Doug Wead Responds to Last-Minute Smears on Ron Paul


Ron Paul: I hope you come out on January 3rd. But there’s no reason to be despondent about how this country is going right now, if we do the right thing. And I believe that most people in this country know what the right thing to do is. The country has to live within its means, and therefore, I propose, in the first year, to cut federal government spending by 1 trillion dollars.

Gregg Jarrett: Well, that was Ron Paul on the campaign trail in Iowa yesterday. Polls are showing he’s popular there, but the Texas Congressman is responding to harsh words from his rivals, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann and others saying Paul will not be the nominee. Newt Gingrich says he wouldn’t even vote for him. Dough Wead is the senior advisor to Ron Paul, he’s been with him in Iowa but happens to be in DC today.

Doug, thanks for being with us. Congressman Paul is being criticized by his rivals and others for, among other things, claiming that America is to blame for 9/11, condemning the killings of Bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki and blaming the U.S. for provoking Iran’s nuclear program. Aren’t those foreign policy views of Mr. Paul contrary to what most Americans think?

Doug Wead: I think they would be if those were truly his sentiments, but a lot of what he says and believes is misrepresented. He believes strongly in the constitution, and that if we want to go to war, let’s go to war. He voted in favor of going after Osama Bin Laden and he supported Israel in 1981 almost alone.

Gregg Jarrett: He opposed the assassination, though.

Doug Wead: He opposed the way the assassination was conducted, he felt it should have been done immediately when we went in.

Gregg Jarrett: Didn’t he say America was to blame for 9/11 because we had troops in Saudi Arabia?

Doug Wead: No, he hasn’t said that, he said that that is the reason that is what many Islamic fundamentalist believe.

Gregg Jarrett: That’s what motivated them, he said.

Doug Wead: Yes, he believes that they believe that. And many observers including our own defense department, Wolfowitz and others say that.

Gregg Jarrett: Most Americans don’t buy that.

Doug Wead: They may not, Ron Paul is incorruptible, he’s honest, he’s a good example of our foreign policy now. As just in the last few weeks we have troops on the ground, boots on the ground in Australia for purposes of defending us against China. So we borrow money from China, to have American troops in Australia to defend us against China. He believes we need a little more sanity.

Doug Wead: That does seem to resonate with a lot of folks, just anecdotally based on all the emails we get. Here’s what Congressman Paul’s rivals, though, are saying. I want to quote them, we’ll put it up on the screen. “Ron Paul’s views are totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American”, that’s Newt Gingrich.
“Ron Paul is to the left of Barack Obama on national security. He’s even on the left of Dennis Kucinich. Don’t Laugh”, that was rick Santorum.
“Ron Paul would be dangerous as President”, that’s Michele Bachmann.
Your response to that, Doug?

Doug Wead: There’s nothing dangerous about the U.S. constitution. If blocking the Strait of Hormuz or some other action by Iran was deemed as an act of war, or we decided we needed to react, as a President, he would take it to the U.S. Congress, we would decide, declare a war, we’d win it and then we’d get out. That’s what he believes, and the U.S. constitution is not dangerous. It’s dangerous to take these risks of avoiding.

Gregg Jarrett: I’m trying to run through a bunch of subjects here, I want to put his economic ideas up on the screen. We heard one of them in the introduction: cutting 1 trillion dollars of spending in the first year alone, terminate 5 cabinet agencies, lower the corporate tax rate to 15%, eliminate capital gains taxes, “narrow” the new healthcare law, repeal Sarbanes-Oxley, the corporate financial reporting.

Look, Doug, Rick Santorum took a look at that and he said, “You know what, Ron Paul couldn’t get Congress to cut or eliminate anything since he’s only passed one bill in 20 years in Congress”. I double checked that with a library of Congress, Ron Paul sponsored 620 bills, he passed 1, and it was fairly insignificant. Doesn’t Congressman Paul have a history of failure when it comes to getting his proposals passed?

Doug Wead: You know, the greatest contribution he’s made, which he doesn’t get a lot of credit for because he doesn’t put his name on everything, was pulling back the curtain on the Federal Reserve. 4 years ago, Greg, 74% of this country didn’t even know what the Federal Reserve is. Today, 78% of the nation wants it audited. Obama, Romney, would audit a waitress to make sure she pays taxes on her tip money, but won’t audit the Federal Reserve. But thanks to Ron Paul, we got a partial audit, it showed in 2008 that 16 trillion dollars (the national debt was 14 trillion dollars) was loaned out in interest-free money to major banks in this country. We’ve always had corruption in Washington, but people are really angry because the corruption has reached a level that they’re losing the value of their homes, the value of their IRAs, and Ron Paul is the only person with the guts to take this on.

Gregg Jarrett: Dough, let me squeeze one more in about the polls, and we don’t sneeze to the fact that he has a strong organization in Iowa. As we said in the introduction, he’s very popular, the polls demonstrate that. He’s at or near to the top, but there’s a different poll I want to ask you about, it’s a recent Washington Post poll. Of the 25% of voters who view him favorably, nearly 2/3rds do not identify themselves as Republicans. And among conservatives, only 8% view him favorably. Dough, how do you win the GOP nomination with numbers like that?

Doug Wead: Well, I’ll give you some more numbers from that very same poll, and from the recent poll last night that was released by NBC. They show the perception is that Ron Paul can’t win a general election, they show in the NBC poll 8% of registered Republicans don’t think he can win. The ABC poll which shows that 9% think he can’t win. But the same poll asked them to choose between Barack Obama and Ron Paul, and Ron Paul did better than Newt Gingrich and was with a statistical tie with Mitt Romney. So we have a candidate who can win, and the best evidence of that, Greg, is you don’t see any Democrat pundits on TV puffing Ron Paul, because they know he can win.

