Ron Paul: America Should Never Be the Master of Israel

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In an exclusive Newsmax interview, Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul confirmed his support for Israel, but cautioned that while the United States should be a “friend” of the Jewish state, America should not be the “master” of Israel.

Paul also says the United States should not dictate Israel’s borders or try to “buy her allegiance” with massive amounts of foreign aid. He argued that foreign aid has actually hurt – not helped – the Jewish state.

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  • Intel’s presence in Israel employs many people who make good pay. These aren’t exploitative sweatshops but highly productive Research & Development positions.
    This helps Israelis support themselves. The Israeli government taxes everyone very highly so the government benefits as well.

    Why would having “peace talks” in far away places (such as Oslo) with sworn enemies benefit Israeli? Sure, it gives some diplomats a trip, but the Israeli government has to spend money on extravagant travel, food and hotels that has never resulted in peace and instead resulted in Israel’s compromising itself. Giving away tens of thousands of homes from productive Israelis to terrorists has only hurt Israel.

    Ron Paul is right about relations with Israel. Having companies like Intel have a major positive impact on all involved. As a dual citizen of both the United States and Israel, I have been disgusted by ignorant Americans who, whether as private citizens or federal government representatives, presume to know what is good for Israelis without ever committing their lives to live in Israel. American policies and political ideas do not work well in Israel. The Israeli politicians are happy to take American money and forget their duties to Israel. Stopping the money at the source is a good way to force Israeli politicians closer to a more responsible, pro-Israeli citizen position.

  • govega

    One just has to look at the map to see that Israel will continue to need Western support. They are surrounded on all sides by hostile enemies and they are a very small country. Help defend democracy in the Middle East. Unless Ron Paul changes his ridiculous “Laize Faire” policy towards Israel, he will not this Republican’s vote.

  • 01Simon10

    Did foreign aid help Israel in the 1973 war when they were about to be defeated by Soviet backed Egypt and Syria? Yes.

    Ron Paul essentially presents a false dichotomy in order to make us think that is is wrong to give Israel money because there are strings attached that hamper Israel’s policies. Here is an alternative: If the concern is that the US controls Israel by giving them money, how about considering giving them money with no strings attached? There is nothing wrong with helping our allies.