Ron Paul: Allow Israel to Take Care of Herself


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Ron Paul: Well, that’s one point of view, and that’s a healthy point of view, and a healthy discussion is a good American tradition, too. But it’s a private organization, so me being very much aware of what private organizations can do, I really don’t have much recourse. But I think in public opinion, people ask the question, “Why is he excluded?” and they say, “Well, he doesn’t say everything like anybody else”, but that’s what we need, maybe we do need a full discussion. And to paint it and say, “Well, maybe he’s not supportive of Israel, he’s anti-Israel”, that’s being dismissed rather carelessly and unfairly. So I’ve had my chance and we have a little bit of an access to the internet to explain my positions. So it may well appear here rather shortly.

Brooke Baldwin: Okay, so as it appears shortly, I also want to read something that you said not to long ago at a CNN candidate forum. You said, “Why do we have this automatic commitment that we’re going to send our kids and send our money endlessly to Israel? I think they’re quite capable of taking care of themselves”. Congressman Paul, with all due respect, that doesn’t sound like a candidate who will realistically challenge for the Republican nomination.

Ron Paul: Well, what you need to do is go and read the speech that Netanyahu gave on the House floor here just a couple of months ago. He said, “We don’t need American troops, we can take care of ourselves”. So that might be worth looking into. We don’t have a treaty with Israel and we should be friends with Israel and we should trade with them and do all these things. But to commit another generation, we don’t even have the right to do it. And if it’s necessary to be involved in a war, the President doesn’t make that decision, the people do through a declaration of war in the Congress. I don’t know what’s so extreme about following the rules and a little bit of decorum and being sensible about it. I worry about this carelessness of going to war anytime we want, that’s our greatest problem. We are involved in too many wars and we should be very careful on how we go to wars. But if Netanyahu says that he doesn’t need our troops over there, why am I not allowed to say that as well?

Brooke Baldwin: But, Congressman, with this stance, we’ve heard this from you that we are involved in too many wars. Is it implicated at all the box you find yourself in because you certainly have some very faithful supporters, your core group of supporters, but because you are so committed, so libertarian, that you’re forever unlikely to garner mass appeal.

Ron Paul: Well, I think America is in a box, we’re in a box with our national defense. We spend too much money policing the world, getting involved in nation-building. We’re going bankrupt, we have to borrow all the money we spend overseas, we’re in a financial crisis. America is in a box, I’m not in a box, I’m just telling the truth about what is going on.

Brooke Baldwin: But, Congressman, do you at all feel like you’ve boxed yourself in, and so come time for the rest of the country to vote for you, you’re not going to have that support en mass?

Ron Paul: I think you have it backwards, I think the American people are boxed in and they want out, and that’s why I get support. I get twice as much support as all the other candidates from the military, and they’re sick and tired of being boxed in, too. So I would say the boxing in is [happening to] the American people and the American tax payer with these unlimited commitments and going to war under United Nations and NATO. And when Obama went into Libya, he didn’t even console with the Congress. That’s being really boxed in, that’s what we have to deal with.

  • Joshua88

    I would wager to say I work more than you, fortunately I am self employed, successful men eventually become self employed but you will never see that because you don’t appear to be very intelligent. First of all, Israel is a 1st world country with a large military, they are considered to be THE RICHEST country in the middle east, they have one of the highest life expectancies in the world so I imagine counting American tax payers $ couldn’t be all that stressful, they have many industries and in many cases their citizens are better off than Americans. Their current wealth is so because they receive so much of our TAX dollars, including mine. They are LEACHES not only on America but other countries as well. Besides, if Israel was such an ally and friend they would stop taking Americas borrowed $ that they know is digging our economic grave. AND to your accusation that I am an anti-semite, did it ever cross your pea brain mind that there are also white people and other races that live in Israel who are not jewish, I know that doesn’t fit your agenda to make everyone feel sorry Israel (your home land) but it is so you anti-American, pro-obama sissy!

  • Joshua88

    It took you that long to come up with a rebuttle, you must have been up all night punk. It’s easy for you to hide behind your computer and call me ignorant but I’ll bet you wouldn’t have the heart to say any of that to my face! You anti white pro-Oboma sissy!

