Ron Paul: The Debt Is the Big Issue; I’m the Only Candidate Talking about Real Cuts


  • Santorum over Ron Paul, We need a public count. listen to the media mummble when Ron Paul hits them with American Troops answer. GO RON PAUL!!!

  • The American people is Ron Paul’s Experts!

  • Not to go to war is Dangerous (new talking point.. Check) Ron Paul 2012

  • Newt Gingrich: WW3 is ok, but avoiding wars is “dangerous foreign policy”. Ok, dickhead.


  • We MUST NOT allow the RNC to count the votes at a “secret undisclosed location” again. There must be some 3rd party, neutral involvement to ensure a fair election.

  • This is the first thumbs up i’ve given anything from Fox since Carl Cameron’s Dec, 2001, 4-part series on Israel, spying and 911.

  • Rick Santorum 2012!

  • how the hell did Santorum surge like that?? Seems fishy

  • I thought the country was getting back on track… well, at least looking for the track – but then Santorum took second place and I noticed that you aren’t even close to it!
    Seriously… Santorum?!

  • That bitch walked right into that straight right,”what experts agree with you”

  • It was a fraud vote! Ron Paul should have been number one!

  • these assholes STILL…DONT GET HIS FOREIGN POLICY lol they are soooo stupid and brainwashed to believe that they are under attack by the world when in truth, america is the ONLY country in the world who is imposing and FORCING itself on other cultures, countries, religious beliefs, economies, etc…FUCKING DISGUSTING

  • Paul will never be allowed to win…He is only permitted to run as a distraction.
    Google Transition US and Agenda 21. Planned implementation 2012 at the local level. Google it then look into the citizens groups in your area. They are setting up to sign the UN charters.

  • 2:42. Oh Hell Yeah! Fuck you bitch!

  • He’s still boss.

  • Ron Paul is the man.

  • im so happy, at that out come! even is ron paul doeant get nomination, for rep., he will win presedency! obama 22% romney 22% PAUL 56%