Season’s Greetings from the Ron Paul Family

  • RyanAStuart

    I want that moose.

  • PeterWexler

    I’d sooner vote for Dr. Josef Mengele than Dr. Ron Paul. At least with Joe, we knew exactly where he stood. Dr. Paul says different things from year to year.


    • BrianB

      You’re full of it sir…. Dr. Paul has actually said the same things for years about the debt, foreign policy and the Constitution @PeterWexler

    • thedeprogrammer

      Peter I would challenge you to back up your ingorant rhetoric. Please include hard facts and references not what you heard. Here is a couple for you

      1) Ron Paul was one of only 6 republican congressmen who chose not to condemn Israel for there bombing of Iran on June 7, 1981. Reference congress website where there was a standing vote for those to condemn Israel for their action. Please see

      2) Ron Paul has the most consistent voting record for voting down taxes. The same website can be used.

      3) Ron Paul has more donations from military both in numbers of those donating from military personal but als his biggest donations comes from them at 111,000 that is 10 times the next closest which is Romney and 100 times that of Gingrich. please see But of course maybe you must feel that our military are Neo nazis or at least that is the only conclusion I can draw from your comment.

      • PeterWexler


        Dr. Paul, in his newsletters, indicates his fear of blacks and hatred of homosexuals. Regardless of what he says, now, HE APPROVED THOSE MESSAGES. (It’s the biggest flip flop of them all: a jump from virtual Naziism to snow-white love!)

        Dr. Paul supports Israel because the re-establishment of Israel, he hopes, will bring about the Second Coming.

        Dr. Paul supports de-regulation to the point that selling body parts will become legal. (Have a heart, Dr. Paul, on me!)

        It concerns me, greatly, that the military is so tightly “embedded” with Dr. Paul,

        in a Platonic sort of way, of course, so that his campaign would receive the sorts of donations that you indicate.

        Dr. Paul will likely *NOT* be President of the United States. What should be *MOST* feared is a President Rand Paul. Ron Paul is completely sane by comparison. It’ll be sort of like Dear Leader ceding power to The Great Successor, if you will!

    • tyler57

      . @PeterWexler In the late 70’s and since proposed term-limits…still does…..Never registered for congressional pension…still hasnt….Blamed fed for inflation in the 80’s…..still does… his 1984 house farewell he said” special interests have replaced the concern that the founders had for general welfare”…..still feels that way…Dr. Paul never voted to increase congressional pay…..still hasn’t…routinely opposes most spending bills……authors more bills than aver rep……travels m/t 300 miles daily in dist. to attend civic ceremonies, for vets, grads, boy scouts……still does when he has the time……2001, introduced to repeal war powers resolution…still feels that way…..voted against Iraq war with 5 other Repubs…..voted to repeal 2003 war authorization……During 3 yrs. voted against 700 bills intended to expand govt…..introduced tax credits for education, public, private, & homeschooling…..serves on the house foreign affairs comm.and w. hemisph.,asia, pacific comm.,joint econ. comm. and comm of financial services(as ranking member of domestic and int’l monetary policy),………..There’s a lot more, but here’s a start to consider.



  • lolcakes

    2008 lol

  • ProudTEX

    Merry Christmas sir and wish you a happy and successful new year.

    Ron Paul2012