Poll: Who Won the ABC News Iowa Debate?

Who won the debate?

  • Ron Paul (94%, 9,964 Votes)
  • Newt Gingrich (3%, 336 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (1%, 145 Votes)
  • Michele Bachmann (1%, 90 Votes)
  • Rick Perry (1%, 66 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (1%, 56 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,655

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  • mbokie

    Pray tell what could one do about China and Russia nuking each other?

    I guess you don’t get the point about minding your own business. Which would be the fundamental reason those two nuked each other.

  • mbokie

    In my opinion, if Dr. Paul is not the candidate, there’s no point in voting.

    The other candidates are like different colored eggs in the same carton. All yellow inside with a gooey coating and brittle shell.

    They’re just clones, it won;t matter which one you vote for.

    Voting for any of the clones is damage.

    • midtra52

      Vote Liberarian if Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination. @mbokie


      • mbokie

        @midtra52 I would have at one time. but now the LP’s policies are as rigid as if they were the only party.

        If the LP was worth it’s salt, they would change their policy to support Dr. Paul. But they have lost their way. Sad, but true.

  • RoninFlorida

    I’m Curious if the Ron Paul voters will A.) vote for a different canidate in the general if paul doesn’t win ,

    and B.) would realize the Damage voting for a third party canidate … knowing It will secure a 2nd term for Obama

    • AirFreddy2

      @RoninFlorida you people don’t get it he is running as a republican. Have some guts and stand up for the only true statesmen

      Help Ron Paul Take the Whitehouse Pledge today to Donate http://www.teaparty11.com

  • mbokie

    Dr. Paul should be made aware that the bet that Romney made was a class c felony in Iowa under section 725.7. It violated his religious code, and the laws of Iowa.

    Who wants this clown for President? He flaunts his money in front of of the whole nation when 6 million people are about to lose their unemployment benefits.

    Cheap and ostentatious theatrics. romney is a tool.

  • mbokie

    Newt is an oil slick looking for new places to ooze.

    He conducts himself like a cheap hooker someon brought home to meet their mom.

  • ambrosetolemac


  • ambrosetolemac

    If Rand was in there then I think you would have an electable Paul but not Ron.

    • kruegsw

      @ambrosetolemac I agree that Rand is a prime suspect for president in the future, but we agree to disagree regarding Ron Paul’s electability for 2012.

  • kruegsw

    Meh… I liken this to freedom of speech. That is a private website. I don’t agree with it, but they can do what they want on it.

    • mbokie

      @kruegsw If you’re talking about Romney’s site, well that’s a pretty public office he’s running for to be hiding behind privacy.

      Because you are 100% guaranteed, he will stand 4 square behind invading your privacy.

      If it’s yahoo, is there any way I can delete my account?

  • ambrosetolemac

    If we don’t get someone that’s electable and has our values we will wind up with 4 more years of Obamanation!

    • kruegsw

      @ambrosetolemac If selected as the GOP nominee, I think Ron Paul will win the presidency easily. I will borrow from an article I read a few days ago… Ron Paul wins vs Obama with the following supports:

      1) Republican voters

      2) Democrats who wanted “change” in 2008, including the anti-war voters

      3) A majority of the Independents, including the growing Libertarian community

  • John Herr

    I see Ron paul as our LAST HOPE AS A REPUBLICAN NATION!

    The others are window dressings, especially Newt Gingrich.

    I am shocked at the thought that Americans are so blind as to not see through all these charades that the other candidates represent. I feel very sad at that lack of awareness.

    Please vote for your freedom which comes with YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to DO THE RESEARCH.

    If you don’t, we will all fall to the foolishness that is now prevailing in finance and politics.

    Bless you all

  • kruegsw

    Ron Paul is very well spoken, stammering or not. He answers his questions directly and truthfully, without preparation and without wordsmithing. Ron Paul tells it how it is. I am disheartened to see Republicans (or anyone, really) put electability before issues. This is partly why our system is so corrupt… because many voters only care about the glossy finish rather than content.

  • ambrosetolemac

    Ron Paul is idealistic i have seen Newt for years. He is not perfect but he handled himself like a president not a presidential candidate.With Ron Paul,s stammering and lack of any grit he would be chopped up into little pieces by the Obama political machine. Just because he got applause it doesn’t mean he won. There is nothing presidential about him. Look at all the people that get applause on any of the Idol shows. All it says is that he had partisan people in the audience.

