Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire?

  • active duty military should give the elite and the brainwashed people a bigger message to catapult Ron Paul to the top !!


  • Dr. Paul is a genius, the other candidates aren’t even in the same ballpark intellectually…

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  • hey guys Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • one person accidentally clicked dislike– they’re still panicking.

  • They will try to cheat Ron Paul out of that victory too.

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  • im sorry guys.. these polls dont even matter. The end result is rigged.

  • The problem with their argument is the 2nd amendment allows everyone to own fire arms. Everyone seems to forget that unless it comes to taking away those (INALIENABLE RIGHTS)

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  • hey vic and sheeple you all still here . Have you converted any followers yet

  • “There’s a difference between military spending and defense spending, Ron Paul knows that” Love it!

  • From the looks of everything that is going on,they will do as they wish,they think of the people only as pawns in their games….MSM prooves that,they push people around to their Globalist way of thinking….the sad part is,the people fall for it!

  • There are less than 5% of the people which can actually in logic understand what REAL SCIENTISTS must rely on… if something proves your model to be not correct, must abandon it and start over.

    Real thinkers never use emotions or ego to draw conclusions or will be wrong every time.

    The more different ideas we have now which REAL thinkers know how to process is the only way to see this clear.

    If we do this step by step can even get BS Obama out of office even if he refuse as Burma has done.

  • I like this Guy! A well deserved…. Thank you for your service!

  • If Santorum surges from 4% to lead again then I smell a turd in the punch bowl. Spread the word!!

    Ron Paul 2012 or BU$T !!

  • My biggest fear is that BS Obama will just NOT STAND DOWN. He will refuse to leave office! You will see what they do!

  • Americans please vote for Ron Paul for President of the US in 2012. He is the only sane candidate who will not pre-emptively start another illegal war. from Hungary,

  • They make us play by their rules of the more we make the more we pay… let us make them play by the rules a bit and we will get out of this faster than you can blink an eye!

  • Really believe that the people in charge of the votes, counted them almost before you even cast your vote, they just wait for totals and convert them into their percentages and of course the top guy they want gets that just enough count for number one. Otherwise, people putting Mitt the flip or Tricky Ricky as top vote getters, that would have to mean that American people are truly stupid beyond belief, refuse to believe that.