Ron Paul Highlights at the Fox News Iowa Republican Debate

  • Alan Samhon

    “What should we do to tell the Americans and the whole world; that as long as the Zionists control the media and the press, we will never have the right president who his issues are in clash with the Zionists agenda. We have to do something to tell the Zionists Ron Paul has to have the same media coverage as the other Zionists agentors.”


  • I really hope that he is nominated. We the people need to start taking more of the responsibility on ourselves. We should not be looking to the government to solve our problems. We need to be talking with each other in our communities/states and get things fixed. There is too much corruption going on and we need it to stop. We also need our real freedom back not the shit they say we have now. We are looking at losing our rights little by little but quicker than you think. Look just in the last couple of months what we have lost!!!

    • CarolFryer

      @cherrygirl You are so right. I see things on a fast track like never before. What is there left for my grand children and my great grand children. I could weep for the lies that were told us and we were like sleeping slugs. We just didnt know. I woke up late in life , but I intend to support Paul all I can. Its out last shot and I may have woke up too late, or perhaps just in time. I remember the day it hit me that something was wrong with the so called right. It was the day Ramos and Compean went to prison for doing their job and a drug dealer sued the government for 5 million because he was shot in the butt. And the border agents were railroaded. I read every word of the transcripts and was amazed at the laws they used. How do you hole a law enforcement officer to a law that says even having a gun is an automatic 10 years. And now they are doing it again to more agents. It sickens me. They are such liars.

    • nosaer

      Ron Paul supporter here, but have to ask, what have we lost in the last couple months? Honestly, that statement sounds like rhetoric to me. I’m sure you have some details, could you clue me in?

      • CarolFryer

        @nosaer So you havent noticed that mostly everything coming out of Washington has been unconstitutional for years? You havent noticed that weve lost so many rights to so called being safe? They go to war and leave our borders open and refuse to deport. Where do you live? Either you are not watching or you live in a bubble. The last bill gave all our rights to Obama. We are being railroaded and you are asleep….WAKE UP!!!

  • CarolFryer

    I laugh every time I watch those Fox reporters faces when they talk to Ron Paul at all. They get all contorted with pain. When Neil was asking Ron something and Ron answered, the audience applauded and it looked like Neil was getting indigestion. Earlier today Fox was forced to admit Ron was in second place and they attempted to run by it so fast no one would hear. Then they slowed down again when they got to the next candidate. Its really getting funny to watch. Oh the agony…lol

    • kelly liddle from Oz

      @CarolFryer Ron Paul is scarey because unfortunately so many people have been brainwashed into thinking that invading countries creates peace and the US dollar can never fall and somehow the same policies as status quo will balance the budget.


    Ron Paul a candidate who should win,but if he wins all the corrupt agensies will cut him to pieces like Obama and he will not be able to change anything…………we will be sorry its unfuctional democracy.

  • Lynn

    Wow, he makes so much Sense!! Come on American and wake up! Listen to what he is saying! Read Between the lines! He is for the 99 % and that is us Folks not the Rich!!

  • KatiiBlood

    Please melt the White House Switchboard and comment line right now.

    Comments: 202-456-1111

    Switchboard: 202-456-1414

    • CeltGunn1970

      @KatiiBlood With what comments, not quite sure what exactly we’re supposed to say. A lot of things could be said. Truly not certain what would be worth the effort. =) Just wondering why.

      • KatiiBlood

        @CeltGunn1970 Call to express your outrage about the DNAA 🙂

        • CeltGunn1970

          @KatiiBlood Oh, Did they pass that tripe??

        • KatiiBlood

          @CeltGunn1970 Let’s make sure we all do whatever we can to make sure Obomba doesn’t sign this NDAA.

          We need to send a very loud and clear message that we’re watching and we are not going to tolerate a Nazi-esque United States of America. If we don’t, then we deserve what we get.

