Ron Paul: The Debt Is the Big Issue; I’m the Only Candidate Talking about Real Cuts

  • Not only does the American People agree with Paul on Foreign Policy not only does our Military agree with Ron Paul but the findings of the CIA and the 9/11 panel agree with Ron Paul. Come on media that is a dumb question to ask!

  • I was in Vegas last year and met a lovely couple who loved Ron Pauls message but wouldn’t vote for him because they thought it would be a wasted vote!!! I hope I changed their mainstream media induced mindset. People who don’t support Ron Paul are stupid! He is the only man that can balance the budget and save the USA from a soviet style Bankrupcy.


  • This is such a great video! I mean if you are asked by a dumb blonde,- who of foreign policy experts agrees with you, and you answer,- American People! That is so presidential! That’s a president in front of you ladies and gentleman! I mean look at Mitt Romney Flip Flopper and look at Obama who just reallocated armies from Iraq. People are waking up! They want to see U.S great nation again! God Bless America! God Bless Constitution!

  • such a massive massive shame that the average American gets a vote. Such a massive shame that the average American is so stupid

  • foreign policy expert? I think she meant foreign policy critic.

  • Ron Paul for President of the US in 2012, from Hungary.

  • I would take a bullet for this man.

  • it makes me feel bad, ron paul has to answer questions all the time and have just the right answers, and if he stutters or just says something a little off people just flip out about it. they don’t take the time to really understand why ron paul is a good choice. they don’t understand the war we have on drugs, the crack wars in ghettos, drug smuggling, how broken the policies they support are, how pathetic all these other candidates really are.

    ron paul is a good old man and a doctor, come on

  • 2:42 Ron Paul owns that bitch’s question, listen to them then have to quietly agree to his UNDENIABLE LOGIC! 🙂

  • Nice bitch slap! ‘the american people’…i love ron paul.

  • Wake up Americans, vote for Ron Paul. He is the only SANE candidate who will keep the US out of yet another unjustified pre-emptive war. The other candidates are in the pockets of “special interests” and will send the US into another senseless war which will escalate into WW III. Ron Paul for President in 2012.

  • Hot damn! What an Answer!!

    “what Foreign Policy expert agrees with you?”

    The AMERICAN PEOPLE who PAY for it does!

    Wow go Ron Paul!!

  • Please make as many phone calls to New Hampshire later today as you possibly can. Ron Paul’s phonefromhome program is simple and easy to use. Don’t waste one minute or you will regret it if Ron Paul does not get the nomination. Call, call, call.

  • People should be encouraged that the youth are engaged in the election process. Why use their age as a reason to put them down? Because they rally around a candidate you have not grown to appreciate yet?

    Every time we go off to war who do you send to do the dirty work? Majority would be the youth. The youth are good enough to kill and die for the country but not to vote their choice?

    Yes I agree with you, it is absurd.


    The voters for Ron Paul are :

    1. Pissed off Muslims.
    2. Bored teenagers that got nothing else to do than sitting all day long on YouTube and say Ron Paul 2012.
    3. Naive people that want America to be like Iran.
    4. People who open YouTube accounts just to LIKE his videos.
    5. People who think he can ”CHANGE” America like Obama tried and dont realise he will fail.
    6. People who dont know anything about terrorism, economy, and politics.

  • 2:50

  • The man puts me at ease…he’s like the release valve on a pressure cooker. His trust in people helps me trust him. Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • I would bet that most Ron Paul internet trolls aren’t even old enough to remember what black tar heroin is.

    And the delay in response is proving me right… are googling it as I type. 😉

  • Did you guys know that Paul was a guest on the trash TV “Morton Downey, JR Show” in the late 1980’s arguing that black tar heroin should be street legal? Hell no you didn’t since most Paul internet trolls aren’t even old enough to vote today.