    • cv2065

      @ambrosetolemac That’s the problem with voters like you. I chalk you up to a lady I overheard in the grocery line one afternoon stating that she was going to vote for Clinton because he was so handsome and ‘Presidential’. The gamble worked, but put John Travolta in the mix and she would have voted for him.

      You should learn to vote on substance, not what you see on the television. Newt can talk a good game and somewhat of a problem solver, but he is not a leader. Ron Paul is certainly not pleasing not the “Presidential’ scale, but he certainly knows where this country is headed and ways to avoid the cataclysm. I don’t agree with him on everything, but he doesn’t fall into that typical politician category, as all of the others do, and I’ll take those characteristics over everything at this point.

    • LarryMann

      @ambrosetolemac You need to lay off the Kool-Aid kid. Anyone that would drop his commitment to his wife and then leave her has no character or integrity. Then to top that off he left them when they became ill. What makes you so sure that he will not resort back to his true character again and leave the country in the same situation. Newt has no credibility just a good vocabulary and makes good speaches. I wouldn’t count on him telling the truth or following thru on any campaign promise. Here’s a history lesson for you. Look up the USS Liberty and learn more about the history of our country and Israel.

    • Steve from Ohio

      @ambrosetolemac Slick talking people often do not make good leaders. They are slick talkers to take advantage of people and situations just as Newty Boy has done.

    • mbokie


      Please, newt is an actor pretending to be presidential. Why do you people want more sleaze in the POTUS?

      Is this an addiction to transfat ? Need something slippery that can;t be nailed down on any single issue?

      He does have Wessonality, but good gawd, a president with his ..ahem..credentials? Pathetic. You don’t want a leader, you want an oil slick.

  • IowaForPaul

    Ron Paul is the only answer for America in these times…look at the news, people are losing their Constitutional and GOD given rights every day as citizens of the United States! Today we have mandated check points on our highways in Tennessee, and that is just for starters, what’s next? Oh yeah, our government is able to arrest us now without due process if they “consider” us a terrorist….wow! Our government no longer believes in our people, and when that happens, how can the people believe in their government? Ron Paul believes in “We The People.” He honors our constitution and he loves America. He stands up for fair trade and wants to build peaceful alliances with other countries of the World. He doesn’t waiver from what he stands for and he is one man you can actually TRUST (he can’t be bought). At this point, our dollar has deflated so much because our government has made it a policy to create money out of thin air by just printing more money when they feel the need, bailing out BIG banks and corporations, and thinking they have to police the World. America, there is no question, WE NEED TO ELECT RON PAUL!

  • bigmamainthemud

    Big surprise seeing this outcome on your site 😉 Ron Paul 2012!!

  • bigmamainthemud

    Big surprise seeing this outcome on your site 😉 Ron Paul 2012!!


    Newt won hands down? Who got the most applause from the audience? It was Ron Paul. He won the debate tonight.

  • ambrosetolemac

    You guys have to be Ron Paul cronies because the debate I saw Newt won hands down. I liked some of the things Ron Paul said but he is totally not electable.

    • MattMetelsky

      @ambrosetolemac can you please explain why?

    • MattMetelsky

      @ambrosetolemac can you please explain why?

      • Ian_Kay

        @[email protected] Nobody can ever explain why. And these thick headed, oblivious “Americans” are voting for the leader in our country.

  • Brian Barrett

    Absolutely maddening the back and forth time between Newt and Mitt. The respond if mentioned rule is making my head split. Ron had some great answers — he got the FED in there and he was brilliant with his response on the gov. intervening on personal health habits. HEADLINE: Paul NOT asked about ISREAL! And finally it was wonderful to watch the smartest man on the stage — Newt Gingrich!!! Sorry, make that RON PAUL (early in the “debate” when asked aboutr creating jobs he got to the root cause the FED he was talking above the heads of the entire panel).

  • frdaniel09

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  • stbartels12

    What is that I hear???

    RRRRon Paul won the debate?

    What is that I hear?

    RRRRon Paul is the president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!