Iowa Caucus Night Results: Romney 25%, Santorum 25%, Paul 21%

Ron Paul Campaign Celebrates Great Victory at Iowa Caucus

Paul makes history in first-in-nation voting state

With 99% of precincts reporting, Ron Paul came in a strong third at the Iowa caucuses, gaining 21% of the vote.

  1. Mitt Romney 30,015 votes (25%)
  2. Rick Santorum 30,007 votes (25%)
  3. Ron Paul 26,219 votes (21%)
  4. Newt Gingrich 16,251 votes (13%)
  5. Rick Perry 12,604 votes (10%)
  6. Michele Bachmann 6,073 votes (5%)
  7. Jon Huntsman 745 votes (1%)

The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign is celebrating a great victory with its strong top-three finish at the Iowa Caucus. Below please find comments from Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton:

“The Ron Paul campaign is celebrating a great victory tonight.

There were three tickets out of Iowa, and Ron Paul earned one of them.

One of the three tickets, the one belonging to Rick Santorum, is a dead-end due to Santorum’s weak fundraising and lack of national campaign organization.

This is now a two way race between establishment candidate Mitt Romney and the candidate for real change, Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has a top notch national organization, tremendous fundraising prowess, and unequaled enthusiasm among his volunteers and supporters.

Dr. Paul has taken the first step towards earning the delegates it will take to be the GOP nominee and is the only candidate not named Mitt Romney with the ability to do so.

Ron Paul is now off to New Hampshire, South Carolina, Louisiana, Nevada, Maine, North Dakota, Washington, Colorado, and beyond.

See you on the campaign trail.”

  • Touche. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the great spirit.

  • Doris Cervenka

    Ron Paul did wonderful considering all the News Networks trashed talked him into the ground. They spent hours trashing him. nothing fair and Balanced. Fox News saying voting for Paul was wasting your vote. Paul can not only beat any Republican. He can beat Obama. I am sick to death of Fox News and Donald Trump. I usually love watching iFox News. But, Just wrong what they did to all. One after other comentators all trashing. When finally had Ron Pauls son on. They first thing. They said. Won,t your father cause Obama to win. Shouldn,t your father get out of the race. Before the race even started.


  • Simon Morgan

    Rick and Mitt will crash and burn both slimy liars! The honest man will come through!