Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire?

  • This campaign was completely innocent til it took an arrow to the knee. Dr.Paul is being cockblocked.

  • Judge does a great job!

  • Santorum with below 5% in all polls taken like always but somehow pulls 30k voters in Iowa from somewhere unknown to me. I’m sorry but I refuse to believe RP wasn’t higher than 3rd just for the pure crazy fact santorum almost won…

  • Obama and Joe Biden disliked this

  • I think all Ron Paul supporters should get together and move to a place where Ron Paul can be our President and forget about the establishment! Whoops! I just woke up from a pleasant dream to face the nightmare of reality.

  • Only one man can save us….. THE DOCTOR

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  • Don’t think he can win NH at this time, but he MUST come in 2nd. If not…

  • Mainstream Media Sheep

    The Military is telling us no war yet stubborn and foolish Americans don’t care… As if we even have the money… Jesus… I’m not fighting WW3. Not for anyone. I and many others are prepared to defend ourselves from whomever. Don’t Tread on Me.

    • ProudTEX

      @Mainstream Media Sheep Dr Paul expose these basterds in the last debate where he said we barrow money from China to defend our country in Australia against China. Do you know who make money in this easy scam. It is the same people like (bush, dick, collon) who told us that Sadam Housain had WMD and tie with al-CIA-duh. Why do you think Sr. Bush likes to promote Romney cause he wants the scam to continue endlessly and sucker us into endless wars poverty for a few riches.

      Dr.Paul has the solution and I pray each day for his success to bring this country back to strict constitution and bring back the bill of right to life.

  • The people aren’t ready for Ron Paul, we need to keep spending to get ourselves out of debt, and most importantly we need to fight to avoid conflict.

    Without endless wars…the terrorist win. Vote Bozo the Clown for president.


  • tbh, I don’t think Paul’s going to win NH. He is probably going to be stron second, but not first. But it doesn’t really matter that much. NH is not very important. And even if RP doesn’t win at all, he has still spread the message of liberty and maybe Rand Paul or Gary Johnson can then win.

  • I’m a firm believer of negative campaigning. Americans are just too stupid to understand the positive things about their candidates.

  • nope, ron paul won’t be winning new hampshire. the establishment has already made the decision to elect romney.

  • Ron Paul is the only candidate who served in our military. nuff said

  • Haha american people are retarded, mitt romney leads ROFL.

  • Two Zionist Filth Watch This Video.

  • Any talk of Ron Paul ought to be righteous…

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