Mitt Romney Joins Frontrunner Ron Paul in Boycotting Trump “Debate”

Mitt Romney announced today that he is joining Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman in refusing to attend Donald Trump’s debate that had been scheduled for December 27.

Only Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry have confirmed their participation. It is now unclear whether the debate will actually take place.


  • FROT

    First Ron, then Huntsmen, then Romney….once they all bow out it will really make him look the leader and the frontrunner that he is… Go RP!

  • Moondaddy666

    Trump’s going to make an ass out of himself again in the press and try to spin this one…I doubt the horrible show and sad attempt of a Trump debate will take place now…I can’t wait to hear Trump cry on T.V. about this…”I’m rich and every should like me, boo hoo, waa waa..”…Go [email protected]#$ Yourself dumb ass Trump….and Vote Ron Paul 🙂

  • EricKendrick

    Ron Paul all the way!!!!!!!! Donald Trump is a total Monkey in a Suit who benefits from the FED, the bail outs of the banks and has gone bankrupt (2) Twice

  • TelFiRE

    “You’ll find I’m saying the same things I’ve said for the last year!” Rofl, let me know when you tack another few decades onto that buddy.