Ron Paul Takes Third In Iowa with 22% of the Vote!

  • We love you dr. Paul!!!

  • Sanctorum??!!! 30%??!!!
    He increased 700% in two weeks!!
    I don’t buy this shit

  • lets go back to this real old fashioned idea, this really “dangerous” idea, lets obey the constitution!! They threaten Dr.Paul as being labeled a terrorist and he laughs in their face!! LOL…He’s has knowledge and is completely fearless.

  • Search YouTube for COMBAT DRAGON 2012, a Military Crop Duster Equiped with Weapons. BIO WEAPONS? Modified BIRD FLU? a NWO? and on Monday Colorado Springs had CHEMTRAILS sprayed over Fort Carson Military Housing Area, For Anti Anxiety forced Mass Medication for PTSD? 2 Days after GI went Balistic and killed park ranger in washington? with PTSD.
    McCain accidently spilled the Beans of the COMBAT DRAGON. See it all in my latest Video and Learn what they don’t want let Out. THANKS McCAIN!


  • Was Kennedy assassinated for taking steps to abolish the Federal?

  • The Rep party are in a shambles,with the standpoint between candidates as varied as is physically possible.

    Its unfortunate becoz it has dawned on America that Obama is not brimming with substance, behind his impressive rhetoric it is clear that he panders a little too much to the establishment who dont have America’s best interest at heart.

    I dont agree entiely with Paul,he may reduce the size of the government too far in the current climate.But he is likliest to make the best decisions

  • Seems really fishy that Santorum came out of no where almost overnight and nearly tied Romney, something that’s never happened in history. I suspect that they reprogrammed the machines to give most of Ron Paul’s votes to Santorum. Giving them to Romney, Bachman, or Gingrich would have exposed the trick so they opted for Santorum. Me thinks there was some foul play…..

  • The Fix was in.

  • Santorum and Newt are thin on budgets and crowds are small. Media will have to prop them up, give those losers FREE air time to rant about “Ron Paul unelectable” like Bachmann ranted before she quit next day after her hometown rejected her completely

  • Can anyone provide a legitimate clarification why the tabulation was supposedly held at a secret location ?

    Was it or not, and reason-given why ?

  • America WAKE UP! You have the chance to vote for a leader that has a vision and has been saying correct things about the economy and the bubble since 1973. Wanna vote for a leader that’s gonna keep wasting trillions in countless wars? Go ahead, you are losing.

    Greece for RON PAUL 2012

  • RON PAUL 2012

    it is sad that ALPAC is trying everything to make sure Ron fail

  • Go Dr. Paul!!!

  • thumbs up if you think it was rigged. comment deleted four times.

  • Rand is pissed.

  • Typical that dummy Paultards would get in a tizzy over the normal youtube 300 view count lag. IT’S A CONSPIRACY MAAAAN!!!!

  • where the hell did santorum come from lol when perry and the herasser and the racist gingrich went down they had to push another sheep in front of him whatever they can to nor have ron paul to make it because by gosh he might beat obama because of the youth behind him

  • Try and shoot Ron Paul, just fucking try it, you will have a revolution within one hour in this country!!

  • Simple way to educate people: Ron Paul = Constitution.