Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire?

  • Ron Paul is the best. THe Rest suck jew dick for Jew money.

  • The Cult of Paul reveals it’s true RACIST nature once again in racist ads directed at John Huntsman’s adopted Asian daughter.



  • If the majority of soldiers support Ron Paul, I support Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul for the world.

  • Promote Individual Freedom!
    Promote Peace & Prosperity!
    End Corrupt Washington!
    End The Wars!
    RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!

  • I honestly have NEVER met a Romney supporter either just as I never met a McCain supporter. Did McCain actually receive ANY votes last time around? Really? Please send me the list!

  • Check out this HIP HOP FOR RON PAUL youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=EqG-apYD­_lA&feature=channel_video_titl­e

    In progress , Studio + mic version soon
    Check out the Futurezone channel

  • Dr. Ron Paul will be the guest SUNDAY on the chrissie Wallace show
    Watch and record , it willl be interesting.

  • I’m from NH and supporting Ron Paul!

  • The people behind Romney want to turn America into a third world country where people work for slave wages.

    That has historically prompted many fair minded people to vote Democrat. The problem is that Dems, like Obama, are working for the same people.

    Ron Paul will cancel NAFTA and GATT putting millions of people back to work, at good paying jobs in the U.S.

    If you’re unemployed right now, (The real unemployment rate is about 23%) you need to get out there and vote for Ron Paul.

  • Hope it doesnt get rigged again like iowa People need to be their for paul and stop this happenin!

  • Iam not going to believe any more on these early poll numbers that the news channels show… they are rigged too! everything is rigged, people are only putting lies into you!

  • All these special interest groups are hell bent on trying to stamp out Ron Paul, hope he does get elected as the republican nominee!

  • The Iowa caucus voting was rigged! Ron Paul should have won that!

  • Ron Paul will abolish the fed and the IRS.

    He will take the CIA and Banks like Wells Fargo out of the drug trafficking business. Wells Fargo got caught “red handed” laundering 378,000,000,000 in drug money for the CIA. (Just the very small tip of a very large iceberg)

    Ron Paul will cancel NAFTA and GATT putting **tens of millions** of people back to work at good paying jobs right here in the U.S.

    What’s not to vote for?

  • makes me wanna go to new hampshire just to make a diffrence, cause i know i can!!!!

  • who the hell is mitt romney,everyone i know does not support is he winning at the polls,its time ron paul supporters get up and spread the word.and stop this bs..

  • The most people are missing the internet.You have to do something to compensate for the disadvantage of information.

  • go ron paul!! wooo i hope you make it, man

  • Michael Scheuer, the CIA’s former agent charged with tracking Osama bin Laden, endorses Ron Paul.

    What does that tell you?

    “Michael Scheuer understands that only Dr. Paul will put our national security first and stop the foreign wars and nation building,” Benton said. “Our campaign is very proud to have his support.”