Ron Paul: Government Is a Big Auction, They Steal Money and Pass It Out

  • ProudTEX

    Did Dr. Paul kick the crap out of the candidate of your choice – I feel your pain.

    The Champion of Constitution RON PAUL for 2012


  • ProudTEX

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”-Gandhi

    Ron Paul2012

  • WallyDow

    It is well known and posted all over the internet that I support ONLY Ron Paul. Usually, what he is saying, is what I have been thinking. Sure wish I could talk to him straight on.

  • Templestream

    In Ukraine where I live they call it bribery. In the US they call it ‘lobbying.’

  • Citizen

    >> News Flash <>BUYS FROM<< BIG BUSINESSES

    Any Questions?

    And it's all paid for BY THE FED!

    Any Questions?