    • PplOppsngTyrnny

      @Joshua88 Unlike you I work & have a life & don’t sit around the computer all day waiting for resonses (pathetic). I would say that to your face then beat your ass. I am white & am a registered republican & never supported Obama in any way, I have made that clear. You have made it clear you are a child, so I will not respond further. Enjoy continuing to waste your time & proving your ignorance if you so chose to.

  • Joshua88

    I’m definately not for radical islam either but if you care so much about Israel why don’t you go live there with the other leeches. Like President Paul says they can take care of themselves we have enough problems over here. You’re obviously anti-American so I have pasted a link below where you can converse with other foreign releif supporters!


  • Joshua88

    and I’m sure your’re really an American, yea we use them to offload some of the billions of dollars we don’t want to spend here at home, you’re ignorant jackass!

    • PplOppsngTyrnny

      @Joshua88 Born & raised in New Haven, CT. Natural born citizen. I am a deeply patriotic American, which is why I am supportive of Dr. Paul. Are you saying Judaism is unAmerican, if you are not where do you get off making yet another ignorant & childish claim as calling me unAmerican? Also, you do realize Dr.Paul is for getting rid of ALL foreign aid, it’s not about hating on Israel. If you read any of my posts before expressing your stupidity, you would know I’m against foreign aid & agree completely with Dr.Paul on Israel’s need for true independance. If you knew anything about Obama, and you weren’t just an anti-semitic neo-nazi who knows nothing about the issues or Dr.Paul’s principles, you would know Obama has called for sanctions on Israel, limitations on where they can build in their own country, & retreating back to ’67 borders. So, once again, you are totally ignorant (do you know what that word means?) to the facts & the issues. You believe Dr.Paul is anti-Israel, & Obama is pro-Israel. Well, sorry to disappoint, but I’m glad at least one stupid person will accidently vote for right person anyway.

  • Joshua88

    Israel clearly uses the US as a means to bully other countries as well as the Palestiniens and we absolutely should not continue to donate our resources or our name to thier evil empire!!!

    • PplOppsngTyrnny

      And I’m sure your name is really Joshua. That is such an ignorant statement. If anyone is using anyone it’s the other way around.

  • Newt will ultimately self-destruct. The question is when. He is wrong on the issues and based on the statements of those in his own party whom he led as Speaker, he seems to have the personality of a Brillo pad. People will catch on – hopefully by mid January. Otherwise Obama will be looking at a landslide victory if he is fortunate enough to run against Newt. Ron Paul’s support is solid. Hopefully Newt will implode in time for Ron to pick up Newt’s temporary supporters.

  • Nader Paul Kucinich Gravel McKinney Baldwin

    Does Binyamin Netanyahu still think 9-11 was good for Israel?

    • PplOppsngTyrnny

      @Nader Paul Kucinich Gravel McKinney Baldwin

      Netanyahu said that? When?

    • PplOppsngTyrnny

      You are twisting his words. He meant it was good that the U.S. woke up to radical Islam terrorism.

  • PplOppsngTyrnny

    As a Jew I am offended, disgusted & angry that Ron Paul was not invited to this debate which was effectively on Israel. This private organization excluded Dr.Paul for G-d knows what reasons. When you find out the facts, it is clear Dr. Paul is for independance for Israel as much as he is for America, & is against globalist government & imperialism. A strong, independant America & Israel is the best case scenario for Jews everywhere, yet the self-hating descendants of task-masters still deceive many for their ultimate gain. The U.N. & the current U.S. administration have been calling for more sanctions & concessions on Israel in the name of making peace with a merciless enemy, as well as giving 7x more of our U.S. tax dollars ($Billions) to Israel’s enemies than Israel, yet they are claiming to “aid” them (which is just a tool to keep them on a leash). Ron Paul promotes Israeli sovereignty as he promotes American sovereignty. Sovereignty begets independance, which begets strength, which begets more independance! Is there a Jews For Ron Paul? Can we start one?