Soldier Praises Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy

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  • OK!!

  • LMAO!!! GO RON PAUL!!!! They only add to fire. I swear peoples heads are so far up their ass they cant recognize bullshit from horseshit from their own shit…


  • this was actually confirmed to be pre recorded, and then they tweaked the video to make it seem like they lost connection.

  • Eat a bone Wolf!

  • Yup.The Google fellas are the ones that own Youtube & you can tell that they have an agenda because of the Obama/Democratic adds that they run in the right hand corner.You NEVER see anything else than what they want to push down peoples throat.I am not a Democrat or a Republican but the media only shows a 1-sided view…My friends, it’s only going to get worse with the censorship & what “they” want you to see, who to vote for & what “they” want you to think.That’s why Google bought Youtube.

  • All the yellow ribbons and ‘support the troops’ bumperstickers don’t mean a great deal. To honor these veterans, and what they’ve been through, the least we can do is to listen to what they have to say. CNN showed us what they really think of the troops. Ron Paul has more support from the military than any other candidate, so shouldn’t we find out why? Iraq became the graveyard for American power, yet the media tries to portray his refusal to repeat this mistake as “dangerous.” Amazing…

  • o wow he got cut off?… this is really happening? since they also controll the internet media, it is so hard to give ron paul more publicity. Let’s not give up!

  • Reminds me of the film “The Truman Show” when they cut the feed when Truman escapes and his best friend looks into the camera says “he’s gone.” This soldier’s bravery and is an inspiration and he is taking his dedication and service to his country to the highest level by supporting, in uniform, the candidate who puts the American people first by making sure our needs are met here before one cent of our dollars go to foreign aid for some corrupt regime overseas. America 1st and Ron Paul in 2012!

  • Ron Paul is the real Deal, I don’t know why they just stop showing him, he’s getting attention. Cut the guy who thinks he doesn’t have a chance some slack. I mean, there’s no reason why freedom of the press should literally do the opposite of what it’s really supposed to do. How can small businesses grow if its overshadowed by corporations? All the media controls how everyone feels to keep everything in balance. But you know what, it doesn’t matter, because the people know what they want!

  • C orrupt
    N etwork
    N ews

    I understand why soldiers respect Ron Paul and it’s easy to see how much the Mainstream Media is owned and controlled by enemies of the US Consitution.They dont care how many of Americas sons and daughters die in unjustified wars as long as their agendas for power and profits continue.

  • Why the blurred twin towers?

  • yea cut that off wolf in sheep clothing blitzer!

    paul nailed it right on the head at the end, LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

  • Ron Paul 2012….
    Who are You voting for, is there anyone else??????
    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • I thought CNN was better than Fox News…I was very wrong!

  • Yup, people that say Jews have alot of control of our media are just anti-semites…..yeeaaaaaaahhhh….that’s the ticket.

  • fucking zionist run media.

  • hahahaha back to ya, CNN 😀

  • Wow, just wow.
    It cannot get anymore blatant than this folks.
    There is no better proof than this that the media is blacking out Ron Paul.
    CNN is scum.

  • how conveniently CNN has technical issues when someone speaks out using nothing else but common sense…

  • Cnn conveniently lost its feed when the soldier spoke up for Dr.paul…it figures.