I dropped several bills this week:…

I dropped several bills this week: HR 956 – Education Improvement Tax Cut Act – $5,000 tax credits for private and homeschooling HR 1101- End Obama’s Healthcare Mandate HR 1098—Free Completion in Currency Act HR 1094—End the Fed HCon Res 31—demands the President obtain specific authorization for intervention in Libya. HJRES 50—The Liberty Amendment – Repeals the 16th Amendment

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I am the subject of the WSJ’s "Big Interview" this…

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I am the subject of the WSJ’s “Big Interview” this week. I was very pleased with the intelligent questions from Simon Constable and appreciated the thoughtful format. Video – Congressman Ron Paul Still Considering A Presidential Run, Says Congress online.wsj.com In an interview with Simon Constable, Congressman Ron Paul says that neither party is serious about reducing spending to curb the deficit and that he is still mulling a presidential run.

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