to secure the Republican nomination.


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  • ericjon652004

    It’s no secret that Gingrich changes his mind on issues every time he gets paid to do so. I can’t understand how this man isn’t in jail yet much less be a presidential candidate. Get real people. Our government is being ran by the central bank and Gingrich has helped them every step of the way.

    Obama has done the same and worse by increasing the size of government and allowing the scope of the federal governments authority to grow and sneak even deeper into our private lives.Men like these permeate our government and are destroying our country. They do what their masters tell them to do.

    • ericjon652004

      The only man with the courage to set this country back on course is Ron Paul. If you don’t know anything about the man then look into it. Understand what the federal reserve is, understand that the income tax is illegal and how we don’t need the IRS, understand that the billions of dollars spent every year over seas should instead remain in our pockets to spend, save or invest as we see fit.

      Cutting back the government to what it was intended to be means trillions of dollars remaining in the economy for businesses to flourish and grow instead of placing our money in the hands of politicians. It means families will have choices again instead of having our lives predertimed by the whims of a few psychopaths who’s names we don’t even know.

      Stop thinking that the federal government cares about your welfare. They only thing they care about is getting richer and gaining more power and they are using us to do it.

  • Jen1212


    I am a democrat and I would vote for you! Please run as an independent! You have my vote and my money!

    • PR5000

      @Jen1212Ron is Republican.. so be a republican not an independent and vote for Ron Paul. Don’t Be swayed unless he announces something himself. I’m pretty sure that is not going to happen. I’m also thinking there are those who would love to use that same argument that Jen just used to push Ron out of the spotlight. Vote Republican, Vote Ron Paul.

    • Dolphster

      he could never win running in the 3rd party, many have tried, politics in DC are unscrupulous, and as you may notice his policies are not in line with any other republican, on foriegn policy and the war on drugs, but they seem to be following RON PAUL on all the other issues, or at least they try to appear as though they are, why dont you become an independant, like I did, lets face it, both parties are corrupt, but it seems as though there are a growing number of good new freshman, we need to elect some more in the senate, and the white house RON PAUL 2012

  • Michael Johnson

    Listen to the message people it’s real and has substance!

  • Buy 4 Paul

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  • JOIN Herman Cain Banned me from his page
  • Matthew Alan Mus

    Calvin, I’m glad to see you have such a grand purpose in life. You must be really important in the real world.

  • Calvin Kerley

    I’ll quit trolling on ron paul’s page when ron paul supporters quit trolling on everyone else’s pages. It’s facebook warfare.

  • Matthew Alan Mus

    Calvin, You sound like a moron and to be honest you look like a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome so I feel sorry for you. I think it would be best if you went and tried to make some friends on Obama’s page because stupidity isn’t aloud by Dr.Ron Paul and his supporters.

  • Hoyt Brown

    OK Calvin, so no one is going to change your mind. We will be more than glad to write you off, so now take a hike.

  • Becky Sankey Bartelt

    @Calvin, so you like having the federal gov’t control everything you do? Paul is the ONLY one that has not, and will not be bought by lobbyists. I think you watch too much mainstream media.

  • Calvin Kerley

    Ron Paul is a nut, no matter how boringly long your responses are, nothing is going to change my opinion.

  • Tarra Stambaugh

    Well Said!!!
    We need to get America back to the people.
    People were kinder and had more compassion when they cared for one another.
    Anything with a money sign the government sticks their noses in. It really all goes back to the Rothschilds family and their greed. The politicians are puppets and those that refuse to conform to the greedy and inform the American people(JFK) are murdered or set up.
    RON PAUL FOR “2012
    We need to get him in office so we can have a government that works for the people. Not the people working for the government.
    It is about love of LIBERTY, FREEDOM and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!
    I am currently reading “The Revolution a manifesto” By:Ron Paul If there are any questions about this mans true character and love for his country and the American people please read this book. I now have a new found love for my country and all her Liberties.
    END THE FED!!!

