John Tate: With Our Help, Ron Paul Can Win

Ron Paul has assembled a first-class campaign plan and needs our help – now more than ever – to execute it. Please pledge now at (official campaign site) and/or (grassroots site). If you don’ t have any money to donate please help spread the message!


John Tate: Right now is when the rubber meets the road. Hello, I’m John Tate, Campaign Manager for the Ron Paul presidential campaign, and I have an absolutely critical message for you today. Voters will begin selecting the next Republican nominee for President in just a few short weeks. But the most important day of our campaign yet, will be the December 16th Tea Party money bomb, and Ron Paul and I are counting on your generous support. As you may remember, Ron Paul’s first Tea Party money bomb took place in 2007. And during that one day, Ron Paul supporters made jaws drop across the country by raising over 6 million dollars for the campaign. I believe it was that money bomb 4 years ago that really kick started the Ron Paul revolution into high gear.

And this December 16th Tea Party money bomb is our opportunity to take another gigantic leap forward. With your help, Ron Paul has a real shot at being one of the two or three candidates left to fight for the nomination after Iowa and New Hampshire. This has been our strategy all along, but for that to happen, Ron Paul much finish in the top 3 in both states. The great news is, that’s a goal well within reach according to recent polls. Last month, Dr. Paul and our entire campaign team outlined an aggressive mail and media plan that we felt would propel this campaign well into the top tier in the early stages. It worked. In fact, several polls have shown us within striking distance of first in Iowa. So this campaign is continuing to work feverishly for a very strong finish for Dr. Paul in Iowa and New Hampshire, but that’s far from the end of the road. As soon as Iowa and New Hampshire are out of the way, other expensive primaries will follow right on their heels.

Over the past 30 days, this campaign has run three different statewide ads in the early states, sent out over a million pieces of voter mail, and contacted hundreds of thousands of voters through our phone and ground network. With your help and support, we’ve put together a very aggressive, very professional campaign that complements Ron Paul’s long standing message and advances our shared cause of liberty. But we need to raise 3 to 4 million dollars during the December 16th Tea Party money bomb to continue to run ads and send out mail. So will you help Ron Paul succeed by pledging to donate on December 16th? It’s absolutely critical that you do.

You see, there is a cold hard fact I need you to understand: Ron Paul cannot make it to the top without your immediate help in the largest fund raising drive we’ve undertaken so far. Unlike his establishment opponents, Ron Paul can’t hit up Wall Street and banker fat-cats for big checks, nor would he want to. But that means Ron Paul is depending on you for every ounce of his success. Over the next 30 days, we will need to unleash our largest wave of ads and voter contact of the campaign till date. There are also hundreds of young liberty lovers who have decided to spend their Christmas break campaigning for Dr. Paul in Iowa and New Hampshire. We have a weapon no other campaign possesses: true grassroots support, and people willing to work day and night until these elections are won. But we must pay for this effort, and the final round of ads and targeted voter contact in Iowa and New Hampshire, and then another wave in South Carolina and Florida. The total cost for our plan is almost 4 million dollars, Ron Paul is counting on your most generous support during the December 16th Tea Party money bomb to help him make it to the top.

So please visit our website at and pledge to donate on December 16th. Remember, the next few weeks may well decide the GOP nomination for 2012. Our campaign has a great strategy to propel Ron Paul to victory, including hard hitting TV ads, web, phone, mail, and in person contact. But we must raise an additional 3 to 4 million dollars in order to make sure it succeeds. And I hope you agree we’ve come way too far to strike out now. So please, do all you can by going to and pledging to donate as much as you’re able to on December 16th. And if you would, please call at least three of your friends and family, and urge them to contribute to this critical money bomb as well. This December 16 Tea Party money bomb is our opportunity to catapult Ron Paul to victory. So please do all you can. Together, we can win this thing, and restore America now.


  • zfitz

    I will do what I can for the cause..Donate to all the BOOMS $25 + I;m a old fart and want my freedom back for the grand kids…