New Poll: Only Ron Paul Can Beat Obama in Iowa

If the general election were held today, only Ron Paul could beat Barack Obama in Iowa.

According to an NBC-Marist survey (pdf) conducted Nov. 27-29 among 2,896 registered voters, Paul ties Obama, with each contestant gaining 42% of the vote.

Other Republicans do significantly worse against the presumed Democratic candidate: Romney -7, Gingrich -10, Perry -11 and Bachmann -23. The margin of error is 1.8 percentage points.

Ron Paul 42%, Obama 42% (tied)
Mitt Romney 39%, Obama 46% (-7)
Newt Gingrich 37%, Obama 47% (-10)
Rick Perry 37%, Obama 48% (-11)
Michele Bachmann 31%, Obama 54% (-23)

Additionally, Ron Paul leads Obama 42% to 35% among independent voters and by 14 percentage points among voters under 45 years of age. Ron Paul attracts as many as 15% of Iowa’s Democrats.

  • wiggles

    Every time I listen and watch the news on tv I get sick to my stomach. We have became a country where the cotporations and the rich are controlling our elections. Why would anyone allow big money to be donated by wall streeet, ceo’s and other crooks- what is wrong with our Supreme Court? WE HAVE TO STAND UP FOR RON PAUL – IF WE DON’T STOP THIS BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG MONIES BEING DONATED TO WIN WHOMEVER THAT WILL TAKE CARE OF THEM- WE ARE ALL GOING DOWN THE TUBE- THERE WILL BE NO AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT TODAY -EVEN THOUGH WE THINK ITS BAD NOW WE ARE NOT FIGHTING- WE HAVE TO ELECT SOMEONE WHO WILL STOP THIS INSAIN ACTIONS- VOTE RON PAUL TO SVE OUR COUNTRY.

  • WhattheHellBook

    Ron Paul’s new ads are great and I really think he’s going to win Iowa. I read that the Paul campaign has 20,000 hard commits in Iowa and the total turnout is usually around 100,000. He should get around 30% come January 3rd. RON PAUL 2012


  • claylasalle

    God Speed Ron Paul. You NEED to win. This country NEEDS you to win. The future of our country, the FREEDOMS of our country, as well as our liberties of life in America NEEDS you to be the next President of the United States.

    If not, we are in deep trouble and will continue to be on a sprial of decent away from those very values that we hold to be true in America.




    • wiggles


      I agree wirh you completely. If we don’t vote for Ron Paul we are letting our country down and our childreen and grandchildreen. We need to stand together and elect a man whom we can trust and depend on- whom is honest, intelligent, faithful,God fearing and a fighter. He is not afraid to stand up for our country and for us!

    • bobby72033

      @claylasalle I agree with you and others who feel the same way 100% I support Ron Paul 100% all the way. If we don’t get Ron Paul, were in bad trouble! He’s the only one that is standing up for the people the Rights we deserve as Americans, our liberties and very freedom are being striped away little by little. Our own Congress has deemed us the enemy. WOW!
      If people don’t wake up to what’s going on right before our eyes and get Ron Paul in the white house then we’ve had it.
      I’m glad I opened my eyes, I tell anyone I talk to why we need Ron Paul and thankfully not a one of them I talk to disagree when I tell them why. =-)
      Ron Paul is the right man for the job, the only one for the job and this is why he’s not being allowed proper time to answer questions at the debates, they know that he’s the one the people need, the one America needs. They are scared to death he’ll get it and I’m hoping like thousands of people are that he’ll get it.

  • wiggles

    Aman to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wiggles

    Ron Paul is going to be President Ron Paul- He is a rel man with intregrity in every way- I admire him more than I have ever admired any other candidate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Biffkowabunga

    I am new to the Ron Paul bandwagon. Please, someone define Ron Paul’s foreign policy for me. Thanks!

    • pby

      @Biffkowabunga He is against unjust war, getting involved in foreign affairs when we are diving deeper into debt, and trying to police the world when we neglect the need for national security. He is for letting nations deal with their own problems and not getting involved in it as if we have the right solution for them. He is also for strengthening national security and taking care of Americans. He doesn’t want to see anymore american soldiers die in wars that we should never have gotten involved in.

      • Biffkowabunga

        @pby Thanks, pby. I’m not a huge fan of sticking our noses where it doesn’t belong.

      • Biffkowabunga

        @pby Thanks, pby. I’m not a huge fan of sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong either.

