Ron Paul Is Ready to Lead America

  • I wish Dr Paul would run as an independent. But then the main stream media would ignore him even more.

  • Iowa Results: Did the GOP establishment sabotage Ron Paul as it vowed to do?


  • Iowa GOP moving vote-count to ‘undisclosed location’

  • Mitt has won Iowa. It is not too late. NEVADA MUST BE WON!

  • In 2008 Huckabee won Iowa and we all know how that panned out and Ron Paul didn’t fair too well. This time around Ron Paul got 21% to Romney and Santorums 25%. May history repeat and the Iowa winners fall by the wayside while the Leader for Liberty takes his place as the GOP nominee. Ron Paul 2012

  • The title says it all DAMN SKIPPY!!!! VOTE RON PAUL!!! VOTE FOR THE REVOLUTION!!!!!!

  • this girl likes to get smaked

  • this girl likes to get smaked

  • Honestly I think this is either a conspiracy or… people from Iowa are simply retarded maybe? The fact that Santorum rose from fucking 0 percent to winning the supposedly most important caucuses is utter insanity. I don’t think we can safely attribute it to marketing superiority or even to “people only voted for him because there’s no one else to vote for.” I’m starting to get worried; I feel like this is all just a big reality TV show. And fucking NDAA worries me.

    Also, don’t record your TV.

  • Iowans aren’t the dumbest folks, but they ain’t the smartest either. RON PAUL 2012!

  • haha it was a two man race between romney and santorum. theres no conspiracy. ron pauls unelectable.

  • Ron Paul got 1st but the bosses say different.

  • Ron Paul got third. I’m Canadian and I was hoping he would win!

  • Ron Paul Islas been the real hope and change ever since baby Obama was wiping his boogers on the baby version constitution.

  • A frothy mix of what won Iowa? How did a byproduct of gay sex win in such a conservative state? I don’t get it.

  • Little do the Iowans know is that the NDAA was passed into law which enables the government to take away all of those guns from them and those two frontrunning shills they voted for are likely in support of the NDAA.

  • The fix is in Rick struggling to get 50 people in his rallies now his leading yah right.

  • rick santorum is evil

  • The fix is in Rick struggling to get 50 people in his rallies now his leading yah right. Perry and Bachmann votes got bought off

  • Sanitorium belongs in a SANITORIUM for his retarded Policies. WE ARE VOTING RON PAUL!