Ron Paul: Freedom Brings People Together


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TV Host: Now, after his Town Hall, Ron Paul came to our studio and sat down with ABC5’s Christina Palladino about chances of winning on caucus night. She joins us live now with more on the one-on-one interview. Christina?

Christina Palladino: Rachel, the Texas congressman does well in most national polls and has great organization in key early-voting states, but most pundits write him off, saying he’ll never get the Republican nomination. Paul talked to me about this and many more topics earlier today.

Ron Paul says this time around, he’s got even more voters support, better organization, and more money pouring in to his bid for the White House.

Ron Paul: What I’m talking about is very appealing across the political spectrum, I say that freedom brings people together, the constitution brings people together.

Christina Palladino: The Texas Congressman has a loyal fan base filled with young people, new to politics who he first swooned back in 2008. He also has a tremendous ground gain in early voting states that might catapult him to the top on caucus night.

Ron Paul: If we continue to make progress, we might not even considered the dark horse by the time the caucuses meet.

Christina Palladino: Many Republicans agree with his libertarian views of low taxes, limited government, and adhering to the constitution. But there is a big portion of conservatives who dislike his foreign policy ideas.

Ron Paul: The old, right position was to stay out of entangling alliances, and the founders didn’t give us the authority to do it, and they advised to trade with people, be friends with people, but don’t get involved with these internal squabbles and border disputes and international organizations.

Christina Palladino: While Paul’s rivals rise and fall, the Congressman has been quietly building his support among caucus-goers in the state. He was also one of the first candidates to go negative, airing ads against Rick Perry, and now the frontrunner, Newt Gingrich.

Ron Paul: I’ve known him for years, and I’ve known that he vacillates and flip-flops around and has supported many positions that I consider, quite frankly, not very Republican. They certainly disagree with what I’ve been talking about for all these years.

Christina Palladino: Ron Paul is an OBGYN doctor who has delivered 4000 babies, he’s also strictly pro-life. Reporting live, Christina Party, on ABC5


    Ron Paul cannot win this election and should not try to run on the Independant Ticket
    as it will only split some votes and that will RE-ELECT OBAMA. Paul has some good
    ideas, however, he is much too radical.



      @DOODAH “he is much too radical”???

      I’ll tell you what is radical. A country that wages financial wars against its own citizens, goes to war on borrowed money, refuses to protect our borders while we protect those of countries in a distant land that we have no formal treaty with. Haven’t you ever read why America declared a revolution against England? It was largely because of taxation without representation. I can guarantee you that I am not represented in the actions of our government in either foreign or domestic matters.

      Ron Paul is the choice of many because he provides something no other candidate on either side can. Personal Liberty. If you dont know what Liberty is, I suggest you start reading about it.

      He can win with strategy. And I have a good feeling his turn out in Iowa will make many of you Doodahs eat your words. Way to go!! you can go to bed at night knowing you sabotaged your own liberty by voting for somebody who only wants to take away your rights.