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Alex Jones: And we are joined by Republican frontrunner, presidential candidate Ron Paul. Even mainstream media admits he’s in 2nd, 3rd, and in some cases, 1st place. And, of course, in national polls, he’s the only person who can beat President Obama. And he joins us today. Congressman, thank you for coming on.

Ron Paul: Thank you, Alex, it’s good to be with you again.

Alex Jones: It’s good to have you with us. There is so much, happening, I’ve got a lot of questions. But what is most important, Congressman, right now on your radar?

Ron Paul: Well, it’s continuing to do what I’ve been doing. A lot of people say, “Well, what’s your strategy, what are you going to do differently?” And you know me well enough for probably the last 30 years, especially the last 10 years since we’ve known each other; I do the same thing over and over again. I try to improve the delivery, but the message always stays the same. But we get better organized, so we’ll continue to do that. The big thing now is these next three weeks, I mean, you know how much energy we put into Iowa and New Hampshire, because it offers an opportunity as a smaller states and you can meet a lot of people and you can do direct mail. But we’ve done our very, very best, we think we’re in a good position, but we’re going to work right up until the caucuses occur on the 3rd [of January] and then, of course, the primary in New Hampshire on the 10th [of January]. But it’s unbelievable how much volunteer work we’re getting, and there’s so much work going on outside of the campaign that’s so fantastic. So I believe that could be our secret weapon. and nobody measures the amount of activity going on outside of the campaign. But we’re going to continue to do exactly what we’re doing, with a lot more energy.

Alex Jones: They continue to try to sell this mind-game with the self-fulfilling prophecy that, “Even though he wins all these straw polls and even though he’s always a top-tier candidate, you still can’t have him”. But I think that hoax is really beginning to backfire on them.

Ron Paul: Yea, I don’t know how long they can get away with it. If Newt wins in Iowa, he’s the sure-win for the whole nomination; if I win, it’s a total fluke, and I’m just a troublemaker and a spoiler. But we still have to prove ourselves under the circumstances of the disadvantages with the mainstream media. But we know where we stand, we know what we have to overcome, and I think we’re doing a very good job on this and no matter how they spin it, there’s a limit to how much they can spin it. Even when they give me 90 seconds, actually we’ve been able to turn that around and turn it into a positive when you see guys like Jon Stewart and others just mocking the unfairness of the system. So we have to keep plugging along, that’s all.

Alex Jones: They tried to ignore you and now that that’s failing, the attacks are beginning. Do you think it’s going to do the same thing again and boomerang back on them, because the mainstream media and the political system is so discredited?

Ron Paul: Yea, I think so, and in a way, even though the kingmakers in the mainstream media and the establishment-people are gunning, the other candidates, have you noticed, are a little less aggressive. They’re more aggressive against each other than they are against me because I think they know the significance of the number of people, and they’re not going out of their way to offend [me]. They say, “Oh, they’re 7% or 8%”, but they’re being a lot more cautious because they know our percentages are much higher and we can play a significant role and they’re being a little more cautious.

Alex Jones: If you were to go after Obama more, pretty much run against Obama and transcend the other Republican minions and point out, as you have, that they’re basically just RINO Republican versions of that; and point out that you’ve pointed out the real problems and you’re the only candidate that has any shot at trying to turn the ship around.

Ron Paul: Well, actually I think that is good strategy because I wished we had more honest polling with my name against Obama, because you know we appeal to a lot of independents and even some of the more sensible and honest liberals, you know, the progressives that are anti-war. So, I think what you’re suggesting is very good, and I would have to admit I don’t do enough of that. It’s a mixed bag, politically I think that is very, very good and he deserves it and that’s who ultimately he has to run against, but in the primary I’m not running against him. And I also like to be as upfront as possible when it comes to analyzing our tragedy in the foreign policy and the monetary policy and the economic foolhardiness of it. You know, they’ve been going on for a long time, and it’s both parties, but I should at least be more bipartisan and condemn Obama just as much as I criticize some of the things Republicans have done over the years as well.

Alex Jones: Look at Mitt Romney, his voting record, Obama Care. He is a Republican-Obama, vote in another Obama. Or look at Newt Gingrich, he’s for Carbon Taxes, Obama Care style stuff, he is another Obama. And so basically, A) it’s a vote for Obama, because neither one of those guys is going to beat Obama, but B) it’s a vote for Obama because they’re just clones of him just with a little bit different rhetoric. I think that that is the secret weapon, Congressman.