Gregg Jarrett: Alright, and as we mentioned, he can win in Iowa, he’s very strong there, and he’s some pretty strong in some other states as well. You’re a very eloquent spokesperson, so, Dough Wead, thanks for being with us. We appreciate it.

Doug Wead: Thank you, Greg.

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  • ScrappyDoo

    RP takes money from big oil. Oh, now you’re going to tell me that he didn’t do it “in exchange for his vote”, right?

    And how would anyone ever prove that?

    We live in a capitalist society. You need money to run for office. I know at least one candidate who used that excuse when he was caught taking money from a Grand Wizard of the KKK. His name was Ron Paul. He reasoned that it was actually better to be taking money from them because it would be dangerous in their hands and good in his.

    I knew my screenname would become the issue. Because you can’t talk about RP.




    to many people take advanteg of things in the us one all they do or you do is complain & nothing gets done I see it every day like heres one i go and buy a car or try to and a person gave you a brake to get one wich i could have thank you GMC NOT and they shoot you down and then insalt you GMC my roads need fixing i dont ever see anuff ploece im trying here THIS is hard we pay to much for power i dont think we need most of the bases out side the us. north karia needs to feed it people china needs to stop stealing from the US the PLAINS THEY STOLE they need to pay for them i like ron becous he speaks his mind i have sit back and kept my moutth shut for many years now so 10

    i am the poor


  • standrkm

    You all must see this!!

    Go to youtube and type in “ron paul is winning in Iowa, so Iowa doesn’t matter”

  • standrkm

    Alright everybody please calm down. If you don’t have something good to say about Ron Paul then why on earth are you posting on his site. If you don’t support Ron Paul then support someone else. If you don’t support any of these candidates then don’t vote, simple as that. Don’t attack someones opinion because it’s their right to have one. If you support a candidate other than Ron Paul then I’m sure all of us here would love to hear why.

    • ScrappyDoo

      I knew it. So this site is purely cheerleading. If you don’t want to bow down and worship our candidate, please go away, because it hurts standkrm’s feelings. look, Ron Paul is the worst candidate among the Republican field. I reserve the right to disagree with him and to voice it on this forum. Grow up. @standrkm

  • jeff_r0x

    Hey Paul supporters. For immediate release. Santorum is on this list. It’s crunch time. Voters need to see this on our social media pages.

  • mike from chicago

    scrappy . Ron Paul’s Speech on the house floor explaining his vote.

    ” Sadly we find ourselves today dealing with our responsibility to provide national security under the most difficult of circumstances.

    To declare war against a group that is not a country makes the clear declaration of war more complex.

    The best tool the framers of the Constitution provided under these circumstances was the power of Congress to grant letters of marque and reprisals, in order to narrow the

    retaliation to only the guilty parties. The complexity of the issue, the vagueness of the enemy, and the political pressure to respond immediately limits our choices. The proposed resolution is the only option we’re offered and doing nothing is unthinkable”


  • ScrappyDoo

    No, actually he voted to allow the POTUS to bring us to war anywhere at any time against anyone. See September 14, 2001 resolution.

    So stop lying.

    • DavidW


      In an earlier post, you yourself more-or-less cite that Ron Paul “voted to give the POTUS a blank check to conduct unlimited war anywhere in the world against anyone the president deemed to have carried out the attacks or to have harbored them.” Exactly! Afghanistan was clearly harboring islamic terrorists who had designs on carrying out attacks in the U.S. or on U.S. interests elsewhere in the world. As a result, Ron Paul voted for the war in Afghanistan. On the other hand, there was no evidence to suggest that Iraq was harboring fugitives or sponsoring terrorist actions against the U.S.. As a result, he did NOT vote for waging war there. If you’d slow down and think through your arguments, you’d see that you’re ranting only supports the facts showing that Ron Paul is a man of principal and conviction who does what he says he’s doing to do.

  • ScrappyDoo

    The reason it’s so difficult to have a conversation with a Paul supporter is because their enthusiasm for their candidate precludes rational analysis.

    Any criticism of Paul is a “smear”. If you disagree with his policy positions it’s because you really love war or because you just don’t understand what he really stands for. Oh yeah, and you’re trying to keep a good man down because you’re afraid.

    Personally, I think this kind of slobbering dedication is downright dangerous. I have my preffered candidate for 2012, but I came to support that candidate through a lot of research and debate. I compared candidates, found pros and cons to each, and made my decision. None of them deserve my undying support, and I refuse to accord any of them the air of infallibity

    I absolutely refuse to LIE (yes, LIE) about any candidate’s past statements and past voting records just make them appear as if they have always been “right”. That’s what RP supporters do.

    • jeff_r0x

      @ScrappyDoo Uh….I’m a Paul supporter and can hold a very intelligent debate. You’re probably being paid to do this, so I understand supporting your family., I however am a volunteer.

      • ScrappyDoo

        ha! ha! Yeah, I’m getting paid!

        Your attitude is on display. No one could possibly oppose Paul unless they were being paid to do so. Because Paul is awesome and his awesomeness makes some people want to tear him down. People like me, for example, who don’t have a mind of their own, but do what their masters tell them to do.


      • ScrappyDoo

        “Uh….I’m a Paul supporter and can hold a very intelligent debate”

        Doubt it.

        Why don’t you try to explain to me Paul’s varying statements about how it’s best to respond to the attacks of 9/11. @jeff_r0x