Soldier Praises Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy

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  • How convenient of CNN to intentionally lose the feed when this brave soldier states the truth
    that none of the bankster and Bilderberg sponsored media want the public to hear.
    I really think enough Americans are going to wake up before November 2012 and force some real change. If the Republican GOP continues to undercount Paul’s votes in the primaries, I hope Paul runs as an Independent because I think he could win just because of the outrage from the People


  • It’s interesting that this was aired on CNN and in particular the ultra-Zionist Wolf Blitzer – which was the same fucker who cut this US solider off with the “technical difficulties”. Bet he feels like a total twat now.

  • I’m not from the US and I don’t live there but I want this guy to win

  • fuck finally a fucking candidate thats supporters have balls to talk back to the establishment. i was once a democrat. still kinda socially liberal but fiscally conservative. a republicrat. actually its called libertarian. ron paul 2012

  • what a shame!

  • When are the trolls gonna leartn? No matter how many of you, or how many accounts you have and how many times you post bullshit. We don’t believe it anymore. Give up. And yes, I support Ron Paul. So fuck you.

  • Ron Paul doesn’t go the gym. He stays fit by exercising his civil rights.

  • This bought a Tear to my eye… God Bless Ron Paul.

  • this happened during another Ron Paul supporter speech on CNN too!!
    At 6:30pm, 4 nites ago the “emergency broadcast system” SUDDENLY came across, til it was over.. VERY OBVIOUS as everyone knows EBS comes thru about 4am when INFOMERCIALS are on….

  • Omg, he seems like a genuine, intelligent man!
    If he gets mired in some scandal or if it comes out that he was in some shady business, I will truly not know what to believe anymore.

  • Great. Smart. Epic.

  • Big support from Turkey. Ron Paul for president !

  • This soldier is an idiot. You aren’t allowed to actively campain for any candidate running for public office while representing yourself as a member of the armed services. Outside of the uniform it is perfectly acceptable. I would not be surprised if this soldier faced some sort of corrective action for appearing in full uniform in support of Dr. Paul. With that said… Ron Paul 2012.

  • Fuck America they are the head of Terrorism
    They created Al Qaida

  • watch
    Massive American troop build-up in Israel: War with Iran on the horizon?

  • This is some very crooked “reporting” CNN. This is why I dont watch your channel anymore. Only TYT and Alex Jones for me now.

  • I wish people made these kinds of comments: (1) It doesn’t matter what an American wears, they have the right to speak! or (2) When an American becomes a soldier, they do not have rights!

    cnn broadcasting propaganda

  • I’ve been a RP supporter since 06′ Yep I’m one of the batshit crazy ones. I’ve watched these politicians pass legislation off to one another Dem and Rep that ensures our country fails (Yes It’s Deliberate, ask me why?) and listen to them try to convince us that our Security is more important then our Liberty,…But it’s ok Darkside Keep on Troll’in 😉