Ron Paul: The Debt Is the Big Issue; I’m the Only Candidate Talking about Real Cuts

  • This independent NH voter is looking forward to you coming here, Dr. Paul!

  • 2:40 “What other foreign policy expert agrees with you?”
    How about the Prime Minister of Israel? How about Former chief Michael Scheuer of the CIA bin Laden unit? How about former Mossad Chief, Meir Dagan? How about the current head of Israel’s intelligence agency Tamir Pardo saying Iran having a nuke isn’t that much of a threat to them. How about the NATO Commander Wesley Clark? Some of our own Sargents and Generals have said war with Iran is crazy. Most of all our own TROOPS! HOWS THAT?

  • Wow? They let him speak? He wasn’t interrupted? There was no evil spin? He was thanked and congratulated?

    Fox News know the dedication of his fans don’t miss a trick.

    Britain loves Ron Paul and so does the world.

    RP 2012 America, do it.


  • no respect for DR. Paul… why doesnt Romney or Santorum get these kinds of stupid questions? Its sad how a FAKE news show like John Stewart’s can bring us more truth, and open our eyes far more than these biased mainstream media networks..
    Ron Paul/Freedom-2012

  • GO and PWN MITTENS Romney at and Vote for Ron Paul in NH!!

  • I like Ron Paul and had I lived in America and could have voted, Ron Paul would definitly get my vote… But when he said that “Sarah Palin is wise” i started to laugh, haha!

  • It blows my mind that he’s the only candidate that sticks out. And I love Ron Paul. That’s why I support him. Everyone is tired of the same crap. If we stuck with more of the same all the time, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We’d still be using candles and using our clubs to take women into our caves. It’s time for this nation to use it’s head and vote in Ron Paul.

  • I attended the Iowa Caucus and Ron Paul won by a landslide. in our county. Romney and Newt tied with only 8 votes each in my precinct. Santorum got 6 votes. Bachman came in as a strong 2nd to Ron Paul. But Dr. Paul won in our entire county by a HUGE margin

  • liberty and freedom with ron paul

  • Paul attracts young voters because they get their information from internet and know the truth,to bad that young voters don’t have much money to donate.

  • NOW or NEVER PAULers – are YOU 100%? TEN TIMES starting FEB 4th – 10 – “4ths” in a row INCLUDES JULY 4th & NOV 4th hours before election SEA TO SEA in the streets+ grocery+ stores+ malls+ IN RP GEAR cap & shirt & badge & signs IN MASS – Sea to Sea Seen – YOU joining in MASSIVE PUBLIC DISPLAY of Dr Pauls support – go to OFFICIAL SITE & give even $1 for NATIONAL TV ads – USA must see ALL OF US face to face to BELIEVE & VOTE PAUL

  • Some of it might sound ok, but I don’t trust politician’s. ANY!


  • They let him speak! :O

  • Fuck Ron Paul

  • If only they listen him … : (

  • I feel like Ron didn’t take advantage of a perfect question from Fox News. “What other foreign policy expert agrees with you?” The CIA does agree with him! He needs to bring these highly credible endorsements to the surface. Another thing that would help his case is specifically citing the documents by terrorists that blatantly say why we were attacked on September 11, which would expose our foreign policy as a threat to our national security. Ron Paul is not the only man that understands it!

  • Ron?! What about the ex-CIA agent Michael Scheuer who has endorsed your foreign policy? Or Chalmers Johnson? These guys are “foreign policy EXPERTS” and they speak very highly of you because they understand the concept of blowback, though mainstream media does not. You need to convince the skeptics that your support is not just from the “small pocket of supporters” but also those who truly understand our history regarding terrorism. Those endorsements MUST be brought to the surface to get votes!

  • He actually gives me hope for this world. A true hero and role model