Soldier Praises Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy

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  • Where did you get this statistic?

  • I wonder if he got in trouble and how much trouble he got in. I know while I was serving that you weren’t supposed to be any kind of campaign, picketing, or marches in your uniform. I applaud him for doing what he believes in but I know what the military can do if you disobey a rule like that especially during a presidential campaign.

  • Classic

  • Not only are these wars senseless they are unconstitutional! Whens the last time Congress signed a declaration of war? Our Government likes to send our troops wherever forcing them to create kaos or another crisis. I mean we are fighting battles for Israel! Seriously they have the number one airforce in the world!


  • Typical media bullshit! This guy stating facts and the pro war media over at CNN all of the sudden have a malfunction! The guy was saying it not a good idea for the government to start more wars in the Middle east and that Isreal is more than capable of handling the situation.Just as it starts getting inteseting the lose the feed. Ron Paul wants to end the wars while Obama wants to continue having them yet Obam won the election…..hmmmmmm

  • The matrix was a great movie for the analogy it represents in the present day. So many are plugged into the machine run by the programmers. They don’t see they are slaves to the corrupt system. Unplug! Wake up! Help others unplug too. Ron Paul can help lead the way to the world as it should be.

  • Glory to Jesus Christ, our God, our Lord, our King, our Savior ! May JESUS CHRIST save you !

  • I agree with all your points except one: Dr. Paul is not using the military image via this soldier’s appearance and speech to influence elections. I argue that he was doing just as the video title says: bringing back a soldier censored by CNN to speak his mind. They confronted the soldier, not the other way around, and when they didn’t get what they wanted to hear, they censored him. Dr. Paul, I believe, just allowed him to finish his statement quickly and succinctly. Thank you for your service.