Ron Paul Interview On CNN’s State Of The Union

  • All these media interviewers do is talk against Ron! No one is talking about how good he’s doing and how the people are starting to back him and his message! He’s not sick or tired he’s barely Listening to her cuz it’s all the same shit!

  • Ron Paul looks tired or sick. Are you okay Dr. Paul? You’re message remains strong.


  • i think every ron paul supporter or anti-NDAA person should spam the entire internet with ‘what do you think of the NDAA bill that was signed on president obama on 12/31?’ everywhere. every site. every forum. make people google it. this NEEDS to get out.

    vote up please.

  • Am canadien if i could i would vote for ron paul 2012. I realy hope you guys make the move he could change the world. And canada would be the next to follow

  • “I believe this Government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.”
    — June 16, 1858 – House Divided Speech in Springfield, Illinois
    Abraham Lincoln

    Ron Paul has showed us true American constitutional justice and freedom = LIBERTY
    I believe and respect Ron Paul

  • Why did Bachmann have her arm around some anonymous little black kid? L.O.L.

  • If Ron Paul was Canadian he’d be prime minister by now, easily.

  • I can’t wait to get home from Afghanistan so I can vote for Ron Paul!

  • Who is this fat idiot? RON PAUL!


  • To everyone who is Informed and registered as a Voter, If you Want change, Vote Ron Paul. If you want to Hope and Pray for change, vote for anyone else. Everyone Else Lies to you. Ron Paul tells you the Truth. Honesty for a Change.

  • Rick “sanBOREDOM” bores me to tears! “Mitt the NIT” that annoying buzz in our ears!!! Gingrinch “the grinch” can’t trust for an inch!! obama only brings TRAUMA!!!


  • Poor Ron – still beating the trail while with cold! He’s interviewing with useless CNN while he should be home resting! Vote Ron Paul!

  • fuck cnn and that fat cow of a journalist. you want change, vote for paul.

  • Ron is at this time at 23 % with 47% of the ballots cast, 3rd place behind Santorum and Romney

  • His ads are more accurate than newt…too bad newt isn’t mute.

  • this is great to see. to all undecided voters – dont you see how ALL the mainstream media tries to get RP to slip up? that tells me he is on the right path