Soldier Praises Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy

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  • oh he shouldn’t have done that…

  • You guys don’t understand! The soldier asked for the feed to be cut. He wanted to have some buttsex action with the reporter. If the buttsex was broadcasted live, he would have been in serious trouble.

  • facebook(dot)com/uspolitics is live streaming the debate this Sunday and needs some Ron Paul love!


  • Oo, American soldier almost let the truth be known to all the brain washed sheep that watch the news. Shame he didn’t say the Us was responsible for conducting 911 too

  • fuck cnn

  • Jesus christ ron paul supporters are worse then god damn illuminati believers

  • Ron Paul is a fucking joke.

  • Whicn Mufti are you refering to? if it’s Kamil al-Husayni then,…yes. NWO if you still don’t know (I never coined the phrase NWO, I go on what these people openly admit..would be too much explain and so little time now). Bible thumping Christians,.. allegedly. Usually the ones on the highest soap-boxes are the ones you should be afraid of. 2 methods to syphon wealth from America the Federal Reserve system (not going into it) and Isreal (same people). ONE of Hitlers many backers, he had many.

  • We have to clean up our own back yard before we start telling people what to do with theirs. Right now, our back yard is full of weeds and we have a lot of work to do in our own home. Ron Paul believes in leading by example. How can we demand respect if we are not willing to also be respectful?

  • My President is already Dr. Ron Paul. A hero to actual patriots.

  • Errr technical difficulties folks, nothing to see here. Move along

  • Corporatist Nazi Nonsense. BTW, Ron Paul does not exist. He is a figment of your whacked out imagination. Now just vote ORomna and shut up.

  • CNN isn’t the Communist News Network for nothing… They might as well have a hammer and sickle right next to their logo… If you didn’t know what CNN stands for, now you do

  • Cointelpro are reuploading the 11 minute speech Ron made and editing down what the soilier says at the end. The powers that be are scared and clear sign of desperation!

  • I truly believe Ron Paul is the best candidate for the president of this country. I’m the wife of an Army Ranger and I think Dr. Paul will do whats best for our military…he is an honest and honorable man.

  • Of course the lost the connection. They will always “loose” the connection when some one actively openly opposes their agenda.

  • The IOWA Caucus showed me that 78% of the people there are complete MORONS.
    How could you not vote for Ron Paul?
    I will not be moving to that place, and I feel for the 22% that must tolerate such ignoramuses.
    Voting for Ron Paul is voting for your constitution.
    How could you vote for Santorum or Romney? This completely baffles me.
    Vote Ron Paul 2012 for LIBERTY, PEACE, and PROSPERITY.

  • is that “we will rock you” in the background?

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!

  • ha ha the Jew at work once again.