  • Jonny Rea

    @Calvin: Ron Paul made those comments on Fox News to criticize the roll of FEMA in guaranteeing government funded insurance programs, such as the NFIP. The problem with such programs is that the completely undermine a basic principle of insurance which is “risk analysis”. To put it simply, when the federal government guarantees insurance claims they do a number of harmful things to the market like causing price inflation (insurance providers can charge more if the government guarantees payment), the building and insuring or properties in acutely risky areas, and insurance fraud. Reports from the aftermath of Katrina show that $4-7 billion of the $80 billion appropriation was attributed to insurance fraud, and this does not account for exorbitant claims. Ron Paul does not claim that there are areas with zero risk and he understands the circumstances that some people must live in riskier areas. However, he believes that individuals should assume responsibility and if they choose to offset risk with insurance then they will have to pay for it. Subsequently, the federal government should stay out of the insurance business so that market forces can dictate a more accurate risk analysis and balanced pricing system. His ideology stems not from a lack of compassion but rather an abundance of pragmatism, which has been heightened in the current age of eroding personal liberties and crippling debt which old crony corporatists and politicians have mortgaged to future generations. Rather than the government wastefully getting involved in so many things, he believes local governments and private organizations do a better job at serving certain needs. Before you say that private organizations wouldn’t actually help and that it’s a pipe dream let me tell you that I know many people who donated money, time, and their own physical labor to assist people and help rebuild in areas such as New Orleans and even abroad in Haiti. People in this country get organized and help each other out, but no one will be able to do much good if our currency continues to be devalued. Also, private organizations like churches and non-profits have to work within budget contraints or else they will go under whereas the government will justify running up deficits that cause the nation to be fiscally insolvent.
    As to another one of your points: 30+ years in politics does not a “crooked politician” make. Rather than looking simply at his number of years in political office, I challenge you to find a position or congressional vote that he supported that was appealing to lobbyists rather than the American people.

  • Mark Boyes

    @ George well said @ Calvin like the great Jessica said “get your dumbass off this page fucktard” cuz you jus thrown dumb shit out now and don’t even have an argument anymore now that we all proved you wrong in more ways then one.

  • George Odom Johnson

    Calvin, these supporters opinions are not the ideas of Dr. Ron Paul but the sound voice of emotional hope for the man that has the only real answers and solutions for OUR country. Also Calvin, he understands whats going on and trying to get the American people to listen and realize what is really going on. He is a brilliant man Calvin. You should at least take a little time to learn for your self. What a great statesman he really is. I can promise you that you will not find any dirt, immorality, flip flopping on issues, and breaking his sworn oath to the Constitution, on Dr.Ron Paul and PROVE IT. As you will easily be able to do with all the other candidates, including Obama. That is what i like about Dr. Ron Paul, honesty, common sense and the guts to speak the truth. Just Google RON PAUL, or Youtube him its real easy and its very interesting to hear him speak. I consider him more as a teacher that is running for President than just another dishonest corrupt Politician. He will with out a doubt be getting my vote for sure. I understand Calvin, you are just as pissed about how crooked the pocket filling SOB”s on capitol hill are as any one of these Ron Paul supporters! Well, its time we wake up and get our heads out of the sand and pay more attention to who we vote for. As i see it my attention is focused on RON PAUL!!!

  • Calvin Kerley

    Actually, I think Paul is more of a nut than a crook. He did an interview for fox news a few months ago, when he bagan discussing what he thought about supporting victims of natural disasters. Ron Paul said qoute: “ It’s too dangerous for people to live there, why dump the responsibility on the taxpayer?” First let me say that THERE IS NO SAFE PLACE TO LIVE!! No matter where you live in these United States, there is some destructive natural force capable of claiming everything you have. Earthquakes. Floods. Hurricanes. Landslides. Tornadoes. Volcanoes. I could go on and on. Has Ron Paul ever thought about WHY people live on the gulf??? Maybe it’s because there are jobs to help people feed their families, maybe it’s because that is where these people were born and raised, and making a living off the ocean is the only thing they know. You see, if it weren’t for people living on the Gulf Coast, where would America get the bulk of its oil and gas? What about all the food coming in from the Gulf and the Mississippi delta that feeds so many of us. Do all of these things just magically appear in the safe and sound Ron Paul land? Because in the world I live in, the real one, it takes human labor to produce these things for us, and humans need to reside within a reasonable geographic proximity of whatever bounty they produce though labor in order to produce them! Ron Paul is a nut, no way around it.

  • Brian Conners

    Yes Calvin you is a dick!!!