Ron Paul Gaining Momentum in New Hampshire: Romney 36%, Paul 21%, Gingrich 13%, Huntsman 12%

PPP’s newest New Hampshire poll finds that Newt Gingrich’s support continues to plummet in the state while Ron Paul has moved into a clear second place.

Mitt Romney continues to have a solid lead in the state with 36% to 21% for Paul, 13% for Gingrich, 12% for Jon Huntsman, 7% for Michele Bachmann, and 3% each for Buddy Roemer, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum. Every candidate is within 2 points of their standing when PPP polled New Hampshire 2 weekends ago with the exception of Gingrich, who has dropped from 17% to 13%.

Public Policy Polling (12/27 – 12/28)

Mitt Romney 36% (+1)
Ron Paul 21% (+2)
Newt Gingrich 13% (-4)
Jon Huntsman 12% (-1)
Michele Bachmann 7% (+2)
Rick Perry 3% (+1)
Rick Santorum 3% (+0)
Buddy Roemer 3%

Link to poll (pdf)

PPP surveyed 830 likely Republican primary voters on December 27th and 28th. The
margin of error for the survey is +/-3.4%.


  • Liberty

    I’m wondering if their is actually a inpartial media outlet that can actually do a poll that involves Democrats, Independents, and Republicans in which each group was asked their first choice? Ron Paul is the only candidate that can bring together not only the Republican party but, also the other demographic groups. Obviously, the other BIG GOVERNMENT candidates are incapable of this achievement.

    Support Ron Paul efforts to the White House.

  • JohnKing1

    Either NH has been under a rock or these poll numbers are skewed, again… MSM pulling the same crap as always. Mitt must have a bunch of Corporations at the polls. Corporations ARE People you know, according to Mitt. What an IDIOT…

    Ron Paul 2012+2016. Till all the trash (Feds) is taken to the Dumps.

  • Blackheart4freedom

    The awakening really had begun!