Ron Paul Is Ready to Lead America

  • Yeah, I was dumb to the like glitch stuff…

    I have a bad feeling that Ron Paul is doomed. I hope New Hampshire stays true to live free or die, but it seems like the establishment has a large enough proportion over Paul’s 20-40%.


  • Ron Paul’s a nut. He has no foreign policy except cut aide to our long standing allies, no stance on Iran who has actively expressed desire to annihilate Israel and actively produces nuclear capabilities, he’s a kook on economics, he wants to abolish our gov. and central banking structure. The guy is exteme, he’s dangerous. He’ll never win, because Obama will make sure his crackpot conspiracy buddies like Alex Jones and friends get leaked so the public knows he’s nuts. This newscaster is hot.

  • Ron Paul’s a crackpot. This newscaster is hot though.

  • Iowans, you silly hicks. Some fuck calls you on the phone and pretends hes some pristine Christian, quail hunting saviour and you choose that over your last hope? Sad day indeed.

  • Sad, fickle and fly by night.

  • don’t forget people its great to support ron paul but in the end it does no good unless you vote, so lets get some real change up in this bitch and support him anyway possible and the most important way is to VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It is so fragile still, and that is my hope for tonight. Romney and Santorum have to be perfect now. Sure, the MSM will help ensure this is not the case, but I think their failure to slander Ron Paul this week shows that the people can easily undo that!! We got this!!

  • Hmm, so Santorum is going to be the GOP flavor of the week now…

  • Stars that burn twice as bright, half as long. Ron Paul had his entire life displayed on TV last week, while answering the same unfair questions in every interview about 40-50 times. Santorum? Who is he? The most anybody talked about him on TV was Ron Paul and Rand Paul!!!

    There is a TON of things that will now start to come out about Santorum. There is pretty much a skeleton that will scare everybody on Earth in that guys closet, just take your pick.

  • Thumbs up if “Santorum Surge” sounds like the most disgusting thing ever

  • Guys, let’s all go and attack Rick Santorum videos. I have to do something that expresses my anger right now.

  • GUYS WE DID IT MAN..BABY very excited that he got a close means people are wanting real change..santorum WONT LAST……RON PAUL 2012

  • this fuckin girl is just bashing ron over and over god damnit shes annoying, fuckin skewed television so biased. GO RON PAUL

  • Anybody want to come get me out of this country??

  • GUYS WE DID IT MAN..BABY very excited that he got a close means people are wanting real change..santorum ….RON PAUL 2012

  • damn. establishment wins tonight…

  • This is a damn shame…very disappointed in Iowa.


  • Isnt it the Military’s obligation to uphold the constitution?


    What is WRONG with you.

    Santorum goes quail hunting with the boys, and all of a sudden, HE is the frontrunner.

    Ron Paul is this country’s last chance.

    The rest of the world sees it, why dont we !!??!!??!!?