    • @Biffkowabunga Start at his campaign site where he explains each of his positions. Then search youtube for “Ron Paul foreign policy”. Try to hear him in his own words. His “Imagine” speech is a good way to understand his position on terrorism.

    • wiggles


      He thinks we need to take care of our own buiness at home and not police the world. He believes in trading and being friendly with everyone possible!

  • CarpenterISaDICKWAD

    @ Carpenter: Wow, you really put the “ass” in “assume”. You have no idea what Ron Paul stands for what even at a basic level, so stop pretending you have done any research on this candidate.

  • Ron Paul has spoken about Ayn Rand. Perhaps your are confused because many objectivists (who follow Ayn Rand) like Ron Paul. What Paul said was that he has read Ayn Rand and he liked some of her stuff, but didn’t care for others. He also noted that she would not have liked him because she hated Libertarianism.

    The Liberftarian party is not that old and was started by Republicans who felt the Republican party had strayed too far from its principles.

    Meanwhile Ron Paul is a Christian, and says as much on his campaign site. You can check it out for yourself. He has also done extremely well in polls of Christians and values voters, who are predominantly Christian.

    By ruling Ron Paul out on such ridiculous accusations without basis in fact, you are shortchanging yourself on the best candidate to turn our country around.

    • wiggles


      Ron Paul is a christain and a honest and wonderful man- anyone who trys to tarnish him will have a hard time!!!!!

  • MrSir

    LOL @ Trolls

  • YoDudeRock

    Please judge Ron Paul on his own character. BTW, he does go to a baptist church. If you look at his consistent voting record, you can be confident he can’t be bought.

    • wiggles


      Your exactly right- he won’t be bought!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Salisbury

    Ron Paul – America’s hope for the future – My choice for 2012

  • wiggles

    His name is Ron Paul- HE IS NOT ANY RAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wiggles

    RON PAUL WILL FIND A WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wiggles

    Just because you agree with part of what someone believes that don’t make you part of their life- Juge a book by its cover and look at RON pAULS LIFE AND WHAT HE WANTS TO DO TO HELP OUR COUNTRY!

  • wiggles

    Ron Paul is a fine example for everyone to follow- He acts in a Godly manner and speaks with love and compassion- don’t try to put this man down= Remember they crucified Jeasus!!!!!!!

  • wiggles

    Go Ron Paul- Your country is behind you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seems as if Ron Paul has always been the only one who could ever touch Obomer in a head on race

  • I’m sorry, Carpenter. Your portrayal is inaccurate. Ron Paul is a Christian, which you can verify on and by his winning polls and votes with values voters who tend to be predominantly Christian.

    Ron Paul has said that he has read Ayn Rand, liked some of her stuff and disliked other parts. He is also quite sure she would have hated him as she hated Libertarians. The Libertarian party, by the way, is not that old and was started in part by Republicans who thought the Republican party had gone astray from its principles.

    It does not seem very Christian of you to make up lies and apply them to a decent man who has consistently shown that it is his love of our country, his endless respect for our Constitution and his support of We The People that drive him. Ron Paul has nothing to do with your eternal damnation, but you might want to look at some of your other issues.

  • DillonBanis

    [email protected] fundamentalist christians who stand against Ayn Rand’s philosophy because of her personal religious believes. She, though an atheist, held some theistic beliefs similar to those of many of our founding fathers. However, I do not see how that has anything to do with you personally.

    The whole purpose of separation of church and state is that full liberty cannot be obtained with a state that is pushing religious beliefs onto their constituents.

    As for Anton Levay, who cares if he were inspired by her writing. What about priests that molest children or people that take the lives of others in the name of their christian god. Have you read the satanic bible? It’s really not that pushy or anti-christian. However, I would assume that you fear that merely mouthing those words will land you a ticket in hell.

    As for Ayn Rand and Ron Paul, he’s never really said much about her at all except for the fact that he liked some of her writings. He’s never endorsed the Objectivist philosophy, and the fact that he’s a devout christian is obvious proof that he does not endorse her beliefs fully. Atlas Shrugged embodies the proper morality of capitalism and the individuals role in that system. It does not dictate what the individuals should look to as a higher power.

    • brooklyn1962


      wow but if have even opened the satanic bible u sure will dead no if and or buts so watch what u say and talk about …. the satanic bible is not something to mess with and only a few ppl that have ever opened are not around anymore maybe u should read some more levine and allistar crowley before opening ur mouth on something u have no clue about!!!!!!!!!!

  • JuliaButcher-Utsumi