Ron Paul: Yea, and I’ve got a little bit of that in, but probably not as sharply as I could have, or what you might have done. But in the debate the other night, I said the two of them are totally on the defensive, they’re defending their record. I mean, how they lead our party if they’re defending themselves for having been like Obama all along. So that is the big issues, and I think, probably, Gingrich has been pretty aggressive in that light, so maybe that’s one of the reasons he got bumped up a bit. So that’s not bad advice at all.

Alex Jones:, it is absolutely essential that, obviously, everybody go out and get ready to try to be delegates, everybody hit the ground in Iowa. I know I have family who’s actually gone to Iowa, so there is a massive grassroots operation. All the different ways people can get involved are at I want to go back to the campaign here in a moment, sir, but they’ve obviously tried to keep you at 89 seconds in the CBS debate and other places, from actually talking about the real issues. Instead they’ll ask you, “What do you think of Newt, what do you think of Mitt?” so they can basically still give you time and not get caught censoring you, but they still censor you in another way. What do you have to say about that?

Ron Paul: Well, that’s been ongoing, and I’ve lived with that for a long time. I have to be on guard for it and try to distract them from it, but that’s ultimately their goal: to make a subtle, if not blunt, assumption that, “Well, you can’t win and, therefore, we shouldn’t pay a whole lot of attention to you”. But the only we can ultimately overcome that, is success in Iowa as the beginning point. If we do really well there, they’re going to have a lot of hard times doing that to us.

Alex Jones: I saw that the Republicans here in Austin are going to protest Eric Holder, the Attorney General, today because he wants the UN to oversee our elections. And I agree, that’s certainly out of control and treasonous. But this is the guy caught purgering himself, and the memo CBS released last week show that they were going to blame the guns in Mexico on the Second Amendment. Is that not a form of false flag against our most basic of rights, sir, and what would you do if you were President to people like Eric Holder?

Ron Paul: Well, he should be immediately fired and then there should be an investigation and find out if charges should be made. And that’s obviously over the top. All these kinds of sting operations and false flags; this is criminal and I think they do it constantly. I think they were doing that when there was this so called attempt to kill the Saudi Ambassador. That kind of stuff is just way too much. But no, they should be investigated, and I think the government House Committee is doing a pretty good job of investigating that. I don’t know whether charges will be made, but he deserves charges up against him.

Alex Jones: Well said, you got it right the first time. The claim of the used-car salesman wanting to kill the Saudi Ambassador, and even mainstream media had to admit that was totally phony and a pretext to attack Iran.

Ron Paul: Yea, that was the real excuse to blame it on them, and we know that is … and I just wonder about that, whether that guy will ever get tried because if he does, the truth will come out. And sometimes they won’t try these people because they don’t want the truth to come out, so it’s just another propaganda stunt, as far as I’m concerned.

Alex Jones: Now they want to go after Syria, it’s now admitted the U.S., Israel and others are staging giant military attacks inside Iran. What do you make of Congress not being consulted on that?

Ron Paul: Well, unfortunately, that’s been happening for a long time and Congress is just totally negligent on this. The other night when they were talking about this in the debates on what the president’s responsibility is when they shoot down or are able to get one of our drones. And the argument was, “Should we go in and get it, or should we just go in and destroy it?” And I tried to get attention on that, and my suggestion would be, “Why don’t we avoid it by not sending drones over a sovereign nation looking for a problem to start another war”. They never talked about the lack of wisdom of having been over there and losing a drone over in a foreign nation which we consider an enemy. I just think that’s a reflection of a policy that has to be changed.

Alex Jones: What’s your view on the NDAA and the Posse Comitatus and the declaration that the whole world is a battlefield?