        • FreedomIsAbsolute

          @[email protected]

          You mean the NDAA or the National Defence Authorization Act? Yeah that is a scary bill, so scary I wonder if I will be put on the red/blue list if I call about it. They always ask for my name and adress. WTF is that about?

        • CeltGunn1970

          @[email protected] I wouldn’t doubt anyone on the NRA list or anyone with a CCL is on that list FreedomIsAbsolute.

  • Yeah, some of the founders were as crazy as Ron Paul, too bad Limbaugh, Levin, and Hannity either don’t know, or choose to ignore histroy.

    “Perhaps it is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is charged to provisions against danger, real or pretended, from abroad” – James Madison

    “Whatever is the cause of taxes to a nation becomes also the means of revenue to a government. Every war terminates with an addition of taxes, and consequently with an addition of revenue; and in any event of war, in the manner they are commenced and concluded, the power and interest of governments are increased. War, therefore, from its productiveness, as it easily furnishes the pretense of necessity for taxes and appointments to places and offices, becomes the principal part of the system of old governments to uphold the system of war, and betray the motives upon which they act.” – Thomas Paine in “The Rights Of Man.”

  • Let Liberty Prevail

    Yes! I really like that.
    The crazy ones.

  • ProudTEX
  • NewCovenantThinker

    I think that the Zionist government has it’s own Jewish people killed, in order to collect money. To give an example, armed illegal settlers were planted in Gaza. Naturally, this produced a conflict. After the settlers “suffered”, the government forcibly pulled them out, supposedly “kicking and screaming”. As a result of having to move a few thousand settlers, out of “harms way”, the Zionist government appealed to the US government, asking for *2.2 BILLION* U.S. taxslave dollars. And, they got ONE BILLION TAX DOLLARS out of it. So, it is a good business. You put your religous nuts in harms way, let a few of them get killed, and then use that as a pretense to collect a BILLION dollars from a foriegn nation, called the US. We Americans are a band of fools. After WWII, Winston Churchill told the Zionist leaders that the citizens of no nation would ever allow taxes to be levied to support a Zionist state. And, here we are. They don’t just levy taxes, people like Bachmann literally fall down and worship the Zionist idol. And, this state is not the Israel of the Bible. The Israel of the Bible, and every significant vestige of Old Covenant Judaism, was perfectly destroyed in 70 A.D, when the owner of the vineyard came, and destoyed those wicked men.

  • new american

    Gingrich you are the biggest traitor of the american people

  • CeltGunn1970

    Thank you for sharing this. =)

  • Alaska99712

    I’m a Republican at heart…But Ron Paul stands for more Republican values than any other candidate out there. He has been steadfast in his political ideals and truly represents our nation’s best interests. Every time I hear him speak…I like him more.

  • Gezus

    I too hate the propaganda train of warmongering. The world seems to resent us as a result of carrying a big stick wherever we go and bullying others. The cold war is over and these times require a different approach of outreach, naturally backed by a known ability of force, not exercise it wantonly.

    I think too many people sell Mr. Paul short as a viable candidate compared to the front runners, which I think is terrible. This mans vision is spot on the mark with financial and policy reform here and abroad.

    I’d love to help donate, but as an unemployed citizen, my finances are very tight, but you have an enthusiastic supporter that can voice a Ron Paul ideal.

  • connie jae

    BACHMANN IS SAYING STUFF SHE CAN’T BACK UP. Another end time fear monger. American public has had enough of the Sky is Falling mentality of politicians eager to blow things up. She is making up her own story here and WOULD NOT(DOES NOT) represent me.

    • CeltGunn1970

      @connie jae Unless it’s a comment about her specifically, We have to fact check what this woman says, nearly every time, it’s false or lier lier pants on fire. I’ve checked out Politifact. It’s actually quite amusing really. LoL

      • connie jae

        @[email protected] jae

        Is that That’s the one thing I’ve noticed across the board with all these canidates (with the exception of Ron Paul,) they don’t have a clue what’s going on. Herman Cain was a joke but, now that he’s out of the picture I realize his jokester mentality was a distraction from just how little any of these people know. It’s soooo pathetic. I don’t know who’s queing Bachmann on the state of affairs but, they need to be fired.Everything she says is like totally screwed up wrong. Unbelievable

  • Libertarian777

    read my post up top, no Iran is not a threat to us, but yes they are pissed at us.

