Ron Paul: The Debt Is the Big Issue; I’m the Only Candidate Talking about Real Cuts

  • excellent answer on the question of who agrees with him on foreign policy.

  • Ron Paul supporters dropped the ball in Iowa.

    When the caucus comes to your state you have to go find 1 voter (3 in NH and SC) a week that is not voting Ron Paul and educate them on Ron Paul. Then drag them to go vote. Also have them do the same.
    There are so many people not voting and we need to get them out and VOTE! Your vote is NOT wasted unless you do NOT vote. Go vote and bring a friend!

    WATCH: Iowa GOP Vote Fraud & Electioneering • January 2nd, 2012

    Vote this up! Make it Seen!


  • Ron Paul 1812 !!!

  • “What other foreign policy expert agrees with you?” Good question, better answer. Ron is armed with knowledge bombs.. you cant fuck with this guy logically, for he is superior when it comes to logic.

  • If having Constitutional view was a prerequisite to being a candidate in the first place (which it should be), Ron Paul would be the only choice.

  • Steve Douchey

  • Ron Paul is the only guy that makes any sense to me. The others are all in it for themselves!

  • at 2 minutes 41 seconds she gets owned

  • at 2 minutes 41 seconds she gets owned

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  • One of the things I love the most about Ron Paul is that he doesn’t mud-sling very much, he wants to talk about the real issues and not about gossip or bad mouth the other candidates, to me that shows strength of character

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  • According to Fox news Dr. Paul received 22% of the Iowa vote and 7 delegates. Now Fox is say 21% and 0 delegates. ABC news stated “Iowa works differently from most states, which will award delegates to presidential candidates proportionally, according to how much of the vote each candidate captures. Most of those delegates will be required to vote for a specific candidate during the first round of voting at the national convention. Iowa’s won’t.” Fox who edits your data?

  • The two candidates have wrestled back-and-forth for first as various locales checked in with GOP officials– who moved today to meet at an undisclosed location to count the votes in secret after the hacker collective Anonymous issued threats to disrupt the caucus.
    Ron Paul at a close third with 21%, conceded the race calling himself ‘one of the three winners,’ and dubbed his performance ‘nothing to be ashamed of’.

  • Scary scary! check this out…. Santorum is a creation of the elite my friends. Never heard of him before now…. all of a sudden they choose turn to him. I must say I was always thought the NWO supported Mitt Romney, Michael Cain, Rick Perry, Gingrich and the rest of them. All of them are NWO and controlled by the elite.

  • 2:39 … not sure if the lady got owned or was just asking a good question. Still love the answer either way. Ron Paul in 2012.

  • Santorum is a creation of Fox news. The owner created a twitter account and started tweeting 1000’s of messages of how wonderfull he is and bam he’s gone from bottom to top in 3 days. Newt is soooo stupid when it comes to foregn policy, we need another war for 10 years, when were done with Iran all we need is syria then we have bases in all countrys of middle east, then off to China and Russia then we cover the globe. Too bad were broke and when China shuts us off say good by to America.

  • I love how Dr Ron Paul just shuts that TV presenter up, when he asks, “So do you think governor Rick Perry and Michele Bachman should drop out” and he laughs and says, “No, I think they should do what they want to do,” freaking idiots, trying to catch the doctor out. Trust! This Dr knows what’s going on. Problem is I think it’s already too late for you Americans, and the world. They will never let Dr Ron Paul win. It would be like another Kennedy and we could never have that… could we NWO?

  • I wish Ron Paul would make these points when asked about his foreign policy:
    1. The US spends as much on defense as the rest of the world COMBINED
    2. ALMOST 50% of our budget goes to defense
    3. On Iran, we can’t attack Iran because of China and Russia, do you want WW3?