Ron Paul’s Message of Freedom Brings People Together

  • What a stupid bitch at the end. “He doesn’t explain liberty, therefore he doesn’t get my vote.” So who else is there promoting liberty? Wow, just unreal. Jesse should have asked who she was going to vote for.

  • Really? 2 people dislike this video? If you consider yourself an American, then you believe in the constitution. Why WOULDN’T you love this guy? I’m not from the US but I’d be pissed off if I was. Your taxes are going towards secret wars, army bases and bank bailouts etc. Get this man in the White House! Quickly!

  • that spokesman was as sincere as ron paul himself


  • The truth is, notwithstanding my love of batshit, Ron Paul is in fact a shill of Xemu. Xemu is inside a mountain on another planet behind an electrofied wire cage powered by an eternal battery. The high secrets orders on this planet: Freemasons, Illuminati, Jesuit coadjutor temporal shapeshifters and the rosicrucian lizard people control the world from the Bilderberg batshit cave and so forth. So if you support Ron Paul you are supporting the NWO big daddy number one!!

  • Vote for Ron Paul, and donate to Ron Paul. I did. He is worth it.

  • lol aliens guy

  • Americans please for this planet’s sake do not miss out on this opportunity! Pick Ron Paul for President! Save our planet from these corporate-semitic war mongers! I am from India and am following this election more closely than any other election ever.

  • 100% agree

  • 100% agree

  • Copy/Paste
    Here is a video you MUST see.

    It details how Ron Paul is the only candidate that is RIGHT about promoting peaceful relations and resolving conflicts through diplomacy and allies not death, destruction, and killing half-a-million children with “crippling sanctions”

    It also lists nearly all of the INTERVENTION-IST POLICIES that have been growing from the United States since 1890


    Vote Ron Paul over the Establishment. Ron Paul= American Revolution.

  • It’s divide and conquer. Through deception thou shall make war. The root of all evil is the love of money. Understand these and you will understand your enemy.

  • what you have to remember about the Media is they are told what to do. She has an ear piece and has to cut or go to what ever she is being told to do. Often they just read from a teleprompt or those notes they have on their desks points of contention to argue about. Their dirty tricks are so blatantly biased. But, their is a reason for this, there is a reason you have fake reality tv, a reason all they do is argue about bullshit topics. To keep Americans stupid, and the sheeple eat it up.

  • Iowans call bs on the caucus results

  • ALIENS 15:12

  • fuck that bitch at the end

  • Y’all notice the first question asked by the reporter after that chick was complaining about the media was that stupid racists article bullshit. it was kinda like they were strikin’ back

  • Benton is extremely competent. I’m impressed.

  • Benton is extremely competent. I’m impressed.

  • China 2012 FAIL! !!!!