    Remember we (CIA funnily enough the Mossad) installed the Shah of Iran and armed him. He was a terrible dictator. His people hated him. He was overthrown. The Iranians remember who put him there.

  • Libertarian777

    Unfortunately Ron Paul doesn’t explain that position quite clearly in the debates, he mixes up too many of his ideas (i put this down to the fact that he knows they limit how much time he has to speak).

    He’s mentioned before, Iran is no threat to us. They cannot make gasoline for themselves they have to import it. They have no navy, no airforce and no ICBMs, so how are they threatening us?

    Sure Michele Bachmann, Santorum et al will say they are attacking ‘US interests’ in the Middle East. The question is WHY DO WE HAVE TROOPS THERE? They constantly harp on about how Iran is supplying/ supporting radical elements who kill US troops in Iraq. Question is why were we in Iraq in the first place? If our troops were not there in the first place they wouldn’t be dying. Iran hasn’t threatened us with invasion.

    If we were peaceful and traded with Iran, they would welcome us to build refineries there, they would supply us with oil and THEY would protect the supply lines for us. Instead we threaten them. They know they cannot win in a conventional war with us so they have to apply guerilla tactics (now known as ‘terrorism’).

    If on the other hand, China or Russia had a blue water fleet on our coastline, was flying drones on our borders and killing our civilians, Ron Paul would be the first person in line in the declaration of war.

  • LenCross

    I see Ron Paul as an isolationist – and to my way of thinking an isolationist just wants to take from the rest of the world and doesn’t want to give anything back. While I do agree with some of his views, his isolationist view costs him my vote.

    Keep in mind that unless Ron Paul gets the nomination, a vote for him will be the same as voting for Obama. It takes a vote away from the Conservative candidate.

    • Libertarian777


      please explain HOW you think he’s an isolationist?

      Ron Paul would open an embassy in Iran, TRADE with North Korea and Pakistan.

      The current administrations to date have imposed sanctions on Iran, North Korea and Pakistan (on some things) and flown drones over their countries and bombed their citizens (‘collateral damage’), yet you call Ron Paul an isolationist? Sanctions lead to war.

      What happened to Vietnam? We didn’t send drones there, Intel build a chip factory there. We TRADE with Vietnam. Instead of war, what we’ve done with Vietnam is what Ron Paul would do with ALL countries. peace through trade. Is what’s going on in Vietnamese / US relations isolationist? if you believe that then yes Ron Paul is isolationist in your definition.


      We impose sanctions on Iran trying to ISOLATE Iran and yet you say that is ‘engaging’ in Iran? shouldn’t we talk to Iran? have you even realised why the Iranians hate the US? Because we installed a dictator in 1953 called the Shah. He was NOT elected, he was brutal. The outcome of that was the people revolting and electing (unfortunately) an Islamist (Khomeini). We funded Iraq in the late 1980’s, we supported Saddam’s war with Iran resulting in the deaths of thousands of Iranian boys. We fly drones in their airspace, we impose sanctions.


      • CeltGunn1970

        @[email protected] Very well spoken Libertarian777, I read LenCross’ post and my mind was running 100 mph trying to think of how to respond, then I saw your reply and was relieved to see someone else has already tackled the issue. =) For that I thank you!

    • Port Patriot


      With all due respect Mr. Cross, it will be people like you who are to blame if Obama wins because Ron Paul is the true conservative in this race.

