Ron Paul: Electable

6 Responses


Voice: Ron Paul has honest principled positions, a consistent record, and faithful supporters. But some ask, “Is he electable?”

The 2-headed political monster: “No way”. How’s that for bi-partisan.

War Machine: If he’s elected, how will I spread democracy?

Main Stream Media Talking Head: This just in, can Ron Paul win? The answer is, “no”.

Corporate Master: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Wall Street Fat Cat: Ron Paul elected? Fat chance.

Drug Cartel Head: No, he would be bad for my small business.

Ben Bernanke: The smart money says no. Well, fiat money, actually.

The President: I hope not (smile).

Voice: Ron Paul wants to end the illegal wars and bring the troops home, audit the Fed, end crony capitalism, stop the bailouts of Wall Street, promote personal freedom, and, most of all, obey the constitution. Sounds electable to me. Ron Paul for President, 2012. The revolution continues


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