Ron Paul: I think the significant difference is not so much in what they have done, but the announcement and the arrogance of it all that they actually put it into law. You know our government has been involved with our CIA in overthrowing governments for a long, long time. And, of course, last spring, I guess it was in February where the administration admitted that they could assassinate American citizens. And now they’re putting it into law. So this, to me, is an extremely wrong way to go, this is a giant step, this should be the biggest news going right now, it’s literally legalizing martial law. Yet, in our debates, how often does it come up? It didn’t come up at all. And then the arrogance – and this was one thing Rand got shocked about – of them trying to push through on a voice vote that if you go through a trial and are found innocent, the government wants the right to put you in prison for life anyway. And they wanted to do that on voice vote, and he finally got a vote on that, and that was cancelled out. But that is arrogance of the administration and neglect of the Congress in using their authority and responsibility, as well as the people. That’s why it’s up to so many of us now to wake the people up because they don’t probably realize the significance of this. But this is big, the monetary issue is big and all these things I’ve talked about. But this step where they can literally arrest American people, American citizens and put them away without a trial … and you heard what Lindsey Graham said, “If they ask for a lawyer, tell them no lawyer for you”. I mean, that is arrogant and bold and dangerous. So let’s hope and pray that we can get that kind of stuff reversed.

Alex Jones: Congressman, we’ve only got a few minutes left with you here, and I wanted to continue looking at the presidential race. What would be the first three things that you would do, the first three goals when you got into office, when you get sworn in January of 2013.

Ron Paul: Well, there are three big goals you might not be able to do all by yourself in the first few days, but you could change the foreign policy and send the message to the world that we are not looking for more wars, we’re looking for more peaceful solutions to the problems, and that is to start bringing our troops home which will send the message that that money is going to be spent at home instead of overseas, it might send a message to the markets that things will be different. But other than that, I would be working on the budget to cut the spending. My proposal is that if we’re serious about this, we have to cut the budget, and I want to cut a trillion dollars in the first year. And the other thing that must be changed is curtailing the power of the Federal Reserve to monetize debt. And get something passed where we can either/or or both, restraint the Federal Reserve to act on its own to print trillions and trillions of dollars and bailing out everybody around the world, as well as a through audit of the Federal Reserve. And then find out exactly what they have been doing and then aim for legalizing the competing currencies. Some of those messages, if we change our foreign policy, bring our troops home, start balancing our budget … you don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect, it’s just the direction we’re going in. People might say, “Hey, this is different” and maybe some optimism would come back which we need a lot of.

Alex Jones: Beautifully said. What can we do on the campaign trail, briefly, and then finally – I know you’ve read the piece today, it’s on your congressional site, it’s also on – about forced drug research where they’re trying to psychologically screen the kids; an internet kill-switch admitted in the Washington Post. All of this is happening, yet, what can we do to ensure that you win in Iowa, Congressman, in closing?

Ron Paul: Well, to continue to do what we’re doing and if anybody is not involved and wants to [get involved] go to and find out. Because people can phone from home, they certainly can raise funds, people are going out to Iowa, there’s activity. There’s lot of electronic activity going on with automatic phoning and different things that are done. This is very, very important. So we’re in the last lap here right now, so it’s very important that we get maximum effort made.

Alex Jones: I was about to say, now is the time for the maximum effort. And certainly, I’m glad you ran again, look at the incredible effect you and others have had since your last run 4 years ago. You’ve got a real shot if people believe and take action. Congressman Ron Paul, thank you so much for spending time with us, and go with God.

Ron Paul: Thank you, Alex.

Alex Jones: Thank you, thank you, sir. Wow! There goes Congressman Ron Paul, joining us today. What an amazing interview, I got through most of my questions, but I wanted to ask him … of course, the next time we have him on I’m going to ask him, what’s going to happen if he doesn’t win? What’s going to happen if the New World Order continues? The World Government is now admitted, it can’t be laughed at anymore with banker takeovers with Time and Newsweek and saying, “Bank of the World, Goldman Sachs takes on Europe, Austerity for all, The Internet Kill-Switch”. The Washington Post last night had the headline, “The Internet Kill-Switch is here”. The Hill Newspapers said, “Selective Internet Kill switch”. I mean, it’s here.


  • tina

    alex jones i am a new hearing your show and i agree with you we all should wake up and stand up for i believes, our rights, and our freedom. i couldnt see your inertvew with ron paul but i could read it on your link and i agree with what he said we america are really in trouble and we may not beable to stop what is coming my god can and he will. i wish we could get more men like him in the white house. thanks for bring up on all that is happening please keep going and may god bless all of you and your familys thanks tina from texas

  • Alex Vasilenko

    Great interview!