      • connie jae

        @Port [email protected]

        Good one…hopefully others who think like cross will figure it out before it’s too late

      • CarolFryer

        @Port [email protected] OK I get really tired of the whining that it will be because of you. It sounds like Obama whining about , its all Bushes fault. Give the facts and get her done. I agree Ron Paul is the only one I would vote for also. I never saw him as an isolationist , but as totally constitutional. And of course war lovers who want to get rich off war and own other nations will hate him. Because his respect is earned by his character and not by his threats. There is a huge difference between defense and offense, and the war lovers have everything under defense. They dont think people can tell the difference. And just like so many on the left believe everything Obama says, so many on the right also just take leaders at their word. I did with Bush and look what happened. I even thought he was right about the war at first, but when I really looked at the 9/11 videos I was shocked that no one saw what I was seeing. I will never believe politicians just for what they say again. Show me your voting record and your actions for the last 10 years. Then Ill think maybe youre telling the truth.

    • connie jae


      He’s not an isolationist. He’s a constitutionalist and realizes the US is so out of control they need to step back and put their ducks back in a row. On the other hand, by now everyone knows Obama is a corporatist and want-to-be dictator.

    • A conservative is someone who literally believes in the U.S. Constitution not someone who picks and chooses which war or which foreign leader must be assassinated or eliminated by the elites in our intelligence organizations. This insanity has to stop as we find an enemy to fight instead of trade with in order for the so-called “conservative” (your choice of the term) to keep the war machine alive and avoid any kind of budget cuts in the defense budget. We must maintain the most advanced and powerful forces militarily to protect this Nation, but we have to halt the practice of fighting everyone we disagree with politically. @LenCross

    • CeltGunn1970

      @LenCross We’ve tried and tried to show you just how much your isolationist view is wrong, but you refuse to see that. Anyway, Your vote for whom ever you vote for IS the same as voting for Obama. Sorry you refuse to understand that, but that is the absolute truth of the matter LenCross.

  • True Patriot

    We’ve strayed so far from the Constitution in this country that we now view people like Ron Paul as crazy radicals when he is actually the closest one out there who represents the views of our Founding Fathers. If George Washington was running for President today, he would be ridiculed the same way for supporting limited government, our Constitutional rights and a defensive rather than offensive military policy (like Ron Paul). A true patriot is one that closely follows the Constitution

    • Libertarian777

      @True Patriot

      when the crazies run the asylum, the sane look ridiculous.

      That is Ron Paul, the only sane person in an insane institution (Congress).

  • It’s impossible not to like Ron Paul when you listen to him; consistent and honest– very unusual politician. Although there’s no evidence that Austrian economics has ever brought prosperity to any nation and even though Ron Paul consistently misrepresents the meaning of Keynesian and even though Social Security is the only sure thing for the most middle class in a society where investment industry is corrupt beyond repair that gives no hope for an individual investor to be safe, I still would vote for Paul since the rest are not as honest as Paul and because the rest are in the pockets of the wealthy few who are destroying the USA making it a fascist nation.

    • Libertarian777

      @Andrew Weeraratne

      have to disagree with your statements. but I’ll focus on SS.

      Social Security was an INSURANCE, it was not meant to be welfare. The age of 65 was not retirement age, it was the average life expectancy at the time SS was founded. I.e. if you survived beyond the average life expectancy, the government had an insurance fund for you.

      So the question is how does on SAVE for retirement. Yes the investment industry is corrupt (particularly with Congress). But if you had SOUND MONEY, you wouldn’t need to speculate in a rigged market. SOUND MONEY, leads to stable or DECREASING prices, so if you save a (silver) dollar today, in 30 years time it can buy you MORE. You don’t NEED ANY return on it. Technology is progressing, it makes things cheaper over time.

      And Austrian economics goes beyond just monetary and fiscal philosophy. Austrian economics central tenant is INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. THAT is why Ron Paul supports it. That is what true liberty is all about. The freedom that EACH AND EVERY person has to make the choices, economic, religious etc. that they want to , without coercion of the government, but with the one restriction of not being able to impose your will on another.