Soldier Praises Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy

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  • WTF ten years and he is only a e-4….

  • The CNN edit does not matter. This troop should not have been at the event in the first place. Why? Because hes in uniform and that’s a HUGE No in the military when mixing with political events. His photo was on the cover of the Stars N Stripes deployed newspaper here in Kuwait today and the caption at the top read “Whats wrong with this photo?”. Career Over. Very ignorant move by this troop and the Ron Paul event coordinators that set him up for this interview.


  • As a progressive democrat, social liberal, fiscal libertarian, I fully support Ron Paul.

  • Bommetje

    Ron Paul!! Please please please please understand that with everything you give as supporters and campaign-members you never ever gonna win if you don’t check the voting-machines and how the votes are being counted!!!! That’s how he lost Iowa etc. in 2008!!!!!! And that would be a big disappointment again!! Watch ”Hacking Democracy” a documentary about this…….. Bommetje from China

  • What good are u planning to do this year? How about throwing your TV out??

  • ★★★☆☆✰ ⓇⓄⓃ ⓟⒶⓊⓁ 2012 ✰☆☆ ★★★ GOT MY VOTE ✔

  • Very fucking convenient! He was about to say that Israel is more than capable of standing up to Iran. Of course, the zionist media don’t want you to know this. They want us to think of Israel as a little defenceless nation that needs the help of the west to combat the evil muslims that in reality wouldn’t even give a fuck about the west if we weren’t bombing and occupying half the middle east.

  • Ron paul looks really tired in this video it has been a long night for him as you can tell lol!!! Go Ron Paul all the way!!!

  • Can’t talk bad about Israel or the jooos

  • Oh, what a coincidence. They “lost connection” when he started talking about I$rael. Don’t want people at home to know the truth, I suppose. Typical mainstream media BS.

  • omg they cut him off, nothing ever will amaze me…once he said the word isreal…mother fuckin kikes

  • someone needs to tell this guys he needs to tattoo (inside job) on next to his tat

  • One article quotes a political activist in Iowa ” ‘I’ve been following Iowa GOP vote counts for a long time… abusing suddenly lax ID registration may have created many fake votes for neocons Santorum and Romney. Santorum has no organization, never drew over 100 people during his entire campaign… This is the biggest fraud since Kennedy stole the West Virginia Primary… Santorum didn’t earn 24% of the vote.”

  • Could you say shit, one more time? “They will not let him wine.” The fake media wouldn’t even want you on their side.

  • click on this guys youtube page: Memoryofatimeofpeace

    he is a paid troll copying and pasting lies against Ron Paul, his site was created 2 months ago and all he has done is troll against Paul

    google: israel pays bloggers

  • Hhhhhhaaahhhhh! Fuck the media Ron Paul 2012!! Real change!!

  • What’s with the guy and his hands around 1:17?

  • its funny that they think we are all dumb. You had ur time media. now its our turn.

  • RP supporters, as things stand now, Dr, Paul wont be able to buy TV ads in big states. Senior voters will be listening to Romney and Obama. Now you have it – 1) do not wait for money bombs, donate BIG now, recruit other donors, spread the message; 2) bitch about the media and NWO later as sore losers.

  • When I saw that CNN/Fox News cut off that soldiers interview, that made me so angry. This man put his life out for our country and HOW DARE the media silences his beliefs. I always respected Dr. Paul and thought he was the best candidate, but when he brought the soldier on stage to finish his statement, that’s when I know Dr. Paul is so much different then other politicians (different in a good way). Ron Paul for 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will save this country and bring back good times. 🙂