“Ron Paul Leads in Iowa. How Can We Bring Him Down?”


Ali Velshi: You think you got a chance of winning in Iowa?

Ron Paul: Those odds sound pretty good. I guess we certainly do have a chance, but I think we have a little bit of work to do, we still have a couple of weeks. I think we’re in a good position and I’m really enjoying it because I think the American people have come around to believing that government is not our answer, and my offer of the freedom philosophy is something that is very attractive.

Ali Velshi: You actually want to close a lot of federal agencies, and there was an interesting poll in the Des Moines Register that I want to show our viewers about the number of people who agree with you. 60% of respondents agree with closing the Department of Housing and Urban Development; 57% respondents agree with closing the Environmental Protection Agency; 54% respondents agree with closing the Department of Education; 45% respondents agree with closing the Department of Energy; 42% respondents agree with closing the TSA, we can discuss what you can do with that, if you can get rid of the TSA. 36% respondents agree with closing the Federal Reserve.

Here is the issue: places like the EPA have 17,000 employees, HUD says that they got 8,900 employees. What do you do in a tough economy like this with the unemployment rate where it is, job creation not where it is? And you’re advocating a whole lot of people losing their jobs.

Ron Paul: Well, you go through attrition and you let them go and you reduce the number of people that are working for the government. Because many of us who see government as the problem, and people working for the government as being non-productive; it takes money out of the private economy, puts it in the government, and then the bureaucrats do damage to the economy. So you lose twice. But it’s not like putting them on the street on the first day, but there is attrition and they go back into the workforce. But we’ve gone through periods like this, and the example I’ve used frequently is, after World War II 10 million people came home and we didn’t have any work program. And all of a sudden they had jobs again because the government got out of the way.

Ali Velshi: I believe there has been some resurfaced talk again about some things that were written in a newsletter under your name. I know you’ve started to address this, but in 2008, The New Republic, James Kirchick attributed some comments to you in newsletters where you refer to disturbances in Washington’s Adams Morgan as “Animals taking over the DC zoo”. Referring to African Americans you said Martin Luther King seduced underage girls and boys. You talked about Ronald Reagan proclaiming Annual Hate Whitey Day with Martin Luther King Day. And you advocated prohibiting AIDS patients from eating in restaurants. These things were published under your name.

Ron Paul: Yea, but I didn’t write them and I disavow them.

Ali Velshi: But you’re a presidential candidate. That’s tough, right? I mean, it kind of comes back to bite you that you made money off of things that were published under your name that were hateful and racist.

Ron Paul: Yea, but this has been addressed for 20 years and nobody accuses me of that type of beliefs or language. I’m a true civil-libertarian and I think people dig these up when people think, “Oh, his economic policies are winning, his foreign policies are winning, his monetary policies are winning”. So they have to dig these things up which they really can’t pin on me because they’ve been disavowed and they’re old, they’ve been re-hatched. Just go back and read all the articles and there are all the explanations. So yes, it wasn’t good, but I didn’t write them and those aren’t my beliefs, so I sleep well.

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  • ExLonghorn
    • CarolFryer

      @ExLonghorn Thanks ExLonghorn. I have been aware of this for a long time. Unfortunately I hate the way different groups with other agendas attach themselves to an issue that is legitimate and use it for their own purpose. Kind of like the ACLU fighting for an issue on religious rights and later using it again innocent church going people, or making up something like separation of church and state for political advantage. Im just a simple citizen, but I know how to read, and its just not there. It doesnt take a lawyer to understand it. I have only one problem with environmental issues and groups. They attach global warming to everything which I see absolutely no proof for. You can get anyone to say something is true, but you need actual facts to back it up. So I steer clear of these groups. I was part of the original tea party that questioned everyything and anything. Since it got taken over by the GOP you can only ask their questions. When anything grows it morphs when it does, just like our congress and government has done very badly over the years.

      • CarolFryer

        @ExLonghorn And on top of that , with all the groups screaming, nothing ever gets done to stop it. I get tons of requests for money from conservative groups and they have been at it for years. And nothing ever gets done. I just delete it all now. Because I find them all hijacked by government and just liars.

  • CarolFryer

    Merry Christmas everyone. You too Dennis. You need it the most. You sound like you work for Gingrich and are having a very hard day…lol.

  • Dennis Johnson

    LOL. I know, Ron Paul should thank me for exposing him and all the Loons that are foaming at the mouth for him. He will most likely be the new sensation on Saturday Night Live.” The Racist, Insane Clown.” Sounds like a good name for a new group of re-tards that are voting for him.

    • ExLonghorn

      @Dennis Johnson Hey DJ, we are simply asking you to provide a source or SOME kind of facts to back up your claim that RP is racist. The thing about Ron Paul’s supporters is that they seem to be a “show me the money” bunch. Words don’t go far with us. Facts, data, and logic are far more persuasive.

      And if you’re such a monumental genius, who are you suggesting we vote for instead, and why? Like I tell my employees, don’t just complain…start offering solutions.

  • Dennis Johnson

    Ron Paul is a racist and so is most of the Ron Paul Fan club. You’re all good for a laugh though. Keep up the good work. I have put a link to this goon ball site everyplace I can so that everyone can see that Ron Pauls support base is just as loony as he is. LOL. Merry Christmas.

    • ExLonghorn

      @Dennis Johnson Thanks for spreading the message, DJ. If you have any facts that Dr. Paul is a racist, then please share what you know. The newsletters weren’t written by RP, so you’ll have to come up with better material.

    • @Dennis Johnson


      Perhaps your the racist and your problem with Paul is he’s not Obama?

      • ExLonghorn

        @dsaf dsaf, sorry but just slinging baseless accusations doesn’t mean shit, and it doesn’t do a damn thing for those opposed to racism (like myself) except make us tired of people like you resorting to claims of racism at the drop of a hat. Man up and have a real debate and real facts. Don’t try making up garbage on people..it comes across as a real weakness. Oh…by the way….what race and nationality am I?

  • JosephSisson

    Dr. Paul you are a scholar and a gentlemen and if I could I would vote for you. I am a Canadian who shares your views on freedom from big government interfering in the lives of the people. After watching your CNN interview (the uncut version posted online) with Gloria Borger I strongly suggest that you adopt: “I UNDERSTAND HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS” as your campaign slogan. You did a brilliant job defending yourself from the clear “agenda” of the malicious so called journalist Borger.

    In an attempt to find the proverbial skeletons in your closet, the “system” is wanting in anything substantive so they are grasping at straws.

    I have been “campaigning” for you since I heard about you many months ago and look forward to watching your inauguration as the next President of the United States of America.

    God bless and God speed in your campaign.

    Cheers from Canada!

    Joseph Sisson

  • jfb

    Even Eric Dondero, who was a close associate of Ron Paul during those years,who has become a staunch opponent of him, confirmed that Ron Paul DID NOT WRITE THOSE NEWSLETTERS. However he added that he was reading them. If that man his now calling Paul “dangerous” because of his non interventionnist policy, if he is leading his own war on Paul but confirm, as an insider, that such letters were written by ghostwritters, what else does one need?

    Does it mean that Arianna Huffington write the entire Huffington post all by herself?

    Ya, Paul has an indirect responsability for what I would call “occasional offensive material” rather than racist material, it seems that all those quotes appeared during the period 1991-1993. But questionning someone 20 years after and asking if he authorized a specific excerp, who can remember a specific paragraph in a newspaper 20 years after?

  • CarolFryer

    Google Graduate school of Political Management/ Lance Morgan / George Washington University. It has way more on him.

  • CarolFryer

    Heres the post I found on Youtube about Ron Paul storming out of the interview, which was over by the way.

    Gloria Berger is married to Lance Morgan who is chief communications strategist at Powell Tate in Washington DC. He specializes in developing and executing communications strategies for public debates, crisis communication and media training.

    Morgan provides communications council to clients facing national and international media attention because of public policy controversies, congressional oversight hearings, criminal and civil investigationsby law enforcement agencies, labor management negotiations and trade disputes. He also regularly prepares clients for congressional testimony.

    It seems the man is very closely tied to government. I wonder who is targeting Paul.

    One of the videos I watched was labeled Ron Paul calls CNN reporter stupid and walks off. He was right. She was stupid.

    And maybe he hates Paul the most because he doesnt need his business. He speaks honestly and right from the heart. No telaprompter there…lol.

  • CarolFryer

    Also someone posted on that youtube video of her grilling him that her husband is connected to benifit from it if Ron Paul does go down. I forget what his business is but hes the reason shes doing this.

  • CarolFryer

    In the video with some news lady grilling Paul about this, he answered her and explained it a number of times and confronted her about the fact that shes asked the same question over and over for years and she still didnt hear his answer. He was standing right there talking to her and she couldnt hear him? I heard him and understood completely. How stupid these people must be if they can understand plain english. Perhaps they think if they ignore his answers the way theyve been trying to ignore him others will think its legitimate. Its just not working on me. I understood him and she must be in another reality. Or maybe shes just a liberal. Or maybe shes just a neocon. I dont know, but its obvious she didnt like him. Too bad. Im still voting for him. I watched and I heard. If others dont, they wont know. Do they want to know. Thats the question.

  • CarolFryer

    Even at my job in a totally liberal area people are starting to pay close attention to Ron Paul. What a wonderful Revolution. Its like it was getting so scarey and dark and now the light is starting to shine brighter and brighter. Now there TRUE HOPE for freedom. It will be just the beginning though, because the war machine and the UN junkies will be very angry and want revenge. But then also, the antz, (us) will be free to pick up the pitch forks and defend ourselves , our loved ones , and our freedoms.