Ron Paul: The One We’ve Been Looking For

  • Who is Ron Paul ? The media in Australia will not show Ron on TV , it tells us clearly who is running this place.


  • Ron Paul is another FREEMASONIC FALSE OP LEADER. He is NOT “the one you’ve been looking for”!! That’s blasphemous. Another bloodsucking politician is not going to save a nation under DIVINE JUDGMENT. Only fools put their trust in men. Wise men trust in God alone! (Jesus Christ). He is coming back soon to pour out His wrath on this wicked world and I for one am SICK of the”Ron Paul is our Saviour” IDOLATRY!

  • Ron Paul 2012 from Finland.

  • im very happy reading all these comments from people who arent even from this country who are supporting Ron Paul. It really shows alot. And i honestly hope, americans can realize whats at stake, and vote for the right person. RON PAUL 2012

  • What’s a Newt? Anything like a Gnat? Sounds like a bug at any rate. Imagine you have a child? I think we shall call it Newt. Ron Paul represents freedom. Anything else is a slave nation.
    Since the war of 1812(Percival of G.B.) there has been an assassination and a war every 49 years. Civil war of1861.. A. Lincoln killed in1865. 49 yrs later/1914 Arch duke Ferdinand/killed and WW1 starts.(49 yrs.) 1963 JFK/ vietnam. Next? 2012 Who get assassinated this year?

  • Ron Paul from Ireland

  • Hey Rense, why don’t you post your interview on 1/4/12 with Webster Tarpley about your god Ron Paul? Because Mr. Tarpley exposes Ron Paul as a brainless moron which I have been saying all along.
    But YOU Jeff Rense are equally as brainless as Ron Paul for shamelessly promoting him. SARS! SARS! SARS! SARS!

  • NOT a good ad, sorry! the ending “the one we`ve been looking for” sounds like the second coming of christ! AND it reminds me of the “hope-n-change”-mantra used by that fraudster and lackey of big business obama in 2008…

    nowhere does it become clear to me in this ad WHY specifically I should vote for ron paul. ok, the message is that he`s consistent; but is that enough? I would say no.

    don`t get me wrong though, my criticism is not of ron paul, but of the ad!

  • The Iowa elections smell of FRAUD. Who the hell is rick santorum? For a nobody, he got way more votes. Ron Paul for President in 2012! from Hungary.

  • The Iowa elections smell of FRAUD. Who the hell is rick santorum? For a nobody, he got way more votes. Ron Paul for President in 2012! from Hungary.

  • Canadian Ron Paul supporter here, vote for him, for me! Would if I could!

  • The ad doesn’t say much… The other ad in Iowa about Ron Paul helping a black man who couldn’t find a doctor is 1000000 times better imo. I think this ad has a very good focus on the positive aspect of his campaign which is needed, but it needs to say more. Ron Paul is a fantastic individual, there’s no way a doctor who has delivered 4000 babies and receives more money from active duty military personnel can’t make a case for peace and freedom that people can believe in.


  • Come on guys.. the MEE-DIA has decided, they want SantoRomney, the evil=twinship. It does not mean we need to stop fighting. It means we need to FIGHT HARDER…… for the ONLY hope left in this nation.
    Otherwise, I think we’re stuck with the twin(s)., who will lose to the BOT.
    What IF Obot decided he was no longer JUST our president, but was our “dear leader”? Are we going to let it go that far?
    Seems the people of IO-way are content with the status-quo.

  • if you hate Ron Paul then watch this video : watch?v=Ic-pqjeXOMI



    I dont want to be sent to a consintration camp! I dont want to be Tortured!

    Now that Oboooma has signed the NDAA America will be like the Holocaust, the citizens will be the jews D;

    Now im gonna go eat 🙂

  • Obama! 2012 from Latvia

  • Ron Paul 2012 From the UK, London

  • Ron Paul 2012 from India !