BIG DOG: New Ron Paul Ad

What’s up with these sorry politicians? Lots of bark; when it’s showtime, whimpering like little Shih Tzus. You want big cuts? Ron Paul’s been screaming it for years. Budget crisis? No problem. Cut a trillion bucks year one. That’s trillion with a ‘t’. Department of Education? Gone. Interior? Energy? HUD? Commerce? Gone. Later bureaucrats. That’s how Ron Paul rolls. Wanna drain the swamp? Ron Paul. Do it. “I’m Ron Paul and I approve this message.”

  • Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was looking for!

  • Eric

    I can’t decide if this is more derivative of President Camacho from “Idiocracy” or an ad for a Monster Truck Rally.

  • donbrighton

    I’m probably considered an old man in the “youth” demographic at age 29, but this ad is absolutely awesome to me. If you value an honest competition between ideas in our democracy, you should tell your friends to learn about Ron Paul and just make up their own mind about who to vote for.

    That’s where almost all of his 28% poll result in Iowa came from.


  • donbrighton

    I’m a old-man in the youth demographic at age 29, but this ad is absolutely awesome to me. This generation is sort of rebelling against the socialist “federal parenthood” mentality. We’re ready to rip off the band-aid and get back to a limited constitutional government. Bring on the elimination of the welfare state. Self-ownership is my food-stamp program!

  • Robotevil

    Sorry, but this advertisement is scary, It comes across more as ad against Ron Paul, not for him. This is going to scare the crap out of a lot of people. Whoever thought this was a good idea should be fired from his ad-team.

  • sidiferu

    This ad is a big stick for a typically soft-spoken guy. Really hits hard and shakes things up–it hammers home exactly what he says he will do in his otherwise reasonable tone. Stands way out from all the waving-flag-background talking head ads, and I think it will do its job of getting the message to stick in peoples minds. As far as whether people understand the concept of dumping Dept Ed, I bet it will create more googling and enlightenment than mollification (and to hell with those who refuse to examine the triple-shot costs of govt bureaucracy). Love it. Kick some ass Ron.

  • DaveJewett

    Exactly, I can’t believe all the negative comments on here about this ad. First off, anyone that considers it an overdose of testosterone is a softy. How does it present Dr. Paul as less wholesome, lesser of a family man, or lacking principles? Gee, get a life! Secondly, how does this ad have the potential of scaring someone. I mean, Really! I’ll tell you what’s scary, “Not fixing the many, many problems that have gotten us in the mess we’re in! And last, but not least, if anyone is misled by the department of education “GONE” thing, then they don’t know what is going on around them and shouldn’t even be voting!

  • CarinaCellar

    Was this ad made by SpikeTV or something. Totally out of taste. Ron Paul is a wholesome, family-man with principles. This ad is almost too aggressive and may scare some voters. The reason I personally like Ron Paul is because he is a subtle candidate who fights with ideas rather than flash. This ad is just too in-your-face and could possibly hurt him. But then again, who knows…

  • sniffingratty

    This ad it totally not RP’s style, god I hope it doesn’t run.

  • DaveJewett

    Maybe those that don’t know what he means aren’t intelligent enough to vote!

  • DaveJewett

    Perhaps you should take a class in written communications.

  • DaveJewett

    Bad ass ad. Nothing like telling it the way it is!

  • dannyzumwalt

    There he goes again… .

    • DaveJewett

      @dannyzumwalt Yup, and telling the truth, again!

  • FreedomIsAbsolute

    Wow, Dr. Paul’s ads just keep getting better and better. This is his time, and he is running a great campaign. I have a great feeling about his candidacy. I urge all those who are not fimiliar with Paul’s views, do the right thing and reserch him. Google his voting record(ron paul vote smart) and take a loot at his videos through the years(1983-present) that are on youtube. It will not hurt.

    • DaveJewett

      @FreedomIsAbsolute I totally understand what you’re saying. I’m working hard at educating my sister about what Dr. Paul stands for. The mainstream media attempts to paint him as some escaped mental patient. So yes, educate the masses!!