Ron Paul Is Ready to Lead America

  • I’m proud American Muslim & i will vote Ron Paul 2012


  • how did he go from 28% to 17% in one day. REVOLUTION 2012 from Canada.

  • Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul,

  • I’m believin’ for your victory, Ron Paul… blessings to you from Texas!

  • lol. what a nice poll they put up during the interview.

  • President Ron Paul….I like the sound of that

  • How many slanderous questions can one woman ask?

  • Vote Ron Paul. From New Zealand

  • She works for CNN so of course she would ask him Why wouldn’t Mitt Romney be a good president aka talk some shit about the competition so we can edit it anad make you look like a competition bashing scumbag.

  • Omg i love how he said “president paul” 😀

  • Benton SMOKED that interview! He whipped her dipshit questions into chocolate mousse and splooged them back in her face!

  • nice tv

  • I’d still f*ck that journalist. For real.

    besides that …

    RON PAUL 2012!!!!

  • Whats with the old poll? Dec 21-28? Totally different results now, Romney has fallen quite a bit.

  • Vote ron paul america.. Uk here

  • when you guys begin to transmit the message to minorities correctly, you have a hit. When you place the questions like Rand just did as a litmus test, then you would be surprised at how many minorities agree. The problem is that within minority communities, they define Conservatism as being racists and or rich. But honestly I think it has been class warfare from the beginning cloaked in Racism to keep all the little people down. The 1% don’t give a damn about people of lower resources B or W

  • Drudge Report isn’t a legit poll you dumbasses.