Watch the Full ABC News, Yahoo!, Des Moines Register & GOP of Iowa Debate

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum

  • I really enjoyed your blog. That is nice when you read something that is not only informative but entertaining. Awesome.

  • cappelletti63

    gOD bLESS rON pAUL……

    RON PAUL 2012


  • We’re in VT too

    Newt and Michelle are right that the Palestinian children are reading textbooks which teach them to hate Jews and Americans. And who is paying for those textbooks to be printed? The American taxpayer! Instead of complaining about it, let’s stop paying for it.

    When the Ron Paul revolution puts an end to foreign aid, Palestinians will be forced to spend their time working, starting businesses, building their economy, creating prosperity for themselves, turning the desert green as Israel has done. And people who are working hard, developing their economy and infrastructure are too busy to spend much time trying to kill their neighbors. Even better, their living situation improves dramatically when this happens, and then they stop looking around for someone to blame for all their problems, because they don’t have so many problems.

    I am an American Jew and a staunch supporter of Israel. I am voting Ron Paul all the way!

  • ovi8

    I would really love to see a fair debate for once. I thought tonight Mr. Santorum and Dr. Paul did exceptionally well with the little time they were given tonight. So go Dr. Paul i am rooting for you!

  • Ryan834455

    WOW! They just mentioned on a yahoo poll they have 70% wanted to hear more from Gingrich and Romney. So I checked it out. Most polls they have (13 total) are Romney, Gingrich, Someone Else answers. They one asking if they want to hear more from R, G, or SE Mitt and Newt combined for 47. The one they asked if they want to hear more from Ron Paul, 68.5 Yes, 31.5% No, and that’s also the most answered poll with 22,000 voters. So they flat out switched the poll numbers in favor of ignoring Ron.

    • beatrixkiddo

      @Ryan834455 Yeah I just saw that. There is actually a poll on yahoo asking “Would you like to see more time allowed for Ron Paul?” Seriouslly? they even acknowledge they give him no time.

      It’s abc of course the liberal winged media is going to give the most coverage to the most democratic based candidates. (cough, cough) Mewt Romgrinch.

  • AlexanderKarandreas

    After the debate, vote for the winner! POLL: Was it right for ABC News to exclude Jon Huntsman from the debate? Vote:

  • Ricky Clay

    Dr Paul thanks for all the great work. I’ll be looking forward to watching the debate tonight 🙂 Money bomb !!!

  • BarbaraHarmon

    @Tonight Ron Paul make sure every word that comes out of your mouth is with authority Let the American people know with you as our president it will be a brand new ballgame . Tell them of the big change that is going to take place the moment you are signed in as our new president. May God bless you Ron Paul and may we be blessed with you as our next Commander and Chief. What a day of rejoiceing it will be for those who loves you and believes in you.

  • toxinalx

    Dr.Paul – speak slowly and clearly during the debate. Although they might be connected, do not talk about multiple issues too fast.

    Differentiate yourself from the others, epecially Newt the impersonator !

  • airfreddy1

    Help Ron Paul Take the White House Pledge today to Donate

  • harishvenkat1976

    NEWT GINGRICH CALLS PALESTIANS ‘INVENTED PEOPLE’ – Shame on him. Dr.Paul – speak slowly and clearly during the debate. Although they might be connected, do not talk about multiple issues too fast. Differentiate yourself from other clowns.

    • Ryan834455

      @harishvenkat1976 Why is ‘invented’ negative? I thought inventions were good. Can’t imagine Life without them. Does it somehow imply that it’s not real? Newt said he simply meant they didn’t exist before they did. lol. If that’s all that’s meant it’s true of everything and certainly true of the great ole USA. Maybe the fact that he views the president position as a “kingship” (his word).

  • Phere

    Well, I wonder what kind of sequester ABC and the other networks, will come up with tonight? So far they’ve almost got a perfect record for keeping Ron Paul’s name out of the reviews and off the air. It’ll be a chore to do that and if they do, there should be a revolt of unimaginable magnitude. (at least in my consciousness). Ron